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[Let’s Talk] Pokemon Sun/Moon impressions

Posted on November 26, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon launched in North America last week. Our friends in Europe were forced to wait slightly longer for the games, but they released in PAL regions a few days ago as well. Now that everyone has had some time to experience Sun/Moon, it’s time to talk about them.

How many of you are playing through the new 3DS titles currently? If you are, do you have any particular thoughts about them? Do you like the new Trials, or do you prefer the old Gym system? What are your favorite/least favorite Pokemon introduced this generation? Tell us how you feel about Pokemon Sun/Moon in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Will you be buying Super Mario Run?


It’s more than what I thought it’d be initially, so I’ll buy it out of curiosity. The two previous Nintendo mobile games have been at least entertaining, so I’m at least hopeful for this one.


My phone gets filled up with memory just updating What’sApp, that and I’d rather play the Mario 3D kind of experience on Switch. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Super Mario 3D Land on the Wii-U, and that’s the kind of Mario experiences that I’ll be looking for.

So in short, No.


Nope. Android user.
Maybe once it launches on my platform of choice. Interested in the Mushroom kingdom builder majigger


I will be missing out on Super Mario Run because I don’t have a mobile phone! Well… I kind of do. It’s really for emergencies though so it’s not an Apple or Android device. It’s too bad because this game definitely looks like fun. Just a quick little break from life.

I find myself struggling to play my games because I’m usually playing for hours and I don’t have that kind of time. So this would be perfect and I say this as someone who doesn’t really care for mobile games! I hope everyone who gets to play Super Mario Run enjoy themselves. I mean Toadette has a role in the game! How cool!

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  • KnightWonder

    If I’m honest, it’s my favorite generation. A wonderfully colorful region that’s varied in both locations and pokemon, the characters were all fun and entertaining, the story was simple but fun, and the changes made felt refreshing. There’s only one thing I wish they’d elaborated on, the relationship and rivalry between Kukui and Guzma. We get an explanation, but I would have loved to have seen more of it. Still, that’s very minor, and I had a big smile on my face every time I encountered Team Skull.

    • Reiianuo

      I’d be down for more Kukui/Guzma backstory.

      • KnightWonder

        I’m hoping they’ll make a sort of Delta episode that delves deeper into it, maybe set after Guzma and Team Skull have disbanded and it revolves around him reconciling with Kukui. I already feel sorry for the guy, especially after seeing him cry in the Ultra Space, and I want to see where they would take it.

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  • Reiianuo

    It’s day 8, and my save file is at 92 hours. So it’s safe to say I like it a lot.

    I’m very surprised at the Pokémon I’m really getting into. There’s a lot that I like, but I love Alola Muk, which is probably getting the most play from me. Also the Ultra Beasts have weird/wacky stats that make them a ton of fun to use.

    As for the trials versus gyms… due to the EXP Share (The same problem with X/Y and ORAS), I was way overlevelled and didn’t find they posed too much of a challenge, and most didn’t feel that different, ultimately, from gyms anyways. There was a point that it seemed like the trials could have been very cool; the second trial, with the Totem Wishiwashi, was pretty great. In its school form, Wishiwashi has great offensive and defensive stats, boosted by the totem aura, and then it’s partners would often use Helping Hand, boosting the power of its attack, as well as it being in an environment that was naturally raining, giving its water attacks more power. It was the closest thing since Black Kyurem in Black 2 to Pokémon having a real RPG-like boss encounter. Unfortunately, no other trial really came close, although the [end of game] stuff also was pretty tough. Used up a lot of items for that final battle, which was fun.

    The story, that’s not about your trainer progessing through the island challenge, is pretty cool though. A lot of very nice set pieces, and likeable characters. The beginning is VERY very slow, but once you overcome this hurdle it’s straight to the races of constructing a team of your fave mons, and it’s so great. I can’t wait for January and Pokémon Bank integration to come to get the most out of the Battle Tree (I love Gladion/Kahuna Battle/Ultra Beasts theme for this) and multiplayer versus.

  • I’m not very far yet but so far it seems they’ve added a handful of elements from most other JRPGs that I don’t like. Like excessive talking, pointless cutscenes/bad transmissions, and overly animated characters.

    The intro was way to link in my opinion. So I’m not really enjoying it yet. But the battle system definitely has improved. And the overworld movement feels good. But it makes me want to play Pokemon Blue instead.

  • JasonBall

    The demo is in the top 5 best demos I’ve played.

  • Vigilante_blade

    One thing I enjoyed about this game is the inclusion of an actual scenario. I really liked that there is a story going on while you are venturing around the islands. It reminds me a bit of the things I liked about Gamecube Pokémon games. I wish it were possible to play as an older protagonist and have a more mature story, but it was a good thing nevertheless.

    There were some quality of life improvements like the Poképelago letting you boost your EVs passively while you are doing other things. I do think it takes a little took long for the changes to take place, and if it were faster, it would be a very convenient way to access the competitive metagame more easily. I kind of wish there was an option to do a sort of super training to train up specific pokémon you want to use much faster. I also enjoy Bottlecaps, which let you artificially boost your IV stats without changing the element of your hidden power. It will really improve the metagame.

    Some Pokémon that were much weaker have been buffed to great effect, while certain very annoying moves have been nerfed. For example, it is now impossible to spam Destiny bond to stall a match. Like Protect, it become less and less likely to work through repetition. Examples of nice buffs include actually making Pelliper useful through a slight increase in special attack and the Drizzle ability to boost its water moves and set up a rain team, and several pokémon like Beartic and Vaniluxe giving “hail”, a pretty much useless element a large edge. Heck, even Flygon got a huge boost from having Dragon Rage, potentially making him viable after having been a joke for so long.

    It also adds some uniqueness to Pokémon by giving them more signature moves, or moves that can only be learned by a few Pokémon. It helps balance characters while making each Pokémon feel unique. Heck, even good Pokémon got some of that uniqueness like Lucario getting Laser Focus, which should be interesting for the metagame.

    I very much mix Dex Nav, which made shiny hunting and looking for special Pokémon so much easier. It was my favourite feature in the series by far.

    Difficulty-wise, the game is a little all over the place. Random combat against trainers is laughably easy, yet totem Pokémon can actually be a legitimate challenge if you don’t grind. Pokémon being able to call for help can cause challenging scenarios, but it most often is just an annoyance that make it hard to catch the Pokémon you want to catch or prevents you from finishing a battle.

    The Nursery is a good addition. I often want to get new eggs, but I don’t want my Pokémon to level up through it. This minor change makes me use it a lot more.

    I’m a bit saddened that most Pokémon in Alola are very slow, since I like fast Pokémon, but design-wise, I think they are fairly solid. Regional variants are nice, and now I want a Canadian Water/Electric Bidoof that builds hydroelectric dams and Canadian Blastoise with an igloo shell and snow canons on his back. Jokes aside, those are a fun way to rediscover old classics.

    The replacement of HMs is very, very nice. I used to always just carry a Bidoof as a slave, and it felt like a waste of a spot. (As bad as this Pokémon is, I actually like Bidoof. He is kind of endearing).

    Some of the trials were kind of “weak”, but so far, more have been great that bad. I think they did pretty good. The gym system was never an issue for me. It being there or not doesn’t bother me. What Iw anted is a little story and character development. I got it here.

    Trading has been made a little less handy. You have to go in the festival plaza, and people in your friends list don’t automatically appear so that you can register them.

    Trainer customization is very weak in this game. I’ve played as both the male and female characters, and it is especially felt when playing as a male. I wish we could have more clothing choices. Being able to not have a hat though is welcomed.

    I like it so far. I hope to see even more in the Switch version is it actually happens.

  • RoadyMike

    So far so good. Sadly, I’m only just at the 2nd island. I’m waiting for my sister to catch up (I have Sun, she has Moon) so we can have a rematch.I lost (cuz I severely underestimated her team and went unprepared on top of that), but I guess that’s what I deserve for not saving her game when she first began and shutting the 3DS off. She was like 4 hours ahead of me but had to start from 0.
    Thankfully, shes just about an hour or so behind me now. I’m surprised she’s enjoying her first real take on Pokemon. I think GF made this gen the most accessible yet

    As for me, I’ve been a grinder since I began the series and have been holding myself back because of it. I could easily blaze through the game if I really wanted, regardless of my sis, I just choose not to this time around.
    Other than a few nitpicks, the game is pretty awesome and feels somewhat fresh. Without a doubt I’ll be playing nonstop during my free time

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    • Vigilante_blade

      So she’s basically your Gary Oak? Must be fun to play along a sibling.

      • RoadyMike

        We do something similar when we play the Zelda games. Except since here we each have a different version, we don’t have to take turns.
        Well, her being my Gary Oak would be a stretch. For one, I’m still better at pretty much every game we play. She’s still more of a casual player than anything. That’s why I give her a handicap in Smash from time to time so she can enjoy the game(till she starts beating me lol)

        Its hella fun(when she actually plays any). As the older, more experienced gamer, it’s like a teacher/student feeling. Seeing the student hold their own, even if it’s just a game, feels pretty satisfying. She’s still got a ways to go before I see her as a full fledged rival though.
        She’s better than me in GH Live and Mario Kart, I’m better and Smash and I don’t get lost in Zelda. We give each other tips. I secretly get exited whenever she has any questions on Pokemon. Like when you know a lot about a topic and your best friend asks about it because they’re getting into it themselves but you try not to overwhelm them with lingo and such.

        Ahem, yea it’s fun

  • ForeVision

    I’m enjoying it a great deal, currently 50 something hours in looking for beasts. What I will say, is that I miss the hyper training feature, it’s a serious hassle to do EV’s now, and I hardly find myself bothered with it.

    Other than that, the new spin on old classics is great, I’ve kept my Grimer that I caught in the beginning in my team non-stop and he’s still doing excellent work as a Muk.

    All in all, a great addition to the series, but, as I’ve said, I would’ve liked hyper training back. That and the lagg in multi-battles is a shame on an otherwise well running game.

  • CrazyKoopaKid

    I really like the story in the game, much better then the story we got in X/Y. The characters are all pretty neat/interesting instead of annoying. I also think the new legendaries, the Tapu’s and the Ultra beasts, even if some of the UBs look more like Yugioh monsters then pokemon.

    My biggest complaint is lack of diversity in tall grass and no national dex. This game has made me legitimatly hate Ratatatta & Raticate. The little things are everywhere!

  • I basically finished Moon earlier today. Beat the game last night, and spent a good chunk of today catching UBs and Tapus. And now it’s taking every ounce of willpower I have not to just immediately reset and do it all over again.

    So yeah, I loved it. The story, especially. Easily the best writing in the series, in my opinion. Cute and charming and sometimes even pretty funny, but with such a surprisingly raw darker side to it too. I don’t think there were any characters I didn’t like either.

    The Island Trials were, I think, a very welcome departure from the usual Gyms. It helped mix things up instead of just doing the exact same things over and over. And the Totem battles especially, I felt were surprisingly pretty challenging (although, I admit I was Nuzlocking and I always keep Exp Share off).

    Perhaps because I spent a lot of the game underleveled, I was also pleasantly surprised that Z-Moves weren’t simply a “win” button. They legitimately turned the tides for me sometimes (or fell dreadfully flat for me others), but it never felt cheap when used by or against me. Although I still like Mega Evolutions too, and would like to see more continue to be added in the future, I think the new Z-Moves were handled and balanced a lot better.

    I should say that I don’t think the game’s without flaws though. For instance, I like the idea of SOS battles on paper, but it’s super tedious when you’re trying to catch a Pokemon (or when you just can’t take it out in one hit), and they keep calling help into the fight, preventing you from being able to get on with it. If it could only call help once or twice per fight (or at least, not in addition to their actual move), that’d be one thing. But as it was, it really slowed things down needlessly for me sometimes. I felt like it became less of a problem as I got further in the game, but it was really obnoxious through a good chunk of the second and third islands for me.

    I felt like there was a weirdly uneven ratio for Pokemon you’d encounter too. The Pokedex would tell me I can find so many different things on a certain route, and yet I’d trip over the same Rattata or Wingull over and over again. I would fish at every possible spot too, and encountered a Wishiwashi once… but otherwise reeled in literally nothing but Magikarp ever. There are over 800 Pokemon now, and this gen introduced so many great new ones that I really liked, so it was a little frustrating that finding anything new was such a common struggle.

    Minor grievances aside, I adored Pokemon Moon. I think it very easily took the title as my new favorite entry in the series. The formula that’s been there for the last twenty years is still basically there, but they changed it up enough that it feels genuinely different from all of its predecessors. And I hope they continue to try new things like this (and keep the incredibly solid writing this one brought) in the future of the series. ^_^

  • ShadowDragoon

    I like it, seems like a great game overall, if i weren’t so behind in Pokemon, i would definitely get both versions.

    • Cassandrawhuggins

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