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[Let’s Talk] September 2017 Nintendo Direct reactions

Posted on September 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk, Switch

Another Nintendo Direct is in the books. Setting aside Nintendo’s E3 presentation and game-specific broadcasts, it’s been quite awhile since the last one.

There ended up being a ton of news in this week’s Nintendo Direct. Four games in particular were highlighted: Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (now with a December 1 release date), Project Octopath Traveler (with an eShop demo), and Super Mario Odyssey. A few announcements were made as well, including the surprising Doom and Wolfenstein II Switch ports, the first Dragon Quest Builders for Switch, arcade games from Nintendo and Hamster, Kirby Battle Royale and Mario Party: The Top 100 for 3DS, Minecraft: New 3DS Edition, and Atlus localizing The Alliance Alive. Other news was also shared like the November 17 Skyrim release date and more.

So how’s everyone feeling about the Nintendo Direct? Although Nintendo didn’t have much in the way of brand new Switch games, many games were shown. Did the presentation meet your expectations, or were you disappointed in any way? Share your thoughts with us below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Digital vs. physical


100% physical unless it’s only available digitally. Not even a big discount would get me to buy digital over physical. I’m a collector I guess!


If I had to choose,I would prefer physical. However from were I live most of the times it is way cheaper to buy digital,on my 3DS the overwhelming majority of my games are digital. On my Wii U I have a better balance between physical X digital. When I get my Switch I plan to go full physical on the third party games, they are getting HUGE in size and big SD cards are expensive.

I live in a country where physical games are ~2-3x MSRP so I’ve set my system to a tax free zip in the USA and buy eShop cards online for a digital only lifestyle. If I make a trip stateside or if a relative or friend is coming for a visit I may ask them to pick me up a physical copy of something I’m interested in.


As for me, I go digital all the way. The only real downside I can see to not owning physical is that you can’t resell a game if you end up not liking it. I also don’t have to pay sales tax, either. I just wish that eshop games were at least $10 less than their physical counterparts, since you’re not getting a game card or a box. I’m all about saving money.


I buy some digitals on the rare occasion that the eShop isn’t being stingy, but I prefer physical. More sentimental, cheaper used, and able to be resold.


I’m pretty much physical only because I often go back and play my games again years after release. I’ve had the experience of wanting to reinstall and play a slightly older game, only to find that the game had been wiped from the company’s servers. So I paid the same price as the physical game, but now what I paid for literally doesn’t exist. I wasted my money by going digital.

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  • KnightWonder


    They spent a bit too long on Xenoblade, and the indie games weren’t really needed. But the surprises like Doom and Wolfenstein were amazing, and the better look at Xenoblade and Mario Odyssey were still great. Oh, and the demo for Square’s new game, nice.

  • theFooFighter

    Rip and tear until it’s done

  • Paddy Alfan

    O wonder, wolfenestein. Is this the first nazi themed game on nintendo?
    I vaguely recall there was callbofbsuty on nintendo but don’t know if it’s the ww theme or the modern theme.

    • theFooFighter

      There were a few Nazi killing CoD’s on the gamecube and Wii. Also I’m pretty sure the original Wolfenstein got ported to the SNES and GBA

      • Jonathan Cromwell

        Don’t forget the Medal of Honor series on the game cube

    • Reggie

      Wolfenstein 3D was ported to the SNES.

    • R.Z.

      There was BloodRayne on GC.

  • Micbro

    Clearly the show was all about Mario Odyssey but the road towards its new details was pretty jam packed.

    During the 3DS section it just sucked for me to see Kirby Battle Royale and other titles on it since recently my 3DS broke and I have no plans to fix it since I bought a Switch.

    The Switch announcements were really good with each major genre covered in some way but I liked the focus on pointing out games like Morphies Law and Arena of Valor since they are from well known genres but bring in something unique and interesting.

    The big Bethesda announcements are really cool and are in the right direction for third party support but they aren’t really my cup of tea.

    Xenoblade 2 seems interesting and I’ve gotten constant recommendations to play one of the Xenoblades so maybe it’s time to try it out.

    Kirby Star Allies seems like the Kirby experience I’ve been waiting for. The first Kirby game I finished was Return to Dreamland on the Wii so I’m glad that Hal is coming back to multiplayer form after the 3DS titles [which were amazing but seeing multiplayer characters go in the background (Bandana Dee) or have their own story (King Dedede and Meta Knight) was pretty dissapointing]. Bringing back the Yoyo, Cleaning, ESP (skipped Robobot), combo abilities, and almost every enemy playable seems very smart as those were very big Kirby gameplay aspects. I just hope they add some smart puzzles and other new mechanics to make these returning abilities just seem like underlying features.

    Mario Odyssey seems really fleshed out and amazing so I can’t wait to play it as my first 3D Mario title.

    Now on the Japanese side…

    Ultimate Chicken Horse got a release window (October)! I have a bunch of friends on PC who play this game and have constantly recommended it so I can’t wait to try it out.
    Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud was announced as well. If the servers work stateside I might try it out but otherwise its a solid announcement confirming more support from Sega (at least in Japan).

    Overall the direct had what it needed but I’m sure it was more of a “rest of the holiday lineup” direct instead of a true look into 2018’s lineup (which will hopefully come with Nintendo World Championships, The Game Awards, and a late 2017 direct). Even though they are Nintendo games I’m anticipating like Smash Bros, there are many other indie and third party games that will cover that urge for me.


    • the first xenoblade has the best story
      xenoblade x has better graphics, it’s much easier to do quests, but it has a much shorter story, so the gameplay is very open-ended

  • nekoknight

    I’ve tried telling myself not to get my hopes up, but I always find myself getting super hyped whenever the next Nintendo Direct is announced. Compared to past directs, I would say that this one was certainly a cut above the rest. But I was still hoping for some more surprise announcements, not from indies but from Nintendo. I was hoping for details on the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild download content. And maybe, juuuust maybe some info on DQXI for the Switch. All in all, I’m happy with how it turned out. I just wish they had a little bit more.

  • Reggie

    I unfortunately missed the Direct due to being pulled away for last minute commitments. But from everything I’ve heard, it sounds great. Doom and Octopath Traveler are definitely my highlights. I’m surprised that they even released a demo for that.

    • TruExtent

      Hey if you still want to watch, here it is: https://youtu.be/ztMGTTAjsAQ

      Just look out for the Xenoblade part. It’s a bit long.

      • Reggie

        Thanks. Maybe I’ll watch when I have more time.

  • Justin McQuillen

    Doom and Wolfenstein are the only 3rd party games I even like. I already own Doom for PC but the thought of having it on a Nintendo handheld means I will buy it again. Rockstar pay attention.

    • Exactly

    • R.Z.

      If you don’t like Rockstar’s third party games then why do you care ?

      • Justin McQuillen

        Where did I say that. I love me some GTA

  • James Fox

    I was impressed
    The show stopper for me is Nintendo’s entry in Hamster’s impressive Arcade Archives series

  • FutureFox

    Octopath Traveller IS the FFVI successor we’ve all been waiting for.

    • Auragar

      More like SaGa.

      • FutureFox

        Never played it.

  • Locky Mavo

    I thought it was pretty good, Doom and Wolfenstein obviously being the biggest surprises and even a MOBA game is on its way. Glad to finally see some release dates for Xenoblade 2 and Skyrim. And man is Octopath good! It looks and plays so well, love the HD-2D and it feels like the best of the Final Fantasy of old, can’t wait to actually own it.
    Obviously Mario Odyssey is looking great, Peach with her model upgrade. Lyn in FE Warriors and the Kirby games were also nice to see.
    Only a couple of disappointments, still no word on the VC, though the Nintendo arcade games coming was nice, and they finally did a game I wanted, put it on the wrong console with no online multiplayer, that obviously being Mario Party top 100 on 3DS.
    Other than that, yes, it was a pretty good Direct.

  • hi v3.0

    Doom and Wolfenstein was a surprise and I’m really glad that they spent a lot of time on XC2 explaining the world and combat and dang the music is great but the live chat was full of cancer Smash fanboys, but anyways December 1 YES I knew it wasn’t gonna get delayed to 2018! Also Octopath is hype too. Overall 8/10 Direct.

  • Hidden Flare

    Honestly thought it was pretty great. First games I’m glad to see, I personally like the mario party 3ds game, and i think it will still be a good game even though its on the 3ds. I also like the new kirby switch game and think it will be as good as the 3ds games and the wii game. I like Lyn in heroes so I’m glad to see her in fire emblem warriors. I like to see Doom is on the switch, I have considered it but I think I found where to buy the game if I want it. Oh and Mario Odessy reminds me why I want to buy it in October.I feel meh towards Xenoblade 2, it seems good to me but Im very unsure on it considering I played no games from the series. It’s long time in the direct didn’t really convince me. Octopath looks ok but I think I will have the demo show me how good it is. Though I’ll say I was disappointed with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news, it feels like they haven’t shown anything special about this game.

    Overall, some good, few meh, and a little bad but overall I think the direct was pretty great.

  • Jack Bankhead

    It wasn’t amazing to me, but Doom being ported with a promise of the same 60fps shows to me that developing for the Switch isn’t that hard. Bethesda made a custom engine, and it doesn’t appear they are complaining, as there is also Wolfenstein II coming in 2018, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions aren’t out yet. I’m very happy Bethesda is supporting the Switch, as I was afraid they weren’t.

    I appreciated the extended look at Morphie’s Law, which looks very fun to me and if it is priced right (I think it will) will have a large player base. Arena of Valor looks… interesting, but I’m glad to see more genres on the Switch.

    Dragon Quest Builders wasn’t to me expected, but not a surprise because Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming out. I’ll probably wait on Builders until 2 gets a better release window. Also, I’m very glad they explained more of what Octopath Traveler was, on top of having an immediate demo. Now I am very excited for the game. That’s really good marketing.

    Having dates for Skyrim and Xenoblade 2 made me happy because I can now budget things (with Christmas coming up) better. More Mario Odyssey also is cool.

    All the 3DS stuff was expected, but Minecraft for the New 3DS was not. Especially it not releasing it right then! Minecraft is practically on every modern thing.

    My biggest complaint was that Snipperclips is getting 10 dollar DLC for a game that was barely worth 20 for me. I mean, no one needed DLC. If anything, 1-2 Switch does!

    It was good, so a 7 for me in terms of the surprise that was Doom and Wolfenstein, but everything else was meh.

    • Aline Piroutek

      1-2 Switch and Wii Fit U indeed need DLC.

    • Exy

      Doom and Wolfenstein was the only real shock for me. The rest of it was either expected or not for me. Super Mario Odyssey looks real shiny though, and now I’m glad I held off on buying Snipperclips since I can get it on hard copy now.

      • KimWCornett

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  • JasonBall

    I’ll try to make this inevitable wall of text shorter than usual so its readable. Bear with me.

    Firstly, I must rant about the “headline” format. It baffles me. I am 100% dumbfounded by WHY they would keep this. And why anyone would like it. I had to raise my arm to my face to cover it. I’m too fast a reader and my eyes take in everything they see in range very well, so just looking at the top doesn’t work. It can’t be because they want to prove they have plenty of content coming up, because it was announced to be 45 minutes. Of COURSE there’s a lot of content. They could just say “we have more than a dozen games to cover coming up, so don’t go anywhere.” If someone sees something they’re excited about on the bottom of the list, then they’ll be bored and distracted during the segments before it. Its very possible to cover a lot of games quickly, WITHOUT a list of them! Which they DID at E3. Having the list displayed is the dumbest thing I have EVER seen Nintendo do, full stop.

    3DS: Pokemon looks boring as usual, but this time its the same boring game as last time. Kirby: Battle Royale was fully revealed. Plays only in 2D, and it’s a top-down arena fighting game in 2018 on 3DS. I wouldn’t pay a cent for it. Speaking of worthless to me, Mario Party. This is the most appropiate use of the phrase “it should’ve been on Switch” I have seen so far. Everyone prefers console/TV Mario Party, yet Nintendo just doesn’t get it. Speaking of 2D, FE Warriors is only 2D. As someone who owns both systems, there is now zero point to the 3DS version. I guess its nice for non-Switch owners though. Dillon, Sushi and Style Savvy can make safe spring-summer 2018 titles for 3DS, but nothing big that will prolong life. All the signs I see point to 3DS not making it to the holidays of 2018 even. I know they said it will but other than Minecraft (wow btw), a classic evergreen example, which is awesome for people other than me, nothing gives me that impression. Last September we knew about way bigger and more significant life-prolonging 3DS games, this year not so much.

    Switch: Xenoblade 2 was given way too much time. And might I add the graphics look atrocious, worse than X. I think it could use another year for graphical polish alone. Moving on, FE Warriors on 3DS looks fine, hopefully 3D. The character selection is still dumb. All Fates main people plus all Awakening main people plus Marth, I was actually okay with since with modern FE players that’s all they know. But adding a few from Shadow Dragon plus Lyn’s jiggle just makes it feel unbalanced. Snipperclips DLC was a shock, if only I had friends, which also applies to Kirby Switch, RIP me. Flip Wars updates are nice, but I hear the game is just boring in general. Arms and Splatoon2 free content is nice for players of those games. Still no date for Rocket League, no Nights of Azure mention or footage of the Yuri costume, so, meh. DooM and Wolfenstein are massive, congrats. Octopath looks very niche. Arcade Nintendo games! Great! BotW content was lacking. Amiibo date and function reveal was nice, and by extension the DLC pack date, but I want to see that new story and dungeon stuff. The divine helmets looked fun but I’d like to raise concerns that there are only about 10 empty armor slots left if you collect every garment, and they’ve revealed 5 pieces for DLC Pack 2 so far. I hope they add a page or two of armor slots because my OCD would flare up if I had to part with a few things. Lastly, I’d like to talk release timings. Switch needed a November 17 title, and it turned out to be Skyrim. Has Nintendo ever let a third party fill the pre black friday friday? The one that saw the launch of Smash, Pokemon, and Zelda over the years? I think not. If only it were a not-ancient title.

    Overall, to sum up, tldr (way shorter than usual btw), headline list is STUPID AND DUMB, 3DS looks like it’ll finally be dying soon after its seventh anniversary, 3rd parties are coming in stronger than before but still not strong as can be, and I can’t stand RPGs in general.

    • Exy

      I like the rapid fire format of the headlines, because it gives the impression that Nintendo just has so much stuff to announce that they really don’t have time for it all but they have to anyway. After all, populating their new system with content is priority one for them right now. Letting the audience see what’s coming up keeps them watching, like certain cable news and sports news shows. It only doesn’t work out when I want to actually know more about any of the headline items.

      • JasonBall

        Rapid fire is fine. I just don’t want the content spoiled in a nonpersonal anticlimactic list.

        • Exy

          I’m fine with the list because I know that I’m not in the audience to be invested in any of it, and it’s not the worst way to handle filler. What I don’t get is why they still keep a few items hidden in the list until they get to them.

          • JasonBall

            I guess it’s subjective. I don’t understand why ANYTHING isn’t kept under the question mark label.

        • R.Z.

          I also think the list must go, but tbh the actual surprises are preserved, for instance DOOM and Wolfenstein were hidden behind a vague title.

          • JasonBall

            And then uncovered both at once when they got to it. So while they were talking Doom, we knew about Wolfenstein, not after.

  • I didn’t watch it, but I was most impressed by the boat-themed Zelda DLC, Berth of the Wild. I think water was largely unexplored in the original game and it will be fun to travel the seas outside Hyrule on your faithful raft Woodzy

  • Exy

    I’ve been going on for months about how Capcom is “evaluating” their support for Switch, and they have shown so very little so far. This Direct paints the picture most starkly: For this entire Direct, Capcom had only one game, a port of Apollo Justice from DS to 3DS. Where there were major partners like Bethesda and Square Enix showing multiple high-profile games that are all now highly anticipated, Capcom had a port of a ten-year-old game to a six-year-old system, and got less than ten seconds of screentime for it. Even if they do show support for Switch later on, it’s going to look like they only did it after most of the audience has already been won by their competition. And we’re expected to believe that they had support for Nintendo the entire time, and that’s not even going to the whole deal with Monster Hunter XX and World.

    • R.Z.

      It’s even more funny when you consider that the 3DS can already play the ten-year-old game in its original form thanks to backwards compatibility.
      What Capcom had is like a high def texture patch for the price of a regular game.

      • Exy

        HD remasters are the reality now, and it’s best seen as the last bridge between the remasters of the first three games and Dual Destinies. On its own, it’s fine and even expected. But when it’s all you have at a time when everyone wants new stuff for the new console…

  • Auragar

    I thought that the Direct was alright, nothing crazy but definitely not the worst direct that I’ve ever seen. Especially since I got exactly what I wanted in a new Pokemon USUM update which included new info, especially considering it announced 2 new ultra beasts which is crazy and awesome. I just expected forms but eh. I will take them haha. Still surprised that we didn’t see a third thing but eh whatever I’m not upset.

  • Supporter

    We didn’t get many surprises as some of us were expecting, but we got the reveal of Kirby: Battle Royale and a Historia: Perfect Chronology pre-order bonus like I was hoping for so I was happy!

    Otherwise, the Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby: Star Allies, and Fire Emblem Warriors content was nice to see as well. Additionally Doom and Wolfenstein II were huge surprises that make me more confident about the Switch’s third-party support.

    I thought the Xenoblade Chronicles spotlight went on a bit too long. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon needed to show more to convince people to get the game and I think it only did that a little. Overall, a solid Direct with a focus on mostly 2017 games.

    • FutureFox

      That’s what E3 is typically for. You won’t get huge unveilings except in Winter, maybe Spring. E3 covers may one teaser announcements, Fall for updates on existing games and previous 6 month+ teased announcement.

      • R.Z.

        Yeah but the situation with Nintendo is a bit different, We have little idea of what’s coming beyond December and for what we know we don’t know when.
        I think a winter Nintendo Direct will be a bit late for early 2018.

  • burchdude65

    Good Direct, though I didn’t feel that way when I first watched it (but the Odyssey segment was amazing).

    What changed how I felt was Metroid: Samus Returns (possibly my favorite Metroid game already), Project Octopath Traveler demo (Pretty good so far!), Lola Pop, and Kelp Dome releasing so soon after the presentation.

  • Zeebor

    I’m still pissed England gets Style Savvy 4 and the US doesn’t.

    • Region Free

      • DrWilly

        It’s on 3DS.

      • Aline Piroutek


  • Not really any surprises, but good on Bethesda for taking a chance on Switch

    XC 2’s extremely long segment was painful

  • DrWilly

    Very disappointing. There weren’t many new announcements though I guess that’s for the January Direct. The two FPS games mean nothing to me as I get motion sickness from playing those.I wish Nintendo would go after japanese games. I just can’t believe they spent so much time on Octopath Traveler which looks cool but is a very low-budget project and is so far from release. It just makes Nintendo look pitiful on the jRPG front. In fact it just pisses me off that Sony and hell even Microsoft get the big budget stuff while we get games like Lost Sphear and Octopath Traveler. I was excited for that game but now I’m not sure I’ll even get it, the demo wasn’t anything special.
    It’s pretty weird that the two biggest third-party Switch games I’m looking forward to getting are LA Noire and Skyrim, two western games. When was the last time you could say that of a Nintendo system?

  • DrWilly

    Very disappointing. There weren’t many new announcements though I guess that’s for the January Direct. The two FPS games mean nothing to me as I get motion sickness from playing those.I wish Nintendo would go after japanese games. I just can’t believe they spent so much time on Octopath Traveler which looks cool but is a very low-budget project and is so far from release. It just makes Nintendo look pitiful on the jRPG front. In fact it just pisses me off that Sony and hell even Microsoft get the big budget stuff while we get games like Lost Sphear and Octopath Traveler. I was excited for that game but now I’m not sure I’ll even get it, the demo wasn’t anything special.
    It’s pretty weird that the two biggest third-party Switch games I’m looking forward to getting are LA Noire and Skyrim, two western games. When was the last time you could say that about a Nintendo system?
    Edit: I expected news on the Breath of the Wild DLC. And I’ll keep praying for Virtual Console on Switch. The rest I didn’t care for.

  • Busterblade

    I didn’t expect anything, and got some pleasant surprises. I am content.

  • R.Z.

    I was hoping to get some info about the 2018 planning on Nintendo’s side which is still a big mystery, and didn’t get much of that, but I guess that was expected.
    Aside from that since I don’t care about 3DS anymore it was mostly the western surprises on Switch and the further details on Octopath Traveller that made me happy, that and the original Dragon Quest Builders releasing.
    The in-depth looks on Mario and Xenoblade made me want the games even more, but any more info on these and I think we’ll be entering spoiler territory.

  • Killey

    Since I don’t care about the Switch the only good thing I got from this direct were the Atlus RPGs, the localization announcement of Furyu’s The Alliance Alive was a nice surprise. Other than that, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon seems to have too little extra content to justify its existence and the rest of the games shown didn’t catch my atention.

  • Carlos

    To be honest I was a little disappointed with the direct. It wasn’t bad, but it was lacking that one really big announcement. Doom and Wolfenstein are cool, but they’re not my kind of game. They also spent a little too much time on Xenoblade. They should have made it it’s own separate direct.

    For me personally I would’ve rated it a C+, but as a direct it was more a B/B+.

  • a competent yet satisfying direct. I’m happy with the bullet point system, effective and rapid. A good amount of surprises, not more because I’ve learned to shelve my overly creative wishes, and thus I can never be disappointed. However, there are things I would like to see and hear, but I’m patient.