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Join our news team – night shift position open

Posted on April 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates

All submissions are now closed. To those who showed interest in the position, we will need your writing samples no later than this Wednesday (4/26). We’re looking to make a final decision by the end of this coming week!

We are still accepting submissions, but will be closing things off on Wednesday (4/19). Please keep the times below in mind. Also note that this is a non-paid position.

All initial emails have been responded to. If you haven’t seen any messages, check your spam folder!


Jake has been doing a standout job since he joined us over a year ago. However, some personal changes are taking place, which is requiring him to relinquish his role. Jake is still on board with us, but we’ll have a rare vacancy with the night shift very soon.

The times we’re looking to fill are as follows:

– 9 PM PT – 12:30 / 1 AM PT
– 12 AM ET – 3:30 / 4 AM ET
– 5 AM in the UK – 8:30 / 9 AM in the UK
– 6 AM in Europe- 9:30 / 10 AM in Europe
– 2 PM GMT+10 (Sydney, Australia) – 5:30 / 6 PM GMT+10

The ideal person we bring in would be available Monday – Friday at the times listed above. That being said, we’re not entirely opposed to having two people tackle the position and split up the days. It’ll really come down to interest in the position, who’s applying, etc.

If you’d like to apply, please send a brief message here (select “Other”). I’ll follow up with everyone in the coming days.

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  • Jonathan Cromwell

    Just don’t hire hermione granger. That would be a mess.

  • ben

    What exactly does the person have to do? Source and upload news stories related to Nintendo? Will there be any review stuff?

    • Brian

      Mainly post news, no reviews. Although Dennis started out by handling news for the site and later tackled reviews.

  • MoYeung

    For USA people?

    • Brian

      It’s open to everyone!

  • Adrian Brown

    That sounds great. I’d love to apply for the position since I’ve been following this site for years and I kinda have the time, but unfortunately my English is not perfect, which of course is a must. Hopefully Brian chooses a capable guy/girl for the position.

  • Luigi Kirby

    The “night” shift’s work time is just right for me as I’m in asia, and I’ve been following this fantastic site for a very long time. However, I’m not certain that I’ll be available during that period for everyday of the week, nor am I confident that I’ll be able to provide enough good quality content for English speaking viewers 🙁