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[Let’s Talk] Nintendo Direct Mini January 2018 reactions

Posted on January 13, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

After a crazy week of anticipation and trolling relating to a possible Nintendo Direct, a presentation dropped out of thin air on Thursday. It wasn’t as big as some past presentations – no surprise there given the addition of “mini” in the name – but there were still some surprises.

Switch received all of the love this time around. Highlights included Dark Souls: Remastered, Mario Tennis Aces, The World Ends with You: Final Remix, and SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~. We also now know that Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Ys VIII are all coming to Switch. New updates and DLC were announced for Super Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Pokken Tournament DX were revealed as well. Finally, Kirby Star Allies, Fe, and Celeste were all dated.

What do you make of this week’s Nintendo Direct Mini? Were you pleased or disappointed with anything shown (or something that was absent)? Do you have a favorite announcement? Let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Hopes and expectations for the next Nintendo Direct


I hope for everything but expect nothing.


For this direct, I would really like a solid date on Kirby Star allies. I was going to get battle royale to help pass the time, but it’s dumb that the online mode is ranked only and there is no mode to play with friends online…so that killed it for me.

I would also like a new donkey Kong game. What happened to the Kong Family after the snowmads were defeated? Would love to see a new adventure to answer that question.


My hope is that whatever happens, it makes people happy!

James Fox

At the moment, I have none
All i want the upcoming Direct to do is surprise me
That’s all

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  • James Fox

    [inb4 the salt and butthurt]

    Quite frankly, I didn’t expect this “mini direct” coming
    For what it is, I’m fine for what is has to offer
    Was i bothered by the ports? No, not at all
    Not everyone played The World Ends With You (*nobody played it), DK Tropical Freeze and/or Hyrule Warriors – so it’s nice to see them come to the Switch to get the audience they firmly deserve
    To me, The show stealer WAS SNK Heroines

    It upsets me that people are expecting WAY too much and expect this direct to be a grandiose 2nd coming of christ with everything they wanted
    For this, The rage and disappointment from them is their fault for inflating their expectations to astronomical levels and refuse to listen to those that ask for everyone to keep their expectations in check

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Nobody played The World Ends With You?

      Buddy. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • i played it
        that game turned me off like ice pack underwear

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I get the feeling that has a lot to do with you not being able to do well with the mechanics that requires you to multi-task.

          -and to be fair. The game is pretty difficult due to that.

          • i didn’t want to do the stupid doodles
            and the dialogue was awful
            that cheesy poorly dubbed anime dialogue

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Stupid doodles? Dude. There was little to no stupid doodling involved. I played the original version of the game from beginning to end.

            Time to stop spewing bulls#*$.

          • u mad because one person didn’t like a game you liked?
            grow up

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            For the record, I never had the game growing up when it was originally printed. I only played it after hearing about it for years.

            So no, “I mad” because you’re spewing nonsense.

          • is english not your first language
            grow up means you’re still a child

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Says the guy who can’t use grammar worth a damn.

          • where’s the object in your sentence
            there is none
            it is a fragment

  • nekoknight

    I liked it. Of course, nothing that I was hoping for actually appeared on it, but in a weird way, that was actually a good thing, because it pleasantly surprised me with all of the new announcements. I’m still looking forward to that normal – sized direct (which hopefully isn’t that much farther down the line), but for a “Direct Mini”, it was both enjoyable and paradoxically content-heavy.

  • FutureFox

    If you’re anyone who was disappointed about something “missing” from a mini-direct that was also completely released without forewarning then….that’s just a shame.

    As for me I thought it was colorful in what they had to present. It made me appreciate Kirby more, as I’m not into that series. The DK update for Rabbids is a good way of reminding people that’s a game worth checking out. Breathing new life into Tropical Freeze for those who skipped the Wii U console was a good call too.

    And the Mario Tennis is looking very entertaining. I like the Mario Sports games.

    Overall I think it was good.

  • Indielink

    Mostly curious as to whether this will follow the pattern and have a big Direct at the end of the month.

    I was disappointed in the lack of new new content but not upset with what we got. Hyrule Warriors was something I never picked up and I have an intense love for TWEWY and Dark Souls. Kirby and Mario Tennis will definitely be fun too.

  • nemo37

    I was very happy with this Direct. YS VIII, TWEWY, and Dark Souls Remaster were great surprises. Hyrule Warriors, Kirby (which was announced before, but we got a few more details here), and Mario Tennis are all things that I am also looking forward to. Overall, I was quite happy with the Mini Direct.

    With that being said though I am hoping we get a Spring Direct that details some newer content for this year. While I am in the camp that does not expect Pokemon and Metroid this year. I do believe a new Animal Crossing, a new Smash or at worst a Smash 4 port (with Wii U + 3DS levels combined and some additional features), and perhaps some other titles from some first/second party studios we have not heard from in a while (Retro Studios being a prime candidate here) should be scheduled for release this year. Ideally, one of these bigger games should scheduled for late spring – early summer, one for late summer – early fall, one for late fall – winter.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    Nintendo is committed to give their AAA titles the time they need and Nintendo is commited to not fall into old habits with a scant release schedule, so…ports!
    They’re having their cake and eating it too even if it’s a little sloppy

  • theFooFighter

    Ys, dark souls, the world ends with you. I got jrpgs so I’m satisfied

  • Dylan W

    Eh, I’m not too bothered honestly. I’m gonna pick up DKC: Tropical Freeze because I actually missed out on it on Wii U. Mario Tennis Aces and Kirby look freaking fantastic and I didn’t know that Ys 8 was the RPG that I wanted in my life but now it’s going to be the RPG I play this summer. Any salt I have from this mini Direct will be resolved when a proper Direct comes out in 2 weeks.

  • Aline Piroutek

    I was impressed by Mario Tennis Aces when it was announced to have a story mode. Even more impressed because there weren’t any human characters in the footage.

  • Aline Piroutek

    This Direct was way better than expected. Because I wasn’t expecting anything too different from usual(not expecting FZERO, Pokémon RPG, Metroid Prime 4, OSU, Mother 3).

  • Aline Piroutek

    This Direct mini had too much things to be “mini”

    • Aimee

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  • Killey

    Not much for me in it since I already own most of the games, Kirby was already a sure purchase for me and I’ll need to see more of Mario Tennis before deciding on it (the one for Wii U was atrocious) The only port I might buy is Hyrule Warriors, and for no more than $ 30, and that’s only because I didn’t buy the DLCs nor the 3DS version.

    Hopefully we’ll get some news for the 3DS in the next one, that’s my main complain about this mini-direct. I. Need. Dragon Quest XI for 3DS. ASAP.

  • JasonBall

    It’s completely airheaded to release it out of the blue. If you did anything other than open your email upon waking up, and clicking only the NoA youtube notif email, going to the video and not even glancing at video suggestions on the side of the video, you got spoiled. I believe NoE even put game assets in the thumbnail. First these marketing idiots spoil crap within the livestreams with the stupid “headlines”, then they almost guarantee you get spoiled upon waking up. I am continually baffled by the senseless masses that want to know everything asap.

    I miss skits and scripted presenters on camera. Even the Mini a couple years ago had Bill shrunk down to a tiny size or something. Now I think the last skit we got was the 3DS Direct 9-1-16, which was amazing with Jesus Bill in the crate.

    I’m also infuriated by leakers that call themselves journalists. The fact that they get stuff both right and wrong, it always sucks. I wish I could magically convince them all to shut up and stop being selfish, but I guess I have to settle for not ever looking at suggested Chrome articles and only ever going to NE for news, since Brian has come to his senses more lately and stopped posting leaks. (Please continue, I beg you)

    I have so many questions about Hyrule Warriors. As a massive superfan of the Zelda IP, I want it, but I NEED more new stuff than 3d rendered My Fairy (iffy on that btw, they lose the charm), the Boss Pack, the Classic Tunic, the two BotW costumes and local-only 2P. (In 2018, no less, when SW3 featuring Takamaru had online almost a decade ago on Wii) That’s right, I played on N3DS only, and spent 55 dollars on all the content and a hundred hours on playing a somehow fun yet fundamentally boring and dumb gameplay premise featuring godawful tutorial pop-ups that teach you nothing. I am fine with no crosssave or crossbuy, that’s silly to want it, but it needs way more content over 3DS to get me to pay more than MSRP for 3DS + DLC when I do not care about 1080p, 2P or inferior costumes to what I already have. I have very strong feelings about everything surrounding the game on all platforms, hit me up if you disagree or wanna hear more.

    Thanks for the feature, I was pretty proud of that comment.

    So once again, there are zero games announced for Switch I know I am buying until Prime 4 in two years or so. And it has been that way since E3. I bought and loved BotW, Snipperclips and MK8D, and that’s it. Nothing else has fit my wants and needs. And yet I play Switch almost daily in the form of MK8D, that’s how 10/10 it is.

    This mainly felt like Nintendo was stalling. I want paid online to come asap because with it will be online NES games and less dumb people and comm errors in MK8D.

    I have so much more to say but no more energy to express it initially without exploding. Hit me up for an intellectual discussion if you want it, I engage better that way than putting it all out there.

    • Lord Drieg

      I’m gonna disagree with you on the cross-save for Hyrule Warriors. Especially BECAUSE the game is so tedious due to its grindy and repetitive nature is why cross-save so important. I’ve poured about 100+ hours or so into the 3DS version, and I have tons of money, excellent weapons, a decent amount of rare materials, and decent Fairies. I’ve completed the first of the maps and about 1/4 of all the others. I don’t want to do all that all over again, especially since the weapons’ strength is randomly decided (mostly).

      • JasonBall

        You’re not wrong. I’m at almost exactly the same point progressionwise. I just realize that due to the hardware, there is no way for them to implement it even if they wanted to. They have no way of knowing our progress, and if they did, there’s no way to transfer it due to the 3DS being somewhat ancient hardware and accountwise. It’s from a totally different era of Nintendo.

        • Lord Drieg

          I don’t think that’s entirely true. Doesn’t Monster Hunter XX support cross-save? Or is it cross-play?

          • JasonBall

            Gee, that’s a good point. I don’t know enough about it to say, unfortunately. But I always hear about Nintendo architecture and account systems being outdated and bad, I just can’t believe that they’d have the capability to read every stat and thing in our save files on 3DS and then somehow transfer them through different account systems and implement them in a totally different console.

          • Lord Drieg


            Here’s possible proof that Nintendo could implement a save transfer system for Hyrule Warriors Switch so players don’t
            A. lose progress from the most version compatible of the game (3DS)
            B. force previous players to go through the grind a possible third time. (My brother has both the Wii U & 3DS versions. He stopped playing both because it’s such a dull grindfest.)

          • JasonBall

            Honestly, the game is so dull and grindy in general, that the people who love that aspect won’t mind doing it again, and the people who hate that aspect weren’t gonna buy it anyways with or without crosssave.

          • Lord Drieg

            I really dislike the grindy aspect, but a cross-save/save transfer would sell me on the game.

            Here’s why:
            1. I don’t have to play the story mode a third time to unlock most of the characters.
            2. I can once again play co-op with my brother, on his Switch & mine, with decent button based controls and none of the goofy, but effective, waggling from the Wii U version.
            3. If the transfer moved all my gear, materials, map completions, unlocked content, etc. and ditched my level and rupees, I’d be ok with that. Leveling up’s pretty easy and so’s getting rupees. Especially if my materials are retained; I’ll just play the first dozen missions with the Rupee enhancing potion on, voilà! My money’s back.

            Yeah, if save transfers are confirmed/added later, I’d add it to my Switch library.

  • DonSerrot

    I was expecting a big direct like the one we had last year that set up the entire year. Thinking back on it though I think the reason for the huge direct last year was to really show off what the Switch was about. Since that really isn’t an issue anymore I can understand them going with something smaller. That also means that the things I would have expected to see in something bigger were also absent but that’s OK. There wasn’t much in there that got me personally excited aside from seeing TWEWY is getting ported. I absolutely loved that game back in the day so I’m glad that more people will get to experience it, and I look forward to seeing what the new content entails. I’d also really love to see a standalone Tin Pin Slammer mode but that might be asking too much.

    Dark Souls was a bit of a surprise too. If the price is right I might give it a try, though I expect that to be a full new release price game so I’ll probably hold off for a sale.

    All in all it wasn’t a bad Direct, just not as exciting as I’d have liked.

    • James Fox

      1. Dark Souls Remastered is $40 (on all platforms)
      2. Nobody played TWEWY on the DS (sales are sadly proof of it)

      • DonSerrot

        Do you have something against TWEWY or something? Cause at the time it came out most of the people I knew played it and loved it. I’ll accept that it didn’t have stellar sales or anything, but don’t take away from the people who did enjoy it.

        • James Fox

          No, It just that i know people will dismiss the game and never give it a chance just like they did to it on the DS

          • DonSerrot

            I don’t know. The Switch has a way with making games move. I think a lot of it will depend on what other games release around the same time. I’ve seen a lot of either people who loved the game getting excited for it or people who didn’t play it before interested in seeing what they missed so I think it’s got a good shot this time around.

          • Aline Piroutek

            Well, the DS had a giant library of games, it is easy to forget some games.
            Like in PS4 people say it has all exclusives but always forget to buy Digimon.

  • Zeebor

    I demand more Wars.

  • JJ

    A little disappointed, unless 3rd parties step up with AAA games, I think the switch will lose a little momentum heading into E3 as there is a lack of a big hitter for the 1st half of the year. I will pick up a couple of the games: DK Country Tripical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors Definitive, possibly Fe, definitely the Mario & Rabbids DLC, but not much else.

    • James Fox

      ^ Proof that people don’t care for TWEWY
      and those that claim they do are liars

      • JJ

        It has its fans. I am just not one of them (never played it), just doesn’t look like the kind of game I like.

        • Locky Mavo

          Sorry JJ, but you are wrong, you represent everyone in the case of TWEWY. And since you don’t like TWEWY, nobody does, because reasons.

          • JJ

            Whatever, still not going to play it for these reasons: 1. I am not into niche anime games, 2. I don’t like rythm timing games 3. I don’t like action RPGs and 4. The story in TWEWY, doesn’t seem like something I’d enjoy.

      • JasonBall

        I’ve seen definite fans. Look up RogersBase in YouTube, his reaction video featured him choking on coffee out of happiness and joy at the announcement.

  • TruExtent

    Personally, I was busy with other stuff in real life and only noticed the super hype an hour or so before the article put up here on flaming Chibi Robo. When I took a look around, I was seeing people demanding Smash 4 Switch, Pokemon, Metroid Prime… just all the big stuff. I think they waaaay over hyped themselves as Nintendo usually saves those for later in the year. Last’s year’s January event was an exception because the Switch needed the push so that we could get past the Wii U’s struggles. Now then as for what we did get in this direct, how was it? Better than I expected. Keep in mind that for this Direct, we should have been expecting only what’s coming in the near future. All we really needed was to get the year started before throwing out the big guns at other events like E3.

    We got surprise reveals of fan favorite games making their way over to the Switch in the form of Dark Souls and TWEWY and in the Wii U ports of Hyrule Warriors and DK Tropical Freeze. In the case of the Wii U ports, I glad more people will now get to experience these games for the first time since it seems not enough people got to. Those that already played them on Wii U obviously don’t need to get them again, these are for the guys getting back into Nintendo systems to show what they missed out on. In the case of Hyrule Warriors, I MAY jump in for a third time just because of how much I enjoy playing that game; I personally wish they would have added a new character or two like Groose.

    We also got surprises in newer games coming over from the recent Ys VIII to brand new never before seen Mario Tennis and SNK Heroines. I’ll take these new game reveals. They look great. I give a big thumbs up.

    Probably my biggest surprise from the direct was Kirby Star Allies. March. It’s coming in March. What a way to get the year going. I can now start getting excited for this game because I know when it’s coming. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE FRIEND TRAIN!!!

    So there’s my thoughts. We saw some great old games getting new life, some brand new stuff and even updates on what will be happening with other games like Odyssey and Rabbids. We got the year started. We have stuff to look forward to. The only disappointment I have is two things in particular that we didn’t hear about: the Switch’s Online plans and any updates for the Switch’s OS to make things better or more customization. But for what we got, I’m satisfied.

  • Locky Mavo

    Wasn’t expecting it to be a mini direct, but was happy with what was shown, TWEWY, Ys, DKC:TF, Mario Tennis and Dark Souls being big surprises, especially Dark Souls, being that it’s an arguably big 3rd party multiplat game, revealed on the Switch of all places, rather than beinging an afterthought, I think shows confidence in the Switch, which is great to see.

    I do hope Nintendo keeps to their tradition of showing a bigger direct within 20 days of the mini direct, would like to see what they have install for 2018. Not sure how they’ll do it, but 2018 has got to be bigger than 2017 which was a fantastic year for Nintendo, especially when they plan to sell 20 million units this year.

  • Auragar

    Trolling. Bad. Mini. Decent. Don’t do it again.

  • dataminor

    I’m really only excited about Kirby. Maybe I’ll nab Mario Tennis if it reviews well.

  • Micbro

    The day of I thought “well I guess it was a whole lot of nothing” then the direct randomly popped up and surprised me. Easily the best parts of the direct for me was the new Mario Tennis Aces, SNK Heroines, Hyrule Warriors Definite Edition, and Kirby Star Allies.

    For Mario Tennis Aces, I started following the Wii U back in 2015 through Gamexplain’s channel so I saw the rise and the fall of the original incarnation of this game (Mario Tennis Ultra Smash) from when it was announced to when it was released. This game seems to take the solid engine from that game, add in some more “hard-core” mechanics focused on the tennis rather than the mario aspects of the game, add in a boatload of detailing, and a story mode. As someone who played tennis on Wii Sports the most on my Wii, this is easily a day 1 (or eventually) for me. I just wish it had some special motion control mechanics like ARMS (who knows it might).

    SNK Heroines…well this one is interesting to me. Once I heard 2 weeks ago that a SNK game was coming to the Switch (a rumor at the time) I thought it was a KoF 14 port which I heard visually was terrible but gameplay wise was pretty good. After Emily Rogers said “nope, that isn’t it” I kind of got dissapointed since the Switch has yet to get a modern hardcore fighting game but this game seems simpler but interesting as well. While I’m not for the cutsey bikini outfits, the gameplay and aesthetics seem intersting enough for me. Got to see how this pans out but this might be my first fighting game on the Switch.

    Hyrule Warriors Definite Edition is simple to me: I never gotten to play Hyrule Warriors. Like I said earlier, I started following Nintendo in 2014 so I watched the Hyrule Warriors Direct, saw all the reveals, and saw all the hype surrounding it. Even though I bought a 3DS Xl it wasn’t a great experience on the regular 3DS at all that made it an easy pass for me. After finishing and loving my first Zelda game, I’m excited to go into a more action-based formula that I cherished so much on a smaller scale in BotW. With all the features from the 3DS and Wii U versions and a pretty good lineup with unique animations from character to character (main reason I passed on Fire Emblem Warriors) this is an easy pickup for me.

    Lastly, Kirby Star Allies. When I first got a 3DS I decided to pick up Triple Deluxe since it came out a month prior and I loved return to dreamland on Wii (I think it was the first game I really ever completed). With Triple Deluxe looking like Return to Dreamland, having new copy abilities, and tons of intriguing gameplay it was the first game I ever 100% content wise. The inclusion of the dedede new game + mode and more made it fantastic to me but…not having multiplayer was a bummer. I could use the spear ability but not as bandana dee and I can use the sword but not as Meta Knight. Overall, it was a great game but didn’t carry one of the best features from return to dreamland to me being playing as a set ability. Kirby Star Allies however is everything I literally wanted from a Kirby game. Kirby 64 had one of the coolest features of combining items so that’s back. Kirby Superstar (widely considered the best Kirby) has the ability to play as the enemies so that’s back with all the new enemies. And Kirby Return to Dreamland was the first 4 player kirby so that is back as well. Being able to play a kirby game with even a better graphical style as the excellent triple deluxe, robobot, and return to dreamland ON THE GO with friends is gamechanging to me. I’m exstatic to see Meta Knight back as a boss, the new nightmare-ish Kirby threat as expected, and a March release date. This might be my GotY.

    Totally forgot about Dark Souls so here’s a small section on that. It seems cool and as I’ve started to go into more challenging video games this seems like a fantastic challenge for me. the multiplayer parts seem interesting with a $40 price tag so if my friends get it I’ll get it.

  • キロ

    I was happy with it. I wasn’t following any of the hype/rumors/speculation/every single fan who was apparently dying of waiting thing, so I was pleasantly surprised with what came about.

    I’m happy I’ll get a chance to play The World Ends With You once again.

  • AJK

    People built things up to an impossible level through rumour and hype. It was a perfectly good direct that told us about many games for q1 that we didn’t know were coming. And two of those games were a remaster of Dark Souls which is one of my favourite games of all time and a port of DK Tropical Freeze which is one of the best 2d platformers of the last decade.

  • Force

    As someone who will buy multiplats on PC, I didn’t see that much of interest to be frank. That said, making a demo is always a thumbs up, Square, and it’s due to that demo that I’ll buy Dragon Quest Builders.

  • Radish

    Was pleasantly surprised with this Direct. I have interest in most of these games and the fact that Mario Tennis Aces has a story mode has me very excited for it.

    • A Gamer


  • Vigilante_blade

    Donkey Kong TP: Beat ot already and Funky isn’t enough of a reason to replay it.

    Hyrule Warriors: Without more content, I am a little underwhelmed. I would rather they added characters from classic Fire Emblem games in FE Warriors… Especially since I learned that they made a direct reference to Ike’s games in the DLC… (and one in the main story).

    Mario Odyssey: Oh my god, Luig– oh… Not playable.

    Fe: Meh

    Ys: Looks fun

    DQ Builders: looks fun.

    Mario Tennis: We’ll see.

    Twewy: IMO, that game was and is still bad. It is also a port of the mobile version.

    Kirby: Knew about it.

    Pokken: Ok.

    Dark Souls: Finally on the console that was the best fit for the franchise IMO.

    Lots of ports with no content worth the repurchase. Would rather have Mario Maker.

    • Radish

      You forgot to mention SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, PAYDAY 2, and Celeste.

  • Operative

    I really enjoyed it. It was like a small appetizer, and of course I fully expect a full direct at some point. Until then I’m happy

  • R.Z.

    All in all I think it was a decent little presentation. The format was pretty good, straight to the point and it didn’t spoil stuff via a list. I miss the “human presence” of regular directs, but as it was a mini, nothing’s lost.
    I also like that it showed up out of nowhere on the rumored day, for reasons …

    About the content itself, I was surprised that most of the things shown were scheduled for spring. I was expecting precisions about early 2018, and we all know about a bunch of games coming soon that have not had much exposure.
    I am very happy with most of the reveals, and plan to acquire a bunch of them.
    Dark Souls on the Switch is a dream come true.
    Ys VIII is strenghening the Switch’s position as the new VITA, in the good sense, meaning a home for core and niche Japanese titles.
    Nintendo actually had the the first interesting Mario Tennis game for years (adventure mode) tucked away until now. Wow !
    I will re-buy Hyrule Warriors to enjoy the elements the (new)3DS version brought in a technically decent version, plus unlike FE Warriors I do care about the characters.
    Fe looks cool, I will consider it.
    The rest I don’t really care about.

    Now I’m wondering what that presentation means for the following months.
    It seems like Nintendo basically cleared up the schedule on Switch until E3, so is there going to be anything else until then ?
    Other mini directs on specific themes maybe ? Indies, 3DS, online services ?
    Plus while I am personally very happy about the Switch’s lineup for the first half of 2018, I’m not sure it’s interesting enough to bring in a large number of new customers, the titles are either niche or pretty casual. The Switch could use a very big game capable of attracting a wide audience before E3 to help reach those prijected 20 million sales.
    I was thinking maybe they are holding up some big news for after the end of the fiscal year, but with so much stuff scheduled for spring I’m not sure what they can do.

  • Crimson Hat

    Kirby Star Allies looks as fantastic as I expect and the Odyssey DLC is a bit light but a nice surprise. The port of Tropical Freeze, a game I passed on, (Not really a fan of the series extreme difficulty) with a “Funky New Mode” that is just a fancy looking easy mode sounds worth picking up this time. Mario Tennis Aces looks nice as well but I’m gonna need to see more about it. Nothing else interested me.

  • i was really bummed that there were no new wiiu games announced