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Fire Emblem Warriors – Final Boss and Ending footage

Posted on October 20, 2017 by in Switch, Videos

Fire Emblem Warriors just came out, but GameXplain already has the ending fight and ending itself uploaded in a video. If you want to check it out you can see it below.

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  • I guess its a good thing the embargo is over as Nintendo specifically stated they didn’t want the ending covered in any way.

  • Cfgk24

    I’ve been up all night playing Fire Emblem Warriors – It’s fantastic – but I’m not watching spoilers lol .

  • JasonBall

    Now I understand why they are releasing two big games a week apart.

    • I still don’t. Care to explain?

      • JasonBall

        I have a suspicion they realized FE Warriors isn’t very good and is pretty controversial so they are launching Mario a week later so everyone forgets about it.

        • That might actually be true.

  • Jack Napier

    Who needs integrity and credibility right? YouTube reposts and Click bait is good enough for Nintendo Everything.
    This site used to stand out, for the right reasons

  • jimmy

    Seriously NintendoEverything, you’re better then this

  • R.Z.

    Spoilernews time, yay !