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Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden details

Posted on August 27, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Lots of details about Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden have emerged from this week’s issue of Famitsu. You can find all of today’s information rounded up below.

Yuuri Kozukata

– Goes to the mountain to search for the owner of the shop, Hisoka Kurosawa
– Voiced by Risa Tawata

Miu Hinasaki

– Girl searching for her missing mother
– Her mother vanished when she was a child
– She’s never known the love of parents and feels empty
– Heads to the mountain believing her mother is there
– Voiced by Maaya Uchida

Ren Hojo

– Failure of an author
– Has known Yuuri for ages
– Whimsical and is scolded by his assistant for it
– He hears of a custom involving burial photos, and goes to the mountain to research for his new book. Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Hisoka Kurosawa

– Owner of the shop
– Uses kagemi skills to search for lost things
– Goes to the mountain to look for a missing girl and vanishes
– Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka

Rui Kagamiya

– Ren’s assistant
– She respects him, calling him sensei, and as well as helping him out she thinks of him as family
– Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto


– Explore 3 main locations at the start
– These include forest and buildings around the mountain

Mikomori Onsen

– An abandoned old, big house known as a famous ghost spot where lots of ghosts are

Kurosawa Antiques

– Also a cafe
– Yuuri lives and works here
– People come here to request lost things be found, or have their fortunes told by Hisoka

Shirazu no Mori

– A forest in the mountain
– Ever since it became famous as a suicide spot, there’s been a big fence around it, which people sneak in through
– There are also rumors of a murderer hiding inside


– Plays out a bit like mission mode
– Choose your mission and then you unlock new missions
– You can replay missions as much as you’d like
– Once you complete the chapter goals, you get the next chapter
– Your goal is to find people
– Each person has different reasons for going to the mountain and getting there, so you’ll have to gather as much info about them as you can
– You can use something that’s like a “scent” of a person from things like a hair, their documents etc.
– That aids your “kagemi”
– Then you use your clues to search for them
– If you chase the memories of them you’ll find them, so you have to follow their past footsteps
– When you find them and “bring them back” from their spiriting away, it’s mission complete, but you’ll have to watch out for the ghosts lurking
– You can also use your “ghost sight” to find hints from ghosts
– Looks kind of like hidden ghosts in other games
– Gameplay on the TV
– Map on the GamePad
– The touch system for picking up items is back
– Ghost hands are also back


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