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Japanese Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate teaser site open

Posted on January 27, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Capcom has gone ahead and opened the official Japanese website for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, or Monster Hunter 4G. Access it here. The site houses Ultimate’s debut teaser, but that’s mostly it for now.

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  • LordDisco

    Here’s the discussion I’m having with my friend who works at CAPCOM on LINE. hahaha.

    • PattonFiend

      I don’t see the big deal. Isn’t it supposed to come out next year? 16-months AFTER the fact?

      • LordDisco

        No, dude. It’s releasing fall of 2014. MH4 released October of 2013. That will be literally one year, or 12-months, apart. The problem is the game, not the length of time. CAPCOM has done the same stupid crap with both Street Fighter IV and Marvel VS CAPCOM 3. They are releasing the same exact game with extra content, disconnecting it from the previous game (Meaning that the first release can’t play locally or online with the new release), and announcing this “new” game just 4 months after the first one was released. It’s ridiculous.

        This isn’t like Call of Duty, which releases a new game every year. This is much worse. This is release the SAME GAME a year after the initial release. This update is DLC worthy, not a brand new retail game worthy. I just bought MH4 for $60 upon release. Did that click? $60. Third-party games in Japan tend to charge a lot more, especially when they are popular franchises. MH4 has already sold almost 4 million copies. Why not just release the new content as DLC?! There’s already a user-base of almost 4 million.

        • PattonFiend
          • LordDisco

            That’s the American version. I live in Japan. Hence my frustration. We already have the game, and they are releasing another one in only a year’s time. It’s the same exact game we just bought with some new content. Again, DLC would be the much better route.

          • PattonFiend

            Ahhh, I see… I did not realize you were Japanese or stationed in Japan… I was in the Air Force and had a buddy stationed at Kadena, we left Lansing MEPS the same day but got stationed at different bases after basic… Maybe you are military?

          • LordDisco

            No. I just work in Tokyo. Been here for over 4 years now. Ironically, I’m actually going back to America for a few months to do work there, so I’ve actually been in American-mode the past few days getting ready to go back. Might be why I jabbed at my friend who works at CAPCOM as well. hahaha.

        • Clumsyman

          I see where your coming from, but they always done this. I mean, Monster Hunter (1) came out in JP March 11, 2004 Monster Hunter G came out in JP January 20, 2005. Not even 1 year since the original, it’s nothing new. 🙂 But being the Monster Hunter fanatic I am, I have no problem buying Monster hunter then G coming out less than a year later, I do see how people don’t have the money or are irritated at Capcom for doing this. My release dates are taken from Wikapedia for those womdering. 😀

          • LordDisco

            It’s extremely irritating, because CAPCOM can clearly make this content DLC. When Monster Hunter released back in 2004, DLC wasn’t an option. And pretty much all of Monster Hunter’s life on the PSP was also prevented from allowing DLC. However, the 3DS is fully capable of DLC and heavy updates for its games, as has been displayed by the likes of Fire Emblem and Bravely Default.

            CAPCOM is just choosing to take the greedy and less customer-friendly road. They want their fans to purchase basically the exact same game in a one-year period. It’s definitely not two games. It’s one. It’ll be the same story, most of the same monsters, and the same features. Only 4G will have a new map and a couple new monsters.

          • Clumsyman

            Please don’t take this as a mean comment, cause I don’t mean it that way but, you must not like Monster Hunter or played the series long if you think “a couple new monsters” are gonna be in G. While to the normal person it’s not many, for people who have played MH like crazy a returning monster like…The Yama or something is a big deal.. (Just an example) Now don’t take it as a mean comment please. 🙂

          • LordDisco

            Your comment is not mean, but it’s ignorant. You see, from a business perspective, you don’t want to release the same product + something extra in such a short time. That’s why a lot of times customers don’t buy the initial game’s release and wait for the “Game of the Year” edition, or whatever stupid version comes after the initial game that is exactly the same + extra content.

            This is basically watering down product value, and that is bad marketing. If 4G releases for the same price at MH4, it is basically telling initial purchasers that your first purchase has little value compared to the new one. If it’s cheaper than the original (Like Super Street Fighter IV was), it completely devalues the original game and makes original purchasers out to be stupid.

            CAPCOM is horrible about this kind of marketing. Content like this should be DLC, so that current owners can spend a little extra and get the content without having to discard their original game and buy a “new” version of the same game.

            Yes. It’s bad business.

          • Clumsyman

            Yeah I understand, but this is just how capcom sadly works. But you see how well it sells whether its a year or less, it still sells and that’s all capcom cares for. Americans seem to only care about CoD and BF, games that don’t seem to change gameplay from one game to the other.

            I wish Capcom wasn’t the ones behind MH, but I guess it wouldn’t be the same MH I love.

  • PattonFiend

    Games like this need to be on consoles… You do not get the full experience on a little handheld… I have tried…

  • TalesOfBS

    No Wii U port? I was expecting at least that.

    • eh

      Here’s hoping there’s an announcement down the line.

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