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[Let’s Talk] April 2017 Nintendo Direct reactions

Posted on April 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk, Switch

The latest Nintendo Direct aired this past week. Nintendo originally announced it as a broadcast focusing on Arms and Splatoon 2, but in the end, there was quite a bit more than that.

Nintendo started out with 3DS. We were given a new name for Pikmin (Hey! Pikmin) and a release date, a date for Ever Oasis, news about Monster Hunter Stories, Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters and Miitopia all coming west, followed by three Kirby 3DS titles. Bye-Bye BoxBoy! also launched in North America after the presentation.

Some news about amiibo was also shared. The three rumored Zelda amiibo were confirmed. Nintendo is bringing out the final Smash Bros. amiibo this summer, along with alternate versions for each. Hey! Pikmin and Splatoon 2 are also getting amiibo.

Speaking of Splatoon 2, it was dated for July 21 and the new Salmon Run mode was revealed. Arms, Nintendo’s other big Switch game for the summer, is planned for June 16. The new character Min Min was introduced plus a 2-v-2 option. Third-party highlights include Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition on May 11, plus Namco Museum, Fate/Extella, Monopoly, Sine Mora EX, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and Payday 2.

The Nintendo Direct also snuck in some hardware news. New Neon Yellow Joy-Con are launching with Arms in addition to a Battery Pack accessory. Finally, the standalone Switch dock is set for May 19.

For a Nintendo Direct that’s just two months off from E3, I personally thought it wasn’t too shabby. A personal highlight for myself is Monster Hunter Stories, which I was praying would be made available in North America and Europe. But what about you guys? Were you impressed or disappointed? What was your favorite announcement? Let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Future feature additions on Switch


I just tried to split the audio on the Switch docked using a 3.5mm splitter to my Elgato’s audio input and my headset so I can stream gameplay without the going to my TV’s speakers so my microphone won’t pick it up, but doing this causes a ground loop that makes the audio unusable. I could fix this with a ground loop isolator, or a feature could be added to not disable the HDMI audio output when headphones are plugged in, so the audio would go to both the headphone output and HDMI. With this, I would be able to have the audio in the headphones and mute my TV so the Elgato will still get sound. It sounds like a niche feature, but people like me who use a specific streaming setup would benefit from this.

Aside from that, I would also like USB storage support to transfer not just save data, but screenshots. The only way to get them onto a PC is to power down the Switch to remove its microSD card. I would like not only for USB storage on the dock, but in the handheld mode with USB-C drives. I don’t know if this would be asking for too much, but uncompressed screenshots would be real good to have too.

For all the people point out as odd omissions, the one thing I noticed that not many others did is that there’s no charging light, so there’s no reliable way to know if the system is charging except when the system turns back on. That Home button light isn’t being used right now, so that would be the only thing that would work. And we really don’t need the screen to go on when the power is disconnected.

And it’s been a month now, and even I have to admit that video streaming and web browsing would be neat to have on the Switch tablet. My phone can tether and there’s at least one report saying that Splatoon 2 plays fine on a tethered 4G connection.

Eric Flapjack Ashley

I definitely think there needs to be an improved user communication interface. I don’t know if they are saving all of that for the upcoming smartphone app, but as it stands now, there is no way to communicate with other friends who are online – nor even a way to send a brief introduction message along with a friend request.


Sorting the icons would also be nice. I mean sorting the icons on your own.
This sorting by date (last time played) is just not my cup of tea.



– Save management and backup: I admit, since this console is portable, I am legitimately terrified of losing my progress in games if anything happens to my Switch. I also don’t want to save anything or buy anything on my Switch memory since it means that I am possibly wasting space on it. Give us more controls, and I will be very happy.

– Enhanced virtual console: I felt like the emulation in the NES classic was actually a good step in the right direction. I think it would be great to have games from multiple platforms make it over with save state functions as well as multiple filters and aspect ratios. Cross buy and cross gen are necessary at this point, especially if they start charging for online. Furthermore, you should own the games, not lose them if you don’t pay your subscription. The only reason I don’t buy VC games is because I know they will not transfer over to the new systems. If I can keep an enduring library, then I will gladly buy a bunch of games.

– Voice chat without the mobile app.

Quality of life:

– An ability to temporarily disable the automatic controller detection. I carry a pro controller in my bag, and even though it is in a box, it does sometimes interrupt my gameplay while on the train.

– Bluetooth headphones detection: I know it takes battery, but I want to use wireless headphones. I already carry a large battery with me, and I can handle the drain. While I understand making the console stupid-proof, a simple warning about battery drain would be enough. There is no need to not have that option.

– Complete control over button layouts. Allow users to do such things as remapping their buttons, inverting their sticks, turning motion controls on or off from the system itself. In other words, create a setup tied to your profile and allow you to do these things whether the creator wanted you to do it or not.

– Mod support. Many mods are amazing, and I think that providing a controlled environment for modding (as to prevent piracy) would do much to add to already great

– Themes: Don’t charge for them and allow users to make them and share them.

– A grid menu setup. Being able to see more icons on one page.

– Ability to lower your resolution in docked mode for improved performance.

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  • Arms is going to be an Important Game. Future system seller.

    Battle Chasers, Sine Mora, and Project Mekuru look promising

    • Aline Piroutek

      Interesting fact: Project Mekuru is a inspired by Satoshi Tajiri’s/Ken Sugimori’s, creators of Gamefreak, first published game: QUINTY(NES).

      • Aline Piroutek

        Or not haha, there aren’t BUMPS on cards on the original title.

    • ForeVision

      I hope you’re right on the ARMS part, but many people seem to be less intrigued about it than they were about Splatoon.

  • Aline Piroutek

    The Switch is selling so well that Nintendo might abandon(or abadon?) the Nintendo 3DS too(no big AAA games anounced for 3DS).
    Good thing: more games will come to Switch and maybe 3rds will start to make AAA games for it.
    Bad thing: The Switch might sell so much and the sales will stop quickly because everyone who wanted the Switch already bought it. So Nintendo will bring for the first time “A new powered up model Home Console from the actual generation” and a lot of exclusives for it. So early Switch adopter will need to buy the new model to play the newest titles.

  • JasonBall

    In preparation for this very Let’s Talk, this was written mere hours after the Direct ended…

    Let me start off by saying that this was the absolute worst Nintendo Direct I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them all. But first I’d like to clarify that the games shown are great — the lineup is one of the best, actually. But the format, timing, pacing, delivery, and aesthetic was the most disgusting video content Nintendo has ever produced. Koizumi was hired for his game design genius, not his PR. It isn’t very good. It was okay for the Switch event, because he was in his element. That was his baby. Presenting content from other developers even within Nintendo on either platform though felt terribly forced.

    As for timing, the “headlines” thing was the absolute dumbest idea they’ve ever had in PR. Completely spoiled the Direct. I’m a fast reader, and am able to quickly scan images and process the details even after the image is gone. So I knew every single 3DS game they were going to talk about within a minute. Horribly spoiled the BoxBoy reveal. I already 100% expected it would release today, but I wanted someone like Bill to say “Speaking of HAL Laboratory, there’s another game they’ve been working on recently that might just box your heart up.” I wanted something cute and memorable, something to discuss with my buddies, like “Hey did you see that horrible corny joke Chiko made when revealing X game?” Today, instead I felt insulted by Nintendo. I have a good attention span, and so do thousands of others. The few who don’t shouldn’t make the whole presentation and the rest of the population suffer. It is wrong for Nintendo to bow down to the narrow-minded fools who click away if there isn’t something interesting within 10 seconds. This quick-fire presentation nonsense combined with the complete spoilers of the content upfront really make me quite sick. They advertised it would be about Splatoon and Arms mostly, yet they only got, what, five minutes? That’s the amount of time most games should get that are coming out in the near future. The only reason their claim about focusing on Arms and Splatoon was true was because there was zero spotlight on anything else. I’d kind of understand if it was only fast-paced for the 3DS segment. It’d finally give us an indication they’re phasing it out. But they did that for Switch games too! How the **** are people supposed to learn about the games on their new hardware if all they get is a name and five shots of out of context gameplay? Lastly for the format thing, during the Arms and Splatoon showcases, the voiceover dude was truly cringe-worthy. Both of them. Not even cute in a corny sense, just plain bad.

    So, content. It was great. I was able to somehow scribble everything down as they whizzed through it, so let me recap. Keep in mind I only care about Nintendo-published games, so this isn’t everything. Hey, uh, Pikmin is out July 28 with an amiibo that has “Pikmin Pikmin” in the upper left of the packaging. So, a weird title when spelled out and a weird amiibo box label. Yeah, I know. Amiibo series indicator followed by amiibo name. But it’s funny. Anyways, it looks funnish, and the graphics are cute. I saw Olimar walking around, dodging things, running through places. Are there in-depth mechanics? Is there multiplayer? Are there different modes? I have no idea! I didn’t catch any of it because it went by so quickly. Then there was Ever Oasis, with Ishii holding a plushie talking sternly. Zero elaboration on game mechanics, multiplayer, features, etc for a game out in two months. There was Ishii and there was a water spirit asking for help. I loved what I saw of this game at E3 last year, but I needed more to convince me to buy it and fall in love with it. I’ll probably still get it because its Zelda + Animal Crossing, but I don’t think anyone else will buy it because they didn’t mention that crucial hook today. Ishii standing there and a water spirit swirling about isn’t a hook. Anyways, the third version of Pokemon Sun and, uh, wait. Yo-Kai Watch 2! That’s the one! It’s coming west just in time for the 3DS to lose relevance and prevent 3 from being localized! Ugh. Then there’s Culdcept, which I had thought was Nintendo-funded in Japan but NIS is releasing it here? Why? Anyways, card game rpg.

    Next! Miitopia! This is a day one buy, it has been since they announced it in, what, November? I adore the Mii characters, I always have, and this looks like their swan song. This one got a little bit of attention, which was nice. The way all the characters in the trailer were Nintendo staff reminded me of Tomodachi Life’s promotional stuff, and in all the right ways. They have some time to talk about the game before it comes out in the release window of “2017” so overall I’m happy they are both localizing it (which can’t be easy, as we learned from Tomodachi Life) and taking time to promote it. So then they talked about FE Echoes and said there would be DLC. And… that’s it. DLC exists. Next was Kirby! They’re recognizing his 25th! This gives me hope for Dream Land 3 and Super Star on 3DS. So, uh, they’re putting the Robobot 3D arena minigame as a standalone game, which is good. I won’t buy Robobot but I might just buy the minigame. I always wanted a 3D-movement Kirby game. Then there’s the other minigame, uh, Team Clash being released separately too, as a free to start. Nothing to say here except that for once a game got the screen time in the Direct it deserved. Then the tease of a new multiplayer Kirby game? I’m in. Speaking of HAL, they confirmed BoxBoy as a today release, which I downloaded seconds after the Direct ended. I find the series to be stupendously charming and genuinely a pleasure to experience. HAL truly spent some time polishing the mechanics and physics for each release. I hope to be equally pleased with the last one, and hope Qbby finds some kind of refuge on Switch as the 3DS slowly fades away over the next year.

    Then there was amiibo. The three Zelda amiibo are nice, day one buy for me of course. The outfits in BotW are worth it, and they’ll look great on the shelf with the literally seven other Links I have. I think they could’ve chosen better artwork to model them on, though. Oh well. But then there were Smash amiibo! Soon! But this is truly the greatest travesty. They spent what, 10 seconds on these? Gone are the hopes of Cloud being held back for FFVII on Switch. Gone are the hopes of Bayonetta being held back for Bayo3 on Switch, especially after Bayo1 releasing on PC… and no one cared about Corrin anyways, so its just Cloud and Bayo that really were glossed over way too fast. Gone are the hopes of them holding back the amiibo for Smash Switch game. No mention of completing the Smash collection, or how freaking awesome the alt versons are, or teasing upcoming compatibility, not even a mention of Corrin working in Echoes, a game literally covered in this Direct. Utterly disgusting. I will not back down on this format thing. If there are truly people out there who can’t pay attention to things for periods longer than ten seconds, or that genuinely like a “headline” thing because then they’ll “know if its worth watching,” these people don’t deserve Nintendo’s products being brought to them.

    Next they talked about Arms for a few minutes. At this rate we’ll get 8 characters total, because its out in two months. It is not looking like my cup of tea. And neither are yellow joy-cons or ugly battery packs, because I’m not six or stupid enough to leave my joy-con not charging for weeks, respectively. And respectfully, too, to those who like yellow. I just don’t. Then Minecraft was talked about for a bit, its out sooner than I thought it would be. I now see what they meant when they said they were taking third party content into consideration when planning release dates. April’s MK8D to June’s Arms isn’t so bad with Minecraft (and SF2 later in May, btw the first-person mode looks totally sick in a good way) in the middle. I personally can’t stand Minecraft, but I do respect the millions who can. I’m curious as to the publisher of the packaged Switch version, since Nintendo was it on Wii U. So then they said a few Switch docks would be out in May. As in, a few. Why a few? Are there not many people in their focus groups with more than one TV? I dunno, this limited quantity thing is for once really annoying to me. Since they advertise a portable home console, why don’t they make it actually portable and let more than ten people plug it into multiple TVs seamlessly? Anyways, Splatoon2 looks great. I might buy it just for the new Salmon mode where you capture eggs. It looks much slower-paced and deeper than turf wars, which I found out during the testfire aren’t my thing.

    To round out the game content, Monopoly was announced. Which is game set match for me. If Ubisoft can make the game feel authentic, I won’t see the light of day again. It’s the first completely non-Nintendo game I’ve actually cared about in quite a while. You see, before I was a gamer, I was a gamer. I played Hasbro and Parker Brothers board games, a lot, like, all the time. And seeing how this childhood favorite of mine can be reimagined so efficiently on both the TV and handheld (HD Rumble for dice! Perfect!) has made me really consider inviting my family over tomorrow for a game of classic Monopoly just for the heck of it. I love the game, I hope I can love the Ubisoft Switch version. But considering Ubisoft… I dunno. We’ll see. Once again, a longer period of time in the Direct for games would’ve really helped here. I’d gladly sit through an hour of Bill and Reggie taking the time to explain games I might not give a **** about (Yawn-Cough Watch!) if it meant I’d get to see them explain games I do give a **** about. Lastly, there was Project Reversi, er, Mekuru. It looks like fine fun. I’ll gladly pay for lower-budget games on Switch while waiting for bigger releases. Like tonight, I’ll be trying out the Puyo Puyo Tetris demo, possibly loving it, then forgetting about it when MK8D comes out in two weeks, a game we know everything about, which they spent a little too much time elaborating on today when I know zero things about games out in a month!

    I know. I need to get over it, I could always just not read the headlines, I can always investigate a game further later, and this is obviously going to be their new format for a long time so I’d better get used to it. But the thing is, I feel like I’m spending more time writing and complaining about it than they spent thinking about effective marketing for a brand new system that sinks them if no one buys it and its games. Am I exaggerating? Possibly. Does it get the point across? Yes. I am uber-ticked about today’s format and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. I love the content, I’m buying several things they covered, but I’m not buying them because they talked about them. If I’d never heard of Ever Oasis, I might be encouraged NOT to buy it after today’s failure of a presentation.

    • JasonBall

      Good day. Remember, I wrote this a couple hours after the Direct ended so it would be fresh in my mind. I mean no true offense to anyone; any harsh rhetoric was the heat of the moment. I love you all, seriously. People are all cool, just in general.

      • Jacob Groves

        My head hurt when read your comment. 🙂

        • JasonBall

          Lol sorry

    • You should get this comment published.

      • JasonBall

        Heh. Is that a compliment? And where do you mean it should be published? In the next let’s talk or on some gaming site as an editorial?

        • I was making a joke on how its length can be compared to that of a book. It was a pretty stupid joke now that I’m looking at it again.

          • JasonBall

            Yes, yes it was. No problem.

  • The direct was disappointing. End of story. But wasn’t expecting much anyways.

  • Burning Gravity

    That last person comes off as veeeerry greedy, lol. More features are nice and all but I like to be reasonable about what I’m asking, personally:

    • JasonBall

      But Vigilante Blade uses a Roy profile pic too. How could you possibly disagree with him? :p

    • Vigilante_blade

      Here’s my take on it. I am a consumer. It is my job to be demanding and expect better. I’m well aware that I will not get every single thing I want. However, my saves are very important to me, and in a world where Steam exists, I think it is reasonable to expect an enduring library of games. I would accept a slow trickle of VC games if I could keep them forever.

      • Bap

        You’re a terrible customer. You know that right. Because all you do is complain. A company doesn’t want to deal with you. Also fyi you don’t actually own your games through Steam, so technically your buying games you don’t own. They’d never take the games away, unless you get banned. And thats why you don’t own them, if you get banned you cannot sue or anything because something you own isn’t being held against you.

        • JasonBall

          No, not everything he does is complain. Right Vigilante? But even if you list five things you like this dude won’t believe you.

          • Bap

            Sadly you’re right, because he lives in his perfect world where everything needs to be his way and a company SHOULD comply to his demands. He also for some reason takes pride in the fact PM Roy was what Roy should be when Smash 4 gave Roy an actual playstyle.

          • JasonBall

            No, I mean, Vigilante doesn’t do nothing but complain. You’re exaggerating and cherry-picking. And no one cares about Roy’s playstyle in smash mods.

          • Bap

            I am cherry picking lol. But I exaggerate because thats what vigilante does as well. It’s just funny to see him defend himself though.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            On that you and I emphatically agree.

            Not to mention takes pride in the fact he was nothing but a mere tester for Project M, not an actual designer, and obfuscates that fact to make his role seem greater than it really was in order to elevate his own credibility when it comes to Game Design. Which without the obfuscation he has no cred.

            Being a tester does not mean you have great knowledge of game design, just for being the tester of one game.

  • ShadowDragoon

    Unimpressive and uninteresting, the only thing that was worthwhile was the release date for the Bayonetta amiibos.

  • hi v3.0

    It was pretty ok and average, nothing very exciting but just enough to fill us some information about the upcoming games

  • burchdude65

    The ARMS and Splatoon 2 segments were great. I liked the new format and was happy to see Koizumi presenting.

  • Vigilante_blade

    I liked the idea of moving through news quickly, but it went by way too fast. I wanted to hear more about some of these games, and a longer direct would have been fine. I had no interest in either Splatoon 2 or Arms, so that bored me a bit.

    I am concerned at the lack of coverage Shadows of Valentia is getting. The older games in the series did poorly for that exact reason.

    • JasonBall

      Newer fans in it for the girls won’t like it no matter what, and older FE fans that are hardcore strategy fans will know about this game with a little or a lot of coverage because they follow Nintendo. Like you.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I’m of the opinion that Fire Emblem can stand on its own without waifus. Marketing saved the series, not Awakening.

        • ForeVision

          It’s but a small example, but one of our more well-known major both online and brick and mortar retailers, had Awakening in the top 10 sold for 3DS for about 2-3 months. Before, during and after release, I’ve seen very little to no marketing for it.

          You’ve a right to your opinion, of course, but in this case I don’t see it reflected in what actually happened.

  • Wayne Email

    that was great

  • FutureFox

    I actually liked how they showed Monopoly played with HD rumble acting as dice. In fact I liked the presentation of the smaller games. ARMS 2-on-2 makes thing very interesting.

  • Locky Mavo

    I liked it quite a lot. I like how they managed to fit it just enough info on all the, some unexpected, titles for 3DS and Switch and new hardware. I’m keen to play Splatoon 2’s hoard mode. ARMS was good too, but I think they dragged that vs match a little too long. Min Min looks pretty cool, but I was hoping to see at least 2 new characters, but least we know there’s more coming with those eagle-eyed “leaks”, though it was never in doubt. The 2v2 mode looked awesome too. Payday 2 was the biggest surprise imo, and it was good to finally hear hear about the last 3 Smash amiibo, they look great and all those release dates! June-July sounds like it’ll be a good time for Switch.
    Overall, I think it was a good Direct, I expect at least 1 more before E3, and I think Nintendo’s E3 is going to be really good this year. Only 2 more months to go!

    • There are no more directs until E3. I won’t say anything on the actual E3 but yeah.

      • Locky Mavo

        Heads up, direct inbound. Told ya.

        • Yup it is a game specific one but it is still a direct.

  • ForeVision

    With many people not expecting any news until E3, I am personally satisfied with anything, and that’s exactly what this direct was.

  • Bart

    Well they showed a few seconds of Garou: Mark of the Wolves during the Neo Geo segment, so that obviously means this was the greatest Direct ever.

    I know I already brought this up before repeatedly, but seriously, that made my day. Portable Garou, hell yeah. Would be even better if it had online play and if there was a Joy Con with a real dpad I guess, but whatever, not going to let that diminish my enthusiasm.

    Other stuff I liked was the new amiibos, especially the 2X Bayonetta/Cloud surprise, didn’t see that coming. And MM Link, gotta have that one too…

    Ever Oasis was looking good, so did Sine Mora EX and Battle Chasers.

    A release date for Culdcept Revolt was nice, looking forward to that.

    They also managed to get me more interested in Arms than I was before, which I assume was their intent, so job well done. (Was already sold on Splatoon 2 thanks to the testfire, but getting to see more of that didn’t hurt either.)

    Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting right now…

    So all in all, I wasn’t expecting too much from this Direct due to the way they announced it, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. Well played Nintendo.

  • Jacob Groves

    It were alright. It is just pre-E3 is what Nintendo had mention and they saving for big stuffs and games for Switch this E3 2017. 🙂