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[Let’s Talk] Splatoon 2 impressions

Posted on July 29, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Splatoon 2 has been out for just over a week. Nintendo published the game last Friday, and many Switch owners likely purchased the game. One thing is for sure: it’s selling like hot cakes in Japan.

How many of you have picked up Splatoon 2 thus far? If you did, have you had a chance to play it? What do you think of it so far? How do you feel about the new single-player campaign, Salmon Run, and everything else the game has to offer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Miiverse memories


I liked Miiverse a lot.
To have a light social medium 100% about video games was pretty cool in my opinion, even though I can’t say it led to a lot of actual conversations. But I would never go using regular social media for posting silly screenshots or doodles related to videogames, so that was one place to share that kind of stuff that was all about it and didn’t have me second guess what I’m using it for.

My best memories are related to Splatfests. I liked the dynamic of everyone doodling for their team, and the posts being integrated to the game. You could find some pretty rad artwork and even the bad ones were usually somewhat endearing.
It was nice to get notifications of likes for a few days onward when you made the effort to post something that took a bit of work and people liked too.
Since I will probably never link any Twitter/Facebook account to my Switch and it’s pretty hard to draw on it, I don’t think I will actively take part in that aspect of Splatfests anymore and I know I will miss that.


There is a twitter page called badmiiverseposts that saves a lot the weird ones. Though I would have to say the best memories I had was in wind waker hd when you’d receive miiverse posts in the form if bottles washed up on the shore. It made the quest feel less lonely and it felt good to share and receive pictographs to help each other complete the pictograph side quest to snap a pic of every npc.


It was fun seeing people trying to get obvious penis pics past the censors by disguising them slightly. My favourite one was on the Ghost hunting game on Nintendo Land, someone had drawn a penis with a speech bubble coming from it that said “I am a ghost” 🙂


No skin off my back. There a lot of good artists but the terrible mods, rampant false reporting, permabans of a lot of my favorite artists and commentators, oversaturation of kid users among a lot of other things made using Miiverse a chore at times

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  • Kalmaro

    Single player is infinitely better. It’s just a improvement of the first all around.

  • Bart

    Haven’t got a whole lot to say about it at the moment except I love it, it’s great. Wish I was a little better at it though, heh. Just gotta keep playing it I guess, which is no problem, it’s hard to put down in fact.

  • Reggie

    Haven’t played it, not sure if I will. I wanted to get it, but with the Switch’s wifi still so abysmal in handheld mode it’s hard to see the point.

    • Kalmaro

      You really should consider a ethernet adapter. Most people seem to be doing fine.

      • Reggie

        I’ve already said this multiple times now: I play my Switch exclusively as a handheld. I don’t have the space to play it as a console, and if I did, I would be forced to share it with my aggressive younger brother who once broke his 3DS in half in a rage. Nah, I’m not risking that.

        Besides, I prefer handheld gaming over console gaming anyway. I also have faith that the continued stability updates will (gradually) improve the connection overtime. I actually have seen some improvement thanks to those. Didn’t the 3DS, when it first started out, also had a poor connection until it got more updates? Either way.

        • Roto Prime

          real life -___-

          • Reggie


        • Kalmaro

          I don’t recall how the 3ds connection was with wifi but I do know that most people are doing fine with the Switch’s wifi. I’m pretty sure an update is not going to do what you hope it does. Plus, the Switch is pretty tough, should be fine with your bro!

          Joking aside, I don’t think am update will help, but I wish you the best.

          • Reggie

            Really because literally everywhere else I go has people saying the opposite. You’re living in a bubble if you think that the Switch’s wifi connection is all sunshine and lollipops.

          • Kalmaro

            But… It has been sunshine and lollipops. 😮

            When you say “everywhere I go”, I think you just need to visit more places. Switch wifi from what I’ve seen and heard o line is great.

    • timZ117

      I play online all the time in handheld mode when my gf uses the tv, works great for me.

    • lavar ball’s son

      The switch wifi is great.. I never have a problem. And if I am in the car i use my personal hotspot

  • Justin McQuillen

    Still can’t find a Switch, wish I could tell you.

    • lavar ball’s son

      best buy

  • Exy

    I still press X to jump sometimes, so until either I or the game adapt to this dilemma, I can’t rate it as highly as I’d like.

    • Symbol de Au

      Is adapt another word for git gud? If so I agree.

      • Exy

        If you want it to be.

  • Symbol de Au

    Well let me tell you guys. I’ve been playing this game since release day, and after all my hours of play I’ve come to one conclusion. I’m the best. I’m just the best guys. That’s all there is to it. That’s ALL there is to it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/179ed24cb7f4617d147bcfe46d0681f0c405aca033f1b048cb290b682fb9a9a6.jpg
    You see this nonsense? 28 Splats!? What kind of crazy splatoon Master can pull off stunts like that? Even if it was C rank. Like…WOW.
    And I’ll Splashdown right on top of all your hopes and dreams PkSparxx I don’t even care. I don’t even care bro!

    Bragging aside I really like the game. The only disappointing thing is that I have yet to unlock the umbrella so I can become Yagyuu. I did the whole of Hero mode with the umbrella just for that, but either it’s not out yet, or it unlocks at a really high level, because I haven’t seen anyone using it at all. Also Hero mode is a bit harder than it was in the original splatoon. I wiped out a few times on that one stage in sector 4(I think it was level 19?) where you have to hit the graplinks(is that what they were called?) one after another. I’m just not too good at that I guess. I also managed to find all the scrolls on my own except on stage 25. I knew where it was too, just not how to get there. Tried inking every single patch of ground(and the outer edges just in case there was an invisible path) and still didn’t find it. I have no idea why they decided to make that one scroll so hard to find in comparison to all the other ones, but oh well. I gave up and used a guide and the shame will live with me forever, but at least I found it.

    Also I found a glitch. I’ll bet it’s a known glitch but a quick google search only brought up the first splatoon. Anyway, my ink just up and disappeared on me one time.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1cadb8ffe37f7d6df63402534bcd862b1ab85499216bef7abfc46de22c72b2a9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85ba89266e37a0be6a92e9fb99528b0ebdfc89e8c13aa65fc0fc6fdc9df9442e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb721226cb4e7b708b31d2192f5c57a03a8ae06eb86b2ecb2702a474abd89dc4.jpg
    Not sure if you can tell but I’m shooting here and you can’t see the ink coming out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/27f7c1187c54770783a3be05a9e35236e0550e4c13c140c7eb73f2f171453419.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/723cb9e844b7f866d5401ae8a60148afd5f38e97819d705ed06bf5f12372c27c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6bd04718dc4308168302642f4f1cdfeec44f643e875b47a31ae27146c19c8fe.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85206aaf2ba18497ec8cc92a2d12ce7885df2c06ed1d229af31fbc8206940379.jpg
    Not sure how it happened. I can’t remember what I was doing beforehand, and I don’t think I noticed right away.

    • Bruno_Ostara

      I made a 31 splat today with the slosher. The thing is the game now counts assist splat too, mine had 8 assist according to splatnet

  • JasonBall

    It exists

  • timZ117

    Got it and playing it since launch with the splatoon pro controller.

    I gotta say its a really fun experience, but it does feel really familliar at times. As if ive already done everything before. They could have seperated the experience more from the first splatoon if you ask me.

    I also miss some social interaction in the game. Playing salmon run with strangers isnt that fun to me, and ive got like one other friend actually playing splatoon at the moment, so thats kind of an issue..

    Otherwise, great game, tons of fun!

  • hi-chan!

    Splatoon 2 is even more fun that the original, Salmon Run is awesome, still hate Tower Control and I miss the Kraken special (because it’s too OP).

  • masterjedi

    I absolutely love it. The multiplayer aspect is so freaking fun! I love the quick nature of the matches and i love the helter-skelter nature of turf war. It takes a great level of skill to play the game well so in no way would I call it a kiddie game, but its also something my kid can watch me play without me worrying that she’s going to see something I don’t want her to see. I love all the customization options too as it really gives the game a lot of variety. I haven’t played salmon run at all yet and I’ve only played a little bit of the single player. I honestly have a really hard time putting the multiplayer down because its so much fun.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    Splatoon made me almost regret buying other games since I really cant turn splatoon off. It is similar to the first, wich was already addictive. But it has enough twists to be considered a true sequel, the pacing of the matches changed almost completely with the new maps and new special weapons. The specials from the first were always game changers and that made people relly so much on them that frequently everyone would charge their special and then head to the objective. The new ones are quite balanced and require way more skill. Also, the salmon run provides that break from the crazyness of ranked. I’m really in love with salmon run, it’s a shame its not always available, but well, the prizes are quite good when its available. The singleplayer is good, but completely overshadowed by the multiplayer to the point i didn’t even finished and only plan to play it when I have no internet connection. There was some other changes that helped the game a lot, like the new guy responsable for reroll and gear slots providing a way to change a single sub ability. Many say the game is too similar but well, every shooter sequel is a bit similar, and I do think the changes made here are worth of being called a sequel. There are only two things i don’t like about it, the fact that there is no new ranked mode, and that we still can’t change weapons while waiting for a new match.

  • lavar ball’s son

    i love it

  • SortableShelf19

    While it does have problems that I’m hoping will be fixed eventually, I’m having an absolute blast with Splatoon 2 so far. It was one of the reasons why I wanted a Switch. The first game was one of my favorite games on the Wii U.

  • Symbol de Au
  • Annie Anemo

    It’s a slight upgrade from the first one, it’s good but not a system seller imo, the Tri-Slosher is broken, like really broken, they should patch that ASAP and the transfer of data when playing online is 30% slower than Splatoon 1 so they really need to get dedicated servers, otherwise why would people pay for Nintendo’s online service? especially when the Switch online app sucks so bad

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