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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutting down for Wii, DS in May

Posted on February 26, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Podcast Stories, Wii

Update: Nintendo of Australia has already followed up with an announcement of its own, confirming that this announcement is for all territories.

Original: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service will end for Wii and DS on May 20, Nintendo has announced. Although the news pertains to Japan at the moment, there’s a good chance Nintendo of America/Europe will follow up with confirmations of their own in the coming days.

Many Wii and DS services will still remain in tact despite the shutdown. They are as follows:

Wii (will still be enabled):

Wii Shop Channel
Delivery Channel
Internet Channel

DS (will still be enabled):

DSi Shop
DS/DSi browser


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  • Kian O’Neil

    Well, ****.

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    NOOOOOOOO =( this is always sad

  • TimBuckleyCADComics

    … And Xbox Live will live on forever! Sony Ponies and Nintendo Drones, you dun GOOFED!

    • Ivan Luna

      But Microsoft close the Xbox Live of the original Xbox a year later (if i remember correctly).

    • sonicfan1373

      -You can no longer use Live services on the original Xbox (so it is not forever, though there is no point on having one)
      -You pay an active subscription for Live, which means that there is an expectation for the service to last longer.
      -You need pay for Live in order to use things like the browser, Skype which you expect to get free after paying a few hundred dollars for a console (heck you get them free everywhere else including on Nintendo and Sony consoles)
      -You need to pay for Live to use services that you pay for separately like Netflix (once again you do not need to do that on any Sony or Nintendo consoles)

  • Nicholas Hardesty

    What about the Netflix app?