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Kirby’s upcoming multiplayer action game on 3DS will involve fighting

Posted on April 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Three new Kirby games were announced for 3DS during the latest Nintendo Direct. The first is Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, out now on the eShop. Kirby’s Blowout Blast will follow this summer as another digital title.

The final game was only teased with a snippet of information. Nintendo said it will be a “multiplayer action game”, and aside from confirming a holiday launch, didn’t offer any additional information.

We do have one other tidbit of information from HAL Laboratory’s Satoshi Ishida. In a newly-posted Miiverse post, he specifically referred to it as “an action fighting game”. That means we can count on fighting being incorporated in some fashion.


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  • ibo

    game should have been on Switch…

    • Rafael Bueno

      i think the same

    • Fandangle

      I think the switch shouldn’t exist.

      To each their own though.

      • ibo

        my friend you be dumb..

        • Fandangle

          Your opinion is yours and mine is mine. I think it’s dumb to go into a comments section and port beg for the switch, so I just thought I’d share my equally ridiculous opinion.

          • ibo

            you dumb

  • Rafael Bueno

    Well, i think is gonna be like Fighters Deluxe only with more Classes of Kirbies and Online. I hope

  • Fandangle

    How boring. I’m tired of these multiplayer action games like four swords, Triforce heroes, and Metroid FF.

    I want a real Kirby game dang flabbit.

    • Dylan W

      Um, Planet Robobot just came out last year. Did you forget about that? With Tri Force Heroes, it wasn’t so bad since Breath of the Wild was coming soon. I understand why people were pissed off by Federation Force’s announcement since there hadn’t been a new Metroid game since 2010. I personally don’t know if FF is any good since I haven’t played it but I do understand why people were unhappy about its announcement. (I’ve heard it’s not that bad, just average.)

      • Fandangle

        I know about Robobot I liked it a lot. I’m just tired of these meh multiplayer games they’re pumping out.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          They’re allowed to make these multiplayer games dude. Besides. We don’t even know what this new Multiplayer game is… Unless it’s a full-game version of the Multi-player fighting mode from Robobot. In which case. Screw that…

          • Fandangle

            And I’m allowed to go around calling people ugly, doesn’t mean I should. I can tell you exactly what it’ll be. It’s more than likely going to be just a rehash of RTDL/TD/PR with multiplayer slapped on and annoying puzzles that are only hard because you have to rely on two-three other people and maybe no online.

  • MinorMinusZ

    Are we getting that Smash Bros-esque Kirby game we’ve all been waiting for?
    Well, in that case, time to get better at Kirby.