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First Goodbye! BoxBoy! details

Posted on December 14, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory announced Goodbye! BoxBoy! last week. Now in its latest issue, Famitsu shares first details about the game.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! doesn’t make any radical changes to the series’ core mechanics. Just like the last two games, you’ll need to complete levels by creating boxes.

Qbby will have some new abilities this time around. One of these is the Box Rocket, allowing players to rise above from the ground. HAL Laboratory is also introducing the Box Bomb. Using this lets Qbby destroy objects such as spikes.

Famitsu also introduces the Box Person. During these gameplay segments, you’ll need to protect the Box Person from stage gimmicks and bring them to a specified point. If you protect the Box Person until that point, a gate will open and you can progress through the stage.

More new gimmicks are added in Goodbye! BoxBoy!, including one in which gravity flips upside-down and Qbby ends up actually standing on the ceiling.

BoxBoy has featured costumes in the past, and this entry will be no different. You’ll be able to dress up as a UFO, witch girl, zombie, and even Kirby. Some costumes have a special ability. Additionally, different methods are required to clear a same stage with normal costume and the special costumes.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! launches in Japan on February 2 as an eShop download. As mentioned last week, the game will also be included with the two other titles as a physical package that also features a Qbby amiibo and an official soundtrack.

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