Former SEGA exec says games could be big sellers on Wii no matter the quality, Mario & Sonic gave the company a boost - Nintendo Everything

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Former SEGA exec says games could be big sellers on Wii no matter the quality, Mario & Sonic gave the company a boost

Posted on May 24, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Jurgen Post has been the COO and president of SEGA Europe since 2012. The company as a whole was in a pretty fragile state back then. After having success with Mario & Sonic and Wii, SEGA saw that sales of the series and Nintendo’s console in general were slowing down, prompting a change.

Post spoke about the situation with GamesIndustry:

“The business model that we had wasn’t working anymore. We were starting to make sizeable losses, so we had to change. In the past, you could be successful by being a bit opportunistic. The Wii platform, ten years ago, was so successful and anything you launched on it was selling. Even with some lesser qualitative stuff, you were able to be successful. But that was all changing and you could only sell quality products. We had Mario & Sonic back in those days, and that game was selling so much that a number of other titles could afford to underperform. But when the sales of Mario & Sonic, and the Wii in general, began to slow down, it became very visible that we had to change.”

SEGA ended up going through a whole slew of changes. The company focused on PC, “being consumer-first, and digital-first,” and made sure that its various studios took on more responsibility.

This was actually Post’s final interview at SEGA. He’s leaving the company to take on a new challenge elsewhere. If you’d like to read the full interview, hit up the source link below.


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  • Vigilante_blade

    So basically, he admitted that Sega released trash games on the Wii because they could get away with it due to the casual market. Man, I am so glad the Wii is over.

    • didnt stop them selling trash games on other platforms

      name the last sonic game that was actually good

      • Vigilante_blade

        Sonic 06, the greatest Sonic game in existence.

        • Addy

          My sarcasm detector broke.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Heh heh…

      • Sonic Colors was very good. It was even a Wii exclusive.

      • DJ Tako

        Sonic generations

    • But quite a few of the games then were multi-plat, and in some cases, the Wii version even tended to review and rate better.

      Also, the Wii was just cheaper to develop for. But never forget; people made shovelware and trash by the mile for the PS3 and 360 as well, but most gamers don’t talk about those because those consoles/companies have better “protection” for their image in the industry.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Wii versions that rate better? Huh?

        Also, the PS3 and 360 did not have anywhere near the amount of shovelware the Wii had, lol.

        I also think that Nintneod is plenty protected. The fact that they still haven’t gone under after so many mistakes shows this.

        • Sonic Unleashed for one, with the 360 version doing the worst.

          Lol, they sure did. Actually, because of the Kinect, 360 even got shovelware that the other two didn’t get. (Wipeout, anybody?)

          Lol, there’s a difference between making money for having reliable quality, versus still being treated as lesser within “hardcore” gaming circles. The fact that UK views Nintendo as childish no matter what plays into that.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Sonic Unleashed? It’s a terrible game. It’s like telling me that a broken game is slightly less broken on the other console, so it’s a plus. No, it is a bad game still.

            The UK views Nintendo as childish because Nintendo cultivated that image. Nintendo could tackled that issues eventually, but they never tried hard enough.

          • But it’s still a Sega game. That did better on the Wii. That was the point? They were still lazier with the 360 version (PS3 ver didn’t rate as bad), so that’s still them putting in less effort.

            Given UK is also obsessed with Fifa and its ridiculous but hilarious glitches? I don’t blame Nintendo. If they’re that thirsty for soccer that Fifa can just devour the competition, why would you care how one, small region sees you; especially a region that isn’t even your home region or the largest contributer to general gaming sales?

            Regardless, I’m just saying that there are some silly mentalities out there about Nintendo and their consoles; often cultivated by gaming journalism because they make money off that and are bought off quite often. And people it up, because they can’t think for themselves. Bad for the industry at large, but hey, it makes some people money.

          • Vigilante_blade

            A terrible shovelware game doing better on Wii is kind of proving his point though.

            it is Nintendo’s responsibility to tackle these views of them.

          • Is it? Doesn’t that just mean they were the laziest with the 360 version? Wasn’t his point that the Wii made them lazy meant it also took no effort? But they tried harder with it. At least it scored a decent average, whereas the 360 version was reviled.

            Sure. It is. And I do think they care. But they can only do so much. I also prefer them having integrity and not fueling childish console wars, paying off journalists for fake attention and BS, and not encouraging the kind of immature, crappy behavior that Sony sometimes does and MS especially does.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Considering it was a low effort game in general, it kind of seems to be the case.

            I honestly don’t see wha this man has to gain from lying honestly. He’d basically be signing his death warrant when it comes to working in the industry.

          • I didn’t say he lied. In fact, I was using his words to make my point. At the same time, it is weird that he comes out and says a bunch of negative stuff right as he’s leaving. People have a pattern of being bitter, petty and outspoken in negative ways when they think there won’t be consequences (ie, saying things that could “get him in trouble”) while at the company. Also, he could lie now because he’s leaving. And if he’s parting on bad terms, all the more reason to smear Sega.

            I don’t think he’s saying, and I’m not saying he is. But it isn’t like he couldn’t lie. And it’s not like he needs a reason to that we know of. But in my own comment, I made note of the fact that Sega had some shady ways that gen. They weren’t the only ones by far, and they’re better than some others now (to a degree), but still.

            There’s always positive where there’s negative. Natural balance of all things.

  • Blanco8x8

    Wow, that was quite an insult to the Wii’s popularity. Sure, it was a shovelware magnet, but blame the demographics who doesn’t know a good game when they see one, not Nintendo themselves. At the end of the day, Nintendo was the only developer bringing out high-quality games.

  • Moon

    So, if the Switch, or PlayStation for arguments sake, sell extremely well… Sega might well decide to release some more utter crap.

  • Coonfoot

    Guess that attitude is why he’s a FORMER exec…

  • when did they actually change?
    because they released sonic boom and alien colonial marines long after the wii was dead

    • In the case of Alien though, wasn’t that also more the fault of the guy behind Borderlands? But yeah, no excuse for Sonic Boom, lol.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I love how they’re blaming Nintendo for this.

  • Basically, Sega is always back and forth. And the quality of some of their titles wasn’t the only shady thing they did back then. Anyone remember the time they tried to sue Level-5 over Inazuma Eleven? Well after the game’s success.

    I love Sega, but when they go low, dang do they make the bar hard to beat. But at their better and best, I adore them. I hope this generation will be good for them. There was some crap last gen, but there was good stuff too.