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[Let’s Talk] Splatoon 2 Global Testfire impressions

Posted on March 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Splatoon 2 will be ready sometime this summer. However, Nintendo has been giving fans an early taste of the game with Splatoon 2 Global Testfire. Hour-long sessions have been taking place since yesterday, allowing players to battle against others online.

How many of you have had a chance to give Splatoon 2 Global Testfire a go? What do you think of the controls and new Muscle Musselforge Fitness stage? Did any of you skip the first title and might be willing to give this one a shot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Which indie games are you looking forward to on Switch?

James Fox

For me
– Shakedown Hawaii (b/c i loved Retro City Rampage DX)
– Overcooked: Special Edition
– Stardew Valley
– Graceful Explosion Machine (primarily for my Geometry Wars fix)
– Pocket Rumble
– Treasurenauts
– Jackbox Party Pack 3
– Has-Been Heroes
– Battle Chef Brigade (very curious about this game)
– Constructor HD (*likely to import the physical release from the UK)


As I am not a huge epic AAA third-party game fan, one because I have been all Nintendo for more than 20+ years and two because I don’t have time to devote to multiple epic games (Zelda BOTW is the exception) and three, not a shoot-em up COD etc. type (Splatoon the exception); the indie games are perfect for me. Honestly, I am looking forward to and open to all of them and I think they will be an awesome complement to the Switch. What I want out of Nintendo is the Switch getting first dibs to all indies along with Steam then other consoles later.

Jack Bankhead

There’s lots for me… too many.

I added up the amount of money I’d need to get the games by looking at their prices on Steam. I’m screwed. It amounts to more than $300 dollars.

Most of these are niche games which is my favorite type of game, and most of these have local multiplayer. Local multiplayer is the best! But I’m screwed.


Celeste, and have an eye on Pocket Rumble, Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap, Freedom Planet 2, Rime, Yooka Laylee, Dandara / Mr Shifty

Oh yeah, and I thought I heard talk of Towerfall potentially making it’s way over. If it does and it plays well, that’s a fantastic local multiplayer experience that’d be great to have on the go and/or in a more portable fashion.


Yooka-Laylee, Pocket Rumble, Runner 3, WarGroove, and eventually Bloodstained.

Fast RMX and Shovel Knight are already getting a lot of attention from me when I’m not playing Zelda.


I’m really looking forward to the stuff I couldn’t play before on a Nintendo system but had fun playing with others, namely enter the gungeon and towerfall Ascension. But I can’t wait for the stuff that hasn’t hit consoles before like wargroove or hollow knight. The switch’s portability just really sparks an indie interest in me.

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  • Invitado

    The dual gun with the slide move it’s the greatest in the game for me. In general, it has simple changes very nice.
    It’s a must buy

  • Timtendo Gaming

    As someone who has put in over 500 hours into the original Splatoon, I very much enjoyed the opportunity to experience Splatoon 2 early. The special weapons that were available are looking really good, and the demo itself had no performance issues that I could detect.

    The one issue I did have was that the motion control in handheld mode felt a bit stiff (when using the same settings as in TV mode). This could be easily fixed by being able to adjust sensitivity mid-game. Perhaps there could be different sensitivity profiles to Switch between.

    Speaking of switching, for a console that promises flexibility, it is still unclear as to whether the full game will allow weapon set switching between matches, without having to leave the session you’ve already connected with. I believe this, along with adjusting settings like sensitivity, are essential features to implement to enhance the game further.

    We’ll just have to wait and see whether Splatoon 2 is an improvement on the original or simply a rework of maps, gear and weapons.

  • The truth-ier

    kiddie game, bland graphics, and nothing that special over the 1st one….this is a niche title, but with few and far between decent games, no big 3rd party exclusives, and nothing but a mario kart remake…it will shine in a small pool of nothing.

    • Timtendo Gaming

      Clearly, you’ve come in with predetermined, negative opinions. So, you’ve added nothing of substance to the conversation. Only kids wanting to be big boys or girls would fixate on the nonsense you’ve outlined.

      • Bruno_Ostara

        ignore him, its just a troll that we raise as a pet around here

        • ronin4life

          …wait, “raise”? “Pet”?
          Haven’t you kids been taught yet? Don’t feed the internet trolls! We don’t have that kind of money in this thread!

          Now take that troll and put him right back under the bridge where you found him. Don't make me call your Moderator, he's busy enough at the office as it is.

          • Bruno_Ostara

            He’s like our own gremlin, we cant really feed him, but we keep him anyway cause you know, the streets are hard on gremlins

    • nemo37

      Oh look its everyone’s least favorite Xbox fanboy. I see your bored of trolling Playstation sites again, so you are back here to spew your nonsense. Also, since when is a game that has sold 4.64 million units a niche title; in addition, if Splatoon is a niche title wouldn’t the flagship game on your favorite system, Halo 5, which was released at around the same time and has so far sold 4.69 million units also be a niche title? Of course not, but this is yet another example of your hypocrisy.

      • Bruno_Ostara

        Do not feed our gremlin troll, nor wash it or else he multuplies.

    • hi v3.0

      F*ck off

  • ShadowDragoon

    I don’t own a Switch, and even if i had one, i probably wouldn’t try Splatoon 2, i own the original and greatly enjoyed it, but then i just lost interest and i have no interest in the sequel.

  • It feels like the first game. Which isn’t a bad thing, something that should be expected from its first sequel. I’m still getting used too toggling the map with X, I really liked having the second screen. It’s nice to play with motion controls using the Pro Controller.

    I like the dualies but I’m not liking the jetpack special. It’s easy to kill people using it and so it’s also easy to get killed using it. I have been taking names and making friend request to teammates who do just as well or better than myself for future squads. I also hope they allow weapon switching before matches.

    This isn’t unique to Splatoon but I have had a lot of issues with keeping the Switch connected to the internet. I’m not sure if it’s because of high traffic during Splatoon time, but I should still be able to do consistently successful connection tests and getting to the eShop. Maybe it’s the mesh Network. IDK but it’s driving me crazy.

  • theFooFighter

    Splat dualies are sick. The dash move reminds me of wave dashing in melee it’s just a really good mix up and it compliments Splatoon’s already good mobility

  • ronin4life

    Game is great. Lots of fun.

    The controls, on their own, I think are… largely ok. But comparing them to the WiiU game, the controls just don’t match up. The ease and effortless glance of map management has been replaced with a comparatively clunky map that has forced a remapping of the Jump button, and while this has nothing to do with the WiiU version, the motion controls don’t work in handheld mode.

    The map thing is a fairly big issue for me though in regards to changes between the two games. I always knew in Splatoon where our team stood in regards to the map state. *Always*. Now I struggle to. I play almost entirely Without opening the map up, in what is a mix of both conscious and subconscious decision making (not wanting to blind myself and then die, and just not wanting to bother distracting myself from map covering/forgetting that is how map management works now and how important it tends to be) Nintendo seems to be totally aware of this issue and has enacted a sort of fire control throughout the entire game: from the lobby to every death you are constantly reminded that ‘X opens the map’. ‘Press X to open the map’. You didn’t need this kind of pestering before, because the map was always there and it was 200% obvious how important it was.

    Quite frankly: It. Doesn’t. Work. The game, on the whole, is fun. It isn’t unplayable and yes, a quick on/off gives you enough info to work with sometimes… but it is easy to struggle against your enemies as key points shift around faster than you can keep track of now that map management is a required and blinding toggle that takes away from what you are doing all that much more than the dual screen approach did.

    Completely seperate from this… does anyone else hear actual words in the music? As *one* example, During a matches last minute rush music it sounds like the inkling singers are shouting “Mac Donalds, Mac Donalds” lol. I got this kimd of feeling a few times playing OG Splatoon too, but the “lyrics” sound even more like actual random english words and even sentences so far in this one. At least to me.

    • Bruno_Ostara

      I was certain the map would be an issue. Splatoon is to fast paced to pause and look to a map to be able to see how the choke points are. The gamepad was very elegant in that way. Its weird that such a flawed controller is actually perfect for splatoon. But well, guess they did what they could.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      I think the map is something that can be quickly adjusted to. It comes and goes almost as quickly as you can press the button. You just have to be a bit more careful of when you check

      • Bruno_Ostara

        I think it could be imprpved with a mini map on the corner, but one that doesnt show the whole map maybe, so it wont work as a infinite echolocator. I dont know. The map is crucial for strategy in this game, they need to work around this issue. Maybe if it was more transparent?

      • ronin4life

        It can be adjusted to i am sure, but for me, not quickly.

        And I feel the difference in ease and playflow will remain obvious even when I eventually become accustomed

    • Exy

      As soon as I adjusted to having the former jump button being the map and figured out that tilting the controller moves the cursor for super jumping, it worked fine for me. I just open it right after dying and make my decision as I respawn. But that adjustment period really throws you off if you were just playing Breath of the Wild.

    • Indielink

      To an extent I agree with your feelings on the map. A fast paced game like Splatoon greatly benefitted from having the map available at all times. I don’t think it not being on a second screen is damning or something that cannot be overcome with time. It’s just gonna be a learning curve.

      I do heartily disagree with your feelings on motion control in handheld mode. That I thought was perfectly fine. I actually prefer it here because the whole thing is lighter than the gamepad was. The Switch screen also has such solid viewing angles that it was never an issue, for me at least.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Got to try it out for the first time this afternoon. Game is as solid as I remember. I didn’t even bother with anything other than the dual guns. And I experienced like, no lag. And I was playing in tabletop mode with a stream of someone else playing the game going on the tv. I hope that’s the norm in the future

    • OdinXander

      Agreed. Absolutely no lag and just as smooth and fun as the previous one.

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  • Lolo

    Sadly I have been so busy with work and I finally was able to get a switch thanks to Nintendoeverything on the heads up of toys r us today at 9 am having switches. I was number 2 in line out of 10 people.

    Long story short, after a full time work shift today, and having to go to a hotel in another city, I made it at 10:57pm central time and only got to play 1 match. It was a fun first match, but I was having a hard time like everyone else, adjusting to X being map rather than jump. The Dualie dodge roll is cool but man, I am NOT used to that AT ALL, I got splatted too much for trying it. It’s a good game, I just need to get used to the dualies and get more practice in.

  • Exy

    I tried to get my mother to play it to test how accessible it is. The main issue with that is there isn’t enough time allowed in the tutorial area, and the only way to get back to it is by deleting save data.

    I eventually gave up on her playing it normally so I just resolved to take the left Joy-Con and move around as she aimed and shot. It almost worked out and we actually won a handful of matches. The good thing about Switch is that this kind of nutty co-op in a single player game is actually possible.

  • JasonBall

    Zero lag but got a few DCs. Trolls or my wifi, who knows. I played in two sessions, was surprisingly not awesome. I can see why millions can get super into it, but not me. I do see the EAD greatness in design as I play, but it’s simply not my thing. Too easy to die, controls felt loose. Matches too short, and ink supply too small. I realize these are all very purposeful, polished choices, but they aren’t for me personally. Glad I had the chance to try it before I potentially bought it and wasted money. Once we hear about the content more I’ll see if it’s worth it anyways.

  • Bart

    As I said before, this was my first time playing Splatoon, and it was easy to see why it’s so popular, it’s a lot of fun. Leave it to Nintendo to take a genre I’m usually not very interested in and then make it insanely fun and addictive somehow.

    So yeah, looking forward to playing the full game, unlocking new weapons and stuff and customising my squid… kid.

  • tehFork

    Anybody else have wifi connection issues with their Switches? I’m trying to determine if my Switch has something wrong with it. I couldn’t connect to matches unless I was in the same room as the router, which meant I had to play in handheld mode the whole time. I really wanted to try it out on my TV in my room, which is just next door to the room with the router. This setup works just fine with my Wii U and PS4, but the Switch’s wifi receiver seems incredibly weak. I’m hoping it can be fixed!

    • nemo37

      I had a similar issue with the Switch on my 2.4 GHZ wifi connection (everything else works fine on this). I ordered a dual band (5 GHZ) wifi modem and it works fine now. I think this has more to do with interference because everything else in my house including my wireless home phone transmits at the 2.4 GHZ frequency, and the Switch appears to be sensitive to that.

  • R.Z.

    My impressions are really mixed and my fears of Splatoon devolving into a mindless shooter are strengthened.

    The visuals are much cleaner than in the first game but it’s hardly a generation gap.
    I didn’t like the music that much, but it did the job.

    In the controls department everything still plays fine, the gyros are responsive, it’s all cool.
    I’m not a fan of the way to show the map at all, especially the fact that you have to press the button again to hide it, I would have much preferred to have it on hold, so I could flash it quickly on the move. The map itself doesn’t work as intuitively as it did in the first episode, since you have to read all the elements to jump etc., but I’m hoping it will end up working with some practice. However, as it turns out I’m not sure there will be much incentive to use the map outside of respawn periods.

    My main points of contention come from the design itself. Both maps were extremely small and favored close combat (I see that snipers have been buffed to cover that, which is actually ok). They were built around a single main combat area and offered very little in terms of alternative routes and subtlety.
    I honestly felt like I was playing a deathmatch version of Splatoon, and unless your team was trash and got cornered back at the spawn points, everything played out in the last seconds since most of the inking happened in the “battle zone” anyway.
    Such barebones areas coupled with secondary weapons that work on visual detection alone make the map pretty much useless and seem to show thay devs really want to tone down the strategic aspects of the franchise (and as much as I am tempted to blame it on the lack of a secondary screen, the truth is it could still have worked out with the new configuration, albeit less intuitively).
    I really hope there will be surprises in the final version, bigger maps, more strategic secondary weapons etc. but so far I don’t really like what I’m seeing.

  • Eileen the Pizza Queen

    Okay, Splatoon was hands-down my favorite Wii U game. I don’t know if I ever actually got “good” at it in an absolute sense, but nonetheless I spent a TON of time with it. For a solid half a year, my nightly routine after getting off work consisted of packing a bowl and playing a few rounds of Splatoon to blow off steam before I’d even think about doing anything else. My enthusiasm died out once Splatfests ended and there were no more updates, and I haven’t touched it in months, but the Global Testfire reminded me why I loved it, and there’s no doubt I’ll be annoying my boyfriend again with my repetitive routine this summer. ^.~

    That being said, if these two stages are anything to go by, level design has taken a huge step backward. Not only do they feel incredibly similar, but they don’t even feel “organic”. They reek of being random assortments of platforms that only exist to be a video game level, whereas most of the original’s stages felt plausible enough as real-world locations. Of course, I know these are probably the two simplest stages and the more complex ones will probably also be more interesting, but it was a little concerning. Everything else was great though. Music’s trippy and amazing as always, virtually no lag online, and the new hairstyle options are amazing. <3