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How the Metroid amiibo work in Metroid: Samus Returns

Posted on July 24, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Metroid: Samus Returns will have plenty of amiibo functionality when the game launches in September. You’ll be able to use the new Samus and Metroid figures being prepared for the game, along with the previously-released amiibo from the Smash Bros. series.

Nintendo opened the Japanese website for Samus Returns earlier today. It doesn’t have a whole lot of information currently, but the amiibo page was also updated with details on the game’s amiibo support.

Here’s the breakdown:

Samus Aran (Metroid series)

– Enables usage of the Aeon Reserve Tank; when the Aeon gauge is empty, the Aeon Reserve Tank will be consumed to refill it by a certain amount
– After beating the game, unlock Metroid II art at the art gallery for Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid (Metroid series)

– Place a “Metroid Marker” that tells you the location of the closest Metroid on the map
– After finishing the game once, when starting a new game, you can access the “Fusion” difficulty mode; more difficult, and can play with the Fusion Suit

Samus (Smash Bros. series)

– Enables usage of Missile Reserve Tank; when the player runs out of missiles, the tank will be consumed to replenish missiles by a certain amount
– After clearing the game once, unlock access to concept art; view concept art in the Gallery menu.

Zero Suit Samus (Smash Bros. series)

– Get an “Energy Reserve Tank”; when you lose all energy while playing, it will be automatically consumed to refill health by a certain amount
– Beat the game once to unlock Sound Test mode; listen to music


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  • TheGoomba

    This is fantastic to make use of the amiibo, but I can also see “reviewers” knocking points off because of it as well.

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    I hope the Fusion difficulty can be unlocked in other ways otherwise the reviewers will be harsh about it…

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    Espero que tudo isso possa der desbloqueado pro Skill também.
    Sound test é sempre algo que tem nos jogos, vacilo colocar atrás de uma “barreira de amiibo”.
    Prefiro que o amiibo libere algo que seria muito difícil liberar no jogo, ou que faça como as primeiras habilidades dos amiibos, alguma feature extra no jogo que não faz falta.
    Postei em portugês mesmo, foda-se hahaha

  • R.Z.

    If I cared more about the game I probably wouldn’t be too happy about the modes locked behind amiibo.

    • Nowhere Man

      They’ve already remade the entire game from scratch. Any new modes are more than okay being locked behind amiibo since it is factually the full Metroid 2 game on the cartridge.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        I agree with this.

      • R.Z.

        I don’t really get how the game being entirely remade makes locking extra modes ok.
        I should add that I think this is worse on 3DS on which the earlier models don’t have the capacity to read amiibo than on a console with amiibo functionality as part of the basic design.

        • Nowhere Man

          Because it’s extra content. We know factually that the intended finished product is being released and that anything else is extra. They have no obligation to give us extra content for free. Now you can argue that making it DLC makes it more accessible (and cheaper than a $24 two-pack amiibo), but it would honestly be pretty weak DLC. Amiibo are essentially collectors items that provide extra content. The extra content is added incentive to purchase one. There’s really nothing wrong with that. Games are perfectly playable and complete without amiibo.

          • There was a time when a remake also included extra content and you had no need to buy an extra figure for something as simple as a hard mode.

            This is assuming hard mode is locked behind the amiibo, of course. If all the amiibo does is giving the hard mode a harder time by wearing the Fusion suit, then that is a different story. That is acceptable. Locking the whole hard mode behind an amiibo isn’t.

          • Nowhere Man

            This has entirely new gameplay and combat. Not just for Metroid 2, but for 2D Metroid, period. There is already plenty of effort put into this. I assume (and believe they said) there will be additional areas as well. They’ve no obligation to give us new modes for free. I would prefer it be in the game, but we can agree to disagree on its use in an amiibo. I think it’s fine, you don’t. We’re not changing each others’ minds.

          • MagcargoMan

            I’m (not) sorry but your argument is dumb. It’s content that’s clearly in the game and being a remake doesn’t somehow mean any content because it’s built from the ground up and is for all intents and purposes a fully-new game, not a mere remaster. Locking a hard mode that is already on the cartridge behind a physical key is an utterly scummy practice.

          • Nowhere Man

            But you’re overlooking the fact that it has already added so much more with new gameplay, combat, and presumably areas, therefore making your argument dumb — see how that works? We disagree, so what. Based on all of the reports so far, this seems more like a Shadows of Valentia and less like a Shadow Dragon. They’re more than welcome to put any other additional things on amiibo. Me not caring about their amiibo use (with a few exceptions) does not make my argument dumb. To me, it makes you whiny and entitled, but not dumb..

          • MagcargoMan

            There is no overlooking. If the content is already on the cartridge, locking it behind a paywall is unacceptable.

            Take a hike, you doormat. It’s not entitled to not support greedy and bad developer practices. Now run along and go buy those fourteen on-disc DLC characters in Street Fighter X Tekken.

          • Nowhere Man

            “already on the cartridge” The question neither of us knows the answer to is would that mode exist without amiibo? We know it could exist without it, but if they made it TO lock into amiibo then it really doesn’t matter (again, it doesn’t matter to me at all). Like I said, a question we will never know the answer to. So no, I’m not taking a hike, jackass. I also don’t play fighting games. One more strike.

          • MagcargoMan

            How much does Nintendo pay you for damage-control?

          • Nowhere Man

            Hey, look at that. A hard mode already included in the cartridge! Whine away, my friend. I won’t apologize for not having a myopic and biased viewpoint formed with emotion rather than reason.

          • MagcargoMan

            Defending greedy corporate decisions just because you’re a fan of the company is pretty myopic and biased.

          • Nowhere Man

            Who says that’s why I’m defending this? I have and will continue to criticize Nintendo aplenty. This is not one of those times, as there are valid reasons (or at least unknowns) why this was done. You know, open-mindedness? Any argument based on emotion where one is told to take a hike is the epitome of biased and myopic.

          • MagcargoMan

            There is nothing valid about this.

          • Nowhere Man

            Sure, and your speculation is entirely valid! Another substantial addition to this thread!

          • MagcargoMan

            It’s not speculation.

  • JJ

    Aaand the Smash Metroid Amiibo sell out instantly..also going for triple the price on eBay (soon..).

  • Kaine Morrison

    This should have been on the Switch!

    • Switch is getting it’s own Metroid. Is ok to give love to the 3DS.

  • Pepperkeet

    So difficulty locked behind amiibos… that’s not a good look.

  • dathip

    Cant wait!

  • JasonBall

    So glad I bought them all after the game was announced!

  • Luis Kråke

    Please tell me that everything can be unlocked through gameplay

  • MagcargoMan

    Fusion Suit mode? Nice! Hopefully you can unlock it without the Amiibo though.

  • ToonAddict1

    Anyone else wished that the Zero Suit Samus Amiibo could have also allowed access to said outfit once players beat the game once?