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[Let’s Talk] Any interest in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?

Posted on October 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk

In a month from now, two new Pokemon games will be on 3DS. Of course, we’re referring to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

From the minute these titles were announced, they underwent quite a bit of scrutiny. Fans were hoping that new Pokemon games would be announced for Switch, but instead, they were revealed for 3DS. Making matters somewhat worse is that they’re new versions of last year’s Sun/Moon. It took some time to really understand what makes Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon different from the 2016 games. It really wasn’t until the past couple of months – these last few weeks in particular – that some of the new elements have been highlighted.

So how many of you have interest in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (or not at all)? Have you moved on from 3DS to Switch at this point? Or do you intend to fire up the handheld next month for the new games? Let us know in the comments below.

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Crimson Hat

With both YW2 Psychic Specters and Superstar Saga DX coming out in only a week of each other, it’s safe to say my 3DS is getting a huge work out.


Samus Returns 😀 it is super awesome and I can’t wait for more of the franchise on the Switch <3 DonSerrot

If it doesn’t have “Stardew” in the name it’s a low priority for me right now. I’ve waited a long time for this one and now I’m basking in my new farm life every chance I get.


Mostly Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, Kirby Superstars and Star Fox 2.


Just finished A Link to the Past for the first time, so now I’m playing something arcady from my backlog, Resogun for the PS4, before I jump back into the Zelda universe with my first playthrough of Link’s Awakening.

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  • James Fox

    This would sum it up

    • Tlink7

      Lmao I love you xD

  • JasonBall


  • hi v3.0


    • Ctoan

      YES. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Joe Nuyen

    Oh yes

  • Exy

    Pokémon passed me by. I just can’t agree with all the baggage it’s gotten after the second generation. It’s all just feature creep to me and nothing worth getting into. I’d play a straight remake of the first games with all different Pokémon, no side stories or breeding or anything like that.

  • All of you saying “no” need to leave! x’D
    J/k. You’re of course free to be here, dissing my game. vuv;

    I’m super excited! I’m glad it has more story material, that they’re fixing the frickin Festival Plaza.

    The hints about Necrozma’s nature make me curious if something they’ll explore with the story is what they touched on with how nature works. Hoping so~.

    Everything has me amped, and now I want to finish SM so bad. ♥

    • James Fox

      Necorzma is the most lamest legendary Pokemon ever designed

      • I actually don’t really care about its design. And I’ll be honest; I think the three birds and three dogs are just as tacky/bland.

        • Ninty Kad

          THANK YOU

          • I get people not liking some modern designs; I’m not a fan of all of them either. But people forget that gen one had some weird or lazy stuff too; esp w/Legendaries. Later gens (II-III, basically) weren’t free of it either.

        • Tlink7

          Aw the three dogs/birds are some of my favourite Pokémon :C they’re animals combined with the elemental types and it is a design I love. A lot of newer Pokémon look more like Digimon than they do creatures or animated objects

          • I like the elemental-color scheme part too~. But I think Moltres and Zapdos look silly (better over the years, but still). The dogs’ designs I like less. :/

            Some of them always looked off to me. Celebi is cute, but I kind of don’t like its look for a Pokemon. Same with Jirachi. My own personal faves are Giratina, Reshiram and Xerneas.

            I do like the growing thought and background they’ve put into the Legendaries though, even when I don’t like their designs~.

          • Tlink7

            I can see Zapdos being a bit silly for someone who doesn’t know anything about Pokémon, but I do think Moltres is relatively normal 😀 the three dogs are some of my favourite ‘Mon… but hey, if everybody liked the same things, it’d be a boring world 😛

            I do think Giratina looks awesome (especially his alternate forme), Xerneas and Reshiram are a bit over the top for me xD

          • I think in the recent artwork, they look much better (Articuno always having looked very pretty though), but I get why people used to call Moltres a rubber chicken sometimes. Haha, true. Variety is a spice of life, and that applies to opinions and the flavors we like our designs and aesthetics. ^u^

            Yeah, Giratina looked goofy to me at first, but he really grew on me and I think he’s pretty cool. (And his story just makes his design cooler.) Haha, I understand that. I favor Reshiram a lot (it’s a fluffy dragon!), but it is kinda extra. >u<

          • Tlink7

            Rubber chicken XD

            I kinda like Reshiram, but the jet engine he has on the back is just a bit weird to me 😀

          • Yeah, actually. I like how it looks as a tail, but the whole flaming/engine part is meh and uncute. x’);
            Maybe if it just glowed or something, it might look better.

      • Ninty Kad

        I wouldn’t go that far… Necrozma may not be the best, but it’s design beat a handful of Other legendaries

      • MagcargoMan

        Lamer than the Genies from Gen 5? Pfft, I doubt it.

  • Ctoan
    • Ninty Kad

      The exact opposite to me tbh.

  • Bowsah
  • Vigilante_blade

    I love Pokemon, but this isn’t enough of a jump for me to play it. I would rather play a Switch Pokemon right now.

  • ecoutercavalier

    I’m gonna buy and play this with the hope that I’ll be able to go on the golf course. That was such a buzz kill for me in SM when they teased it but you couldn’t check it out. It sounds perfectly reasonable, traveling from hole to hole and battling trainers along the way. That and a few other blocked off areas I expect to open up, are enough to get me to come back.
    That being said, I’m beginning to feel like this series owes me something.l in return. Every generation I participate but I’m feeling less and less like my experience was worthwhie and original.

  • Ninty Kad

    Can you guys give more than just NO… Like give more of a reason.

    Anyway, Yes I am excited for the new games coming out. It will hold me over until the switch game comes out (which I’m getting sick of hearing at this point). Plus from what I’ve seen they look like really good changes to set it apart from S/M. Plus, I love Gen 7 and Alola so it will be nice to go back to it again.

    • ecoutercavalier


      • Ninty Kad

        Reason on why it’s a no?

    • Lol, right? Actually, I feel like since the start, I’ve seen weird criticisms that weren’t really so. People said it’s just SM again; but if that’s because of the formula, that’s all Pokemon? They already confirmed new story and side features. So why is it the same?

      Or people saying they wouldn’t care unless certain things were fixed or added. But we’re starting to hear about that.

      I love gen 7 as well, it’s becoming my fav, beside gen 4. I like this as a parting gift, and it’ll hold me over for the Switch game as well. (Which I don’t really get the excitement for, because we don’t *actually* know what it is.)

    • Tlink7

      Because playing a slightly different version of the same game is a waste of my time and money

      • Ninty Kad

        Tell that to the people who bought Yellow, Cyrstal, Emerald, and Platium then

        • Tlink7

          ”MY time and money” other people are irrelevant to my statement 😛

          • Ninty Kad

            True. I suppose you didn’t buy those either?

          • Tlink7

            Nah I totally bought Emerald and BW2. I was a child for at least one of those purchases though xD

  • Nope. I don’t understand why they’d release a full price Extra edition just one year after it originally released.

    • Ninty Kad

      Cause they do it almost every gen?

      • I’m not seeing how this means I should be interested in it or not call it out.

        • Ninty Kad

          People who like a different take on the game, Plus those who like competitive Pokemon will like poke’s getting updated moveset. Just you don’t care much for it doesn’t mean others do.

          • Did at any point I say people aren’t allowed to be interested in the game?

            You demand people say more than no, and then when they explain why you’re like NO YOU’RE WRONG

            It’s no wonder people just say “no” and move on if that’s going to be your reaction.

          • Ninty Kad

            That’s fair. I did ask for more than just a flat no. I’m just curious as all.

    • RoadyMike

      Yea it’s strange how there’s such a much shorter gap between mainline Pokemon games. I can sympathize with those that feel like this is a cashgrab. It’s almost as if they cut content from sunmoon and put it all in these new titles

      • Yeah I get they do it every time but I don’t recall them ever doing it within the span of a *year*.

        • Evan Gustavson

          Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
          I mean, it was Ruby and Sapphire with quite a few adjustments and with the region having to be rebuilt for the X/Y engine, so they did quite a bit more than they normally did, and did it in a year… I think?

          PS: you disappoint me with your Kirby: Right Back at Ya! name and having some weird rubber ducky as your profile picture.

          • A remake of a previous generation title for a console different than the one it was originally released for? Is the same thing as a souped up version of a game on the same console that was released less than a year ago?

        • Jewelwriter Moonstar

          In fairness this will be the third time that it is under 1 year between releases. [The first two was near generations 1 and 2 respectively. Afterward it was about 2 year gaps between new versions.]

      • MagcargoMan

        They basically release the beta version first and call the version with the completed content an “expansion”.

  • Locky Mavo

    It has become more interesting/appealing in the last couple weeks, though for me, it’s not a must pre-order. I’ll probably still get the games, as I have with every other mainline Pokémon, but other than Metroid, Ever Oasis and MH Stories, my time playing on the 3DS is slowly getting less and less. I can’t wait to finally see Pokémon on the Switch though.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Ever Oasis, nice

      • Locky Mavo

        Yeah, it’s quite an enjoyable game, I hope Grezzo is working on a new game for the Switch now, they’ve proved to be a very good developer.

  • Aline Piroutek

    I’m holding my money after Serebii.net see everything I can do in the game. $40 here is a lot of Money.

  • Well in my opinion I’m still getting Ultra Sun but I still find the game rather lacking. What’s that you say more story? In my opinion I was hoping for more Alola forms or heck more Mega forms or something. So far its just been an in between Lycanroc which has the best of both forms and that’s it as far as I know. Oh yeah forgot about that one Pokemon that takes over Lunalaa and Solgaleo.

    • More Alolan forms would have been really nice. Now I do wish we had gotten that.

      • RoadyMike

        What sux the most about that is that now Alolan forms will never be seen again. Only these small handful of Pokemon will ever get Alolan forms; just like mega evolutions (unless they give more Pokemon megas)

        • I just realized that with the previous comment, and that’s such a shame. My hope is Alola shows up in some future game and we get Alolan forms, but I’ll be sad about that now.

        • Reggie

          Thank you, someone realizes the trend. No one believed me when I said that XY would not have seasons. No one believed me that S/M would not introduce new Mega formes.

          • Evan Gustavson

            Noone really liked seasons anyway.
            It doesn’t take most people months to finish the game, so seasons just kinda sucked.
            One of the many reasons I disliked gen V

    • Ninty Kad

      THey did annouce some new pokemon tho, granted they are UB, but they are still brand new Pokemon tho

      • Well sure they did announced more UBs but I hardly even use them as is heck I barely even bothered hunting them down in S/M but now that they have a more central role in this new one it will give more reason to get them and also they could have introduced a form change for them to make them look more Pokemon.

  • Pachirisu

    i get one version of every pokemon game, so of course i was buying it… but honestly the game didn’t look very appealing at first. though in the last month or so it’s been looking better and better and it’s at the point where it’s my second most anticipated 2017 game after Odyssey.


    Frankly I’m not interested on Pokemon US/UM at all. I’m sure I will play them eventually and I’m probably going to enjoy them. But right now I feel like having a break from Pokemon. Not all games have to be played on day one.

  • Carlos

    I’m getting them both because it’s Pokemon and I love the series. Though I haven’t really seen anything that really makes me say I have to have it. I’ll play for a little while and see how the game is.

  • RoadyMike

    The first time I played Pokemon Silver I pretty much unknowingly sold my soul to Nintendo.

    Every Pokemon game that gets announced, every new episode that gets aired and every hour I play any games in the series is just Nintendo’s way of saying: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d13b598aa1e67f9e7c14d597406be131111620c088eb0d395d884ffd98bf1d99.png

    • RoadyMike

      Anyhoo, I like what I’ve seen so far from these games. The meantime surf and legendary ride stuff seems stupid to me but other than that there’s just about enough to make me want to get it. It’ll keep me busy long enough till Pokemon Switch comes out.

      Now that it’s become more easy than ever to get into the competitive scene, I’ll be more involved with building and messing around with different mons and team combinations than ever before. Looking forward to it

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        I have to disagree about Mantine Surf, it looks fun to me.

  • Roto Prime

    I will be buying the steel book version but will not play it, it is a much simpler game then the first one….I really wanted a challenge ;_____;

  • Crimson Hat

    I really couldn’t care less about the franchise as a whole. I think it gets far too much hype for some of the poorest games in the RPG genre.

    • Michael Clarke

      your profile picture is a yo-kai,do you really think people will take you seriously? not dissing your opinion or anything but seriously?
      and they’re really not the “Poorest Games” in the RPG Genre, in fact if they were they wouldn’t sell as well as they do, they’re accessible, they’re easy to get into and they’re enjoyable, plus they have a massive competitive scene too, that’s why they’re so popular

    • KhalidLmr

      One of the best and most deep rpgs out there and constantly good.

  • Auragar

    Definitely interested. I was skeptical until recently but yeah. Pokemon is one of the few games I actually play anymore.

  • Burning Gravity

    not really

  • Fan Bao

    Yes for sure, unless you are only Switch fan (who blame anything else from Nintendo), not Pokémon fan. The same thing happened for Gen 1~4, and somewhat similar in Gen 5, so not any surprise at all.
    Another game on my list is Mario Party Top 100, so 3 on 3DS vs 1 on Switch (Mario Odyssey) this holiday.

  • Reggie

    When US/UM were first revealed, I was not impressed in the slightest. At most it got an “Oh” reaction out of me. Had I enjoyed playing Sun, I might’ve been a little more excited for it. But I didn’t, it was my least favorite game in the series, and as it stood US/UM were just another set of paired third versions to a game I didn’t like.

    I had hoped that overtime as more info came out that US/UM would pique my interest, and so far, nothing we’ve heard or seen has even remotely excited me. I think at this point, I’ll only be getting US/UM if it fixes the problems I had with S/M. I’ll be waiting for reviews and player feedback before making my final judgment.

  • Supporter

    I played Pokemon Crystal as a kid about a third of the way through before leaving it because I just didn’t connect with it as much as I would’ve liked it. It was still pretty enjoyable.

    I only returned to the franchise with last year’s Pokemon Sun and I’m really enjoying it. That being said, since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are updated versions/sequels, I’ll probably skip it.

    However I’m much more interested in the Pokemon games than I ever was including the Switch title. I’m still playing (and loving) my 3DS and I don’t have a Switch (at the moment).

  • Addy

    Yeah, I’ll get them, despite not quite finished with original Sun and Moon.

  • Santoryu02

    I’ll be getting a copy because I always enjoy the new setting of a pokemon game. However, my playtime on the newer games are dwindling compared to previous generation games, probably due to a lack of things to do post game.

  • Lumine

    I’ll be getting Ultra Moon once it’s out.

  • Strawman

    I have Sun/Moon, but I might go for this one, if only because I’ve been missing playing a game before going to bed, but I don’t want to use my Switch for that, since falling asleep has meant that the device I was using magically ended up on the ground or some such.

    That said, I am rather worried about whether it’s good value for money, the differences between Sun/Moon and their Ultra versions seem minimal at best.

  • George Bakos

    I am not excited at all. This looks like a cash grab to me and I can’t justify the price tag at all. What we are seeing is dlc content and it should be priced accordingly:
    -20 dollars for those who already have sun/moon
    -full price for those who don’t or just want to have retail version

    Ps. The “every generation had a third version” argument makes no sense to me for 2 reasons:
    a. Pokemon was stronger as a franchise then and gamefreak could get away with stuff like that
    b. the concept of dlc didn’t exist. A third version was the only way to get new content. That’s not the case right now

    • James Fox

      I enjoyed Pokemon Moon but Necrozma is the lamest legendary i have ever seen just from a design standpoint
      and to give a Pokemon that’s literally a giant walking pile of black spikey diamonds [Necrozma] a role that’s equally as bewildering as Pokemon The Movie 3’s unrealistic portrayal of the Unowns is just pathetic

      Thus why i’m skipping Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and wait for the Switch game

  • Dukey

    You may move on from 3DS to Switch but you never move on from Pokemon!

  • FinalArcadia

    I’m looking forward to it since I enjoyed Sun/Moon and any improvements they can make will only make it better. Not super invested in the plot of any Pokemon because I mainly play just for the feel of going on a journey and building up my team, but I am interested to see if they do anything interesting with Ultra Space. And I don’t really mind playing on my 3DS despite having a Switch because I use the Switch as a purely home console (docked like 95% of the time, and never leaves my house) while the 3DS still meets my handheld/portable needs.

    However, I will admit that I would’ve looked forward to a Pokemon Z/XY 3rd version/sequel more since Kalos really got ripped off and I think got way more hate than it deserved. XY became one of my favorites after HG/SS/Crystal, Platinum, and Yellow (actually, I might put it above Platinum slightly for the pure enjoyment factor) so I really would’ve loved a surprise return trip to Kalos with some touch-ups to the postgame and all. 🙁

    • I agree entirely, especially with how Kalos for ripped off. Even though I was way more excited for Alola, Kalos really sparked excitement in me, and I feel kind of sad for how it ended up being treated (and regarded). Also, yay for Platinum love. But yeah, we and Kalos deserved Z.

  • KhalidLmr

    Yes, very interested.

    This is shaping up to be one of the best Pokemon games.

  • Wtf is that?? lmao

  • MagcargoMan

    I have no interest at all. I stopped playing Pokemon a long time ago because it just started to feel like the same thing and I lost all motivation to play it. New additions to the series like gimmicks such as Mega Evolution, Alola Formes and Ultra Beasts are not helping matters when a lot of them have inferior or out-of-place designs (and Ultra Beasts were wasted potential and are just not-Pokemon from another dimension) as well as the signs of milking getting even worse with remaking Pokemon games that don’t even need remakes (*cough* OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire *cough*) that give characters awful redesigns and soon they’ll probably remake Gen 4 when I can still play the damn games on my DS/3DS. Plus Gen 5 and onward they have started making more bad Pokemon designs than good. Gen 7 was the all-time low.

    It’d take a Breath of the Wild-level reinvigoration of the franchise to get me to play it again, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Not in a long while.

  • Trusk

    I am almost interested in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon…almost…