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[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – December 2017

Posted on December 2, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Let's Talk

A new month is here! We just entered December yesterday, so that means we want to know what you’ve been playing.

Have you started up something entirely new for the month? Maybe you’ve just started Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Favorite kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey


Surprised nobody likes the Lake Kingdom. The entry from water to underwater rooms is so inspired. Second place is Metro obviously. From there it is consistent ties between 3 kingdoms.

Bnjmn Mrph

I can’t believe im first!

But I love the simplicity of the Mushroom Kingdom, it hides so many secrets! I love riding on the scooters too.


My answer can vary depending upon whether the question is about story missions or (largely post-game) exploration, but when I take EVERYTHING into account…

I think I’ll have to go with the Metro Kingdom. I love the music, the story segments (ESPECIALLY THAT FESTIVAL), the partial realism, and and lots of the “unimportant” moon objectives.

The simple act of moving around is almost always fun in Odyssey, but that’s true to an even greater extent in NDC.


I like Mushroom, Snow, Seaside.

Worst is Wooded and Sand (too much sand!)

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  • Jay Bern

    Fire Emblem Warriors and Resident Evil Revelations 2. Almost completed everything in Warriors so really want the first DLC pack to come out soon. Regarding RER2, it’s a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. Granted, it’s not scary, but I mainly bought it for Raid Mode, anyway.

  • KnightWonder

    Before Xenoblade it was Yakuza Kiwami and Sonic Forces. Now it’s just Xenoblade.

  • James Fox

    Superbeat XONiC, the most underrated and overlooked Switch game of 2017!

    • Morian

      I have the game as well. A little annoying when you don’t have wifi (or in airplane mode) because of the notifications, but a very enjoyable game, in both button mode and touch screen mode.

      • Kristie

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  • theFooFighter

    Xenoblade 2, Skyrim, shin megami tensei 3, rime and re revelations 2 because i have 0 restraint apparently

  • i was playing axiom verge but i got studying

  • JasonBall

    I don’t spend and money on them but I am somewhat hooked on and play way too much of all four Nintendo apps. I barely have any time for serious gaming and it bothers me but I must have all the Christmas items in animal crossing and I must get all possible platinum points in Miitomo and Mario and I need all the free orbs so I can get free heroes so I can get more free orbs you know what I mean?

    I have had time however for almost nightly mk8d sessions. That game is just so biologically satisfying. And when BotW dlc releases I’ll be glad to revisit that gem too.

    Also, Mario Maker is cheap with the reward coupon right now, thinking of getting it before it’s completely killed in possibly as little as a year from now. Trying to decide if the experience is worth it without Miiverse.

  • SW Battlefield 2 (PS4) story mode, Doom (Switch version)

  • Cool! how is Horizon Zero Down? never played but seem the game is good, what you think?

    • Rhinopotamus

      At first, I had mixed feelings on HZD. Coming off of BotW and Odyssey, where it seems like I couldn’t stop playing until the game was beat, HZD just didn’t keep my attention. The more hours I put in, though, the more I want to keep going. Eventually, you’ll have the freedom to go almost anywhere and it becomes a bit like BotW (and like others before it). There are also segments that play like Uncharted – do you sneak around taking down guards one by one or come in “guns blazing?” One aspect of HZD that I find annoying (others might see as refreshing) is a lack explaining everything at your disposal. There’s a crafting system, fast travel system, gear modifiers, and more; you might not realize all of this is available to you practically from the start. If you like BotW and Uncharted, there should be something here for you to like as well.

      • Interesting your concept about Horizon, I found the game great art style, great combat system when I watch on walkthrough but eventually I found the story wasn’t clear and kinda bored not keep you going beyond after some hours you starters, they tried with the new release of DLC bring the audience back, seems the DLC isn’t good as the audience expected, I feel Zelda was much better game with a solid story, and the gameplay is extremely well worth playing, I’m not into open world games but Zelda is one of the few I enjoyed a lot playing, well great talk to you Rhino lil off topic if you want you could join our Discord, if you are interested the link is in my bio. Great day sir and happy gaming lol

  • gurbeergill

    Resident Evil Revelations 1. Loved it on the Wii U. The frame-rate is excellent on the Switch.
    Will be playing Revelations 2 soon. Can’t wait!

  • Exy

    I finished all the Picross puzzles in Picross S. I even stay up late to get through them sometimes. I’m halfway through Mega Picross and I aim to have the game completely done by the end of the year. The Switch is real good for puzzle games, of which I’m playing a lot lately, and I’d like to see more of those than anything else right now in between major Nintendo releases.

    • R.Z.

      Kuddos ! I myself just finished the game yesterday (Regular and mega).

      I thought the game could offer more and was pretty lazy/safe, but it still took me some 40 hours to finish. I have less playtime on SMO … XD

  • Mark

    Where to begin? First, I’m replaying Skyrim with a Dunmer arcane archer. It’s kind of cool, because I usually go pure Mage, using robes and clothes instead of armor and casting Alteration spells, but for the first time I’m using light armor. Bound Bow rocks, though I’m starting to try out the crossbows that Dawnguard offers.

    I’m still playing Mario Odyssey; I’m only about 400 moons in; it’s just something I pick up now and then for some platforming goodness. And I’ve still got Stardew Valley, which I haven’t done much of in the past few weeks due to classes and Skyrim.

    On the mobile front, not only am I playing Animal Crossing and Township (a little mobile city sim that my wife and I play together) but I’ve also discovered Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. I was a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! as a high schooler in the 90s, and it’s kind of cool to rediscover it. The rules they have make it a faster game than before – half the life points, and only three spaces each for monsters and spell/trap cards – so it makes a pretty intense round of PVP whenever I want.

  • FutureFox

    BattleField 3 actually.

    • Sinton

      It’s a good game (while I enjoyed 4 more). Are you playing multiplayer or singleplayer?

      • FutureFox

        Mulitplayer. I’m super rusty at the moment.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’m only 7 hours in but it has been absolutely magical this far. I will also play the upcoming Zelda DLC this month. I also casually play Rayman currently. I bought it during the sale but I have played through it before. It’s a good game to have on the Switch though. It really offers a lot of replay value and the art direction makes it a pretty timeless game. I would like to get Resident Evil 2 as well but it simply has to wait a little longer because I want to fully dedicate my limited gaming time to XC2 and BotW. I still can’t quite believe how good they are.

  • masterjedi

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2. First Xenoblade I’ve ever played, also might be my first JRPG. So far I am loving the emphasis on story.

    • Mark

      Might be? What other games have you played that might qualify for JRPG? Just curious.

      • masterjedi

        Final Fantasy Tactics. Just not sure if the style of that game fits the JRPG genre. I am not an expert on RPGs in general. I’ve played MMOs and that’s really it outside of Tactics.

  • JJ

    LA Noire, Axiom Verge, Resident Evil Revelations Collection.

  • chancetime

    Playing Xenoblade 2! So far it’s a solid 9/10 for me, just around 14 hours in. Big worlds, good characters, great music, fun battle system.

    Only gripes which took a point off: the map is vague and and a step back from XBC1 & cerrain human enemies in-battle voices are too loud. You have to turn them down a bit in the options before fighting them or they’re gonna be louder than your allies’ voices and drown them out.

  • Roto Prime

    I like Xenoblade 2….but the UI options…or lack of makes me so sad, Can’t play it on my TV and all Joy cons are at Nintendo ;______; I wish and expected it to have the same options as Xenoblade X for the display…..I will keep playing Skyrim and Resident Evil Local <3

    • Force

      Can’t play it on your TV you say. What do you mean?

      • Roto Prime

        Screen burn…..its scary ;____; I play games for a really long time, and I know it will kill my tv….played over 620 hours of Xenoblade X (Only made it to chapter 10 never finished the game)……but it had the UI/display options to remove all icons off screen, I have handheld mode on Nintendo Switch…but Don’t have any joy cons at the moment -_____-

        • Force

          No reserves for a new TV, I take it?

          • Roto Prime

            Sadly no, all OLED tv now are 4k ;_____; If they would go back to making 1080p versions I would be ever so happy..

  • Segata Sanshiro

    Not Xenoblade 2 thanks to UPS being a pile of hot garbage company.

    • Roto Prime


      • Segata Sanshiro

        Amazon Prime. AP has been crap last few months on release day delivery.

        • Roto Prime

          My dude, I feel for you…..

  • OlDirtyCatTurd

    Majoras Mask 3d (first time playing MM on any platform…it’s amazing) and Kirbys Adventure 3d, when I have only a few minutes to game. Then about 50 other games in my backlog

    • You definitely should try to play on N64 you will find interesting to compare the original with 3D, the game for me was awesome sorta short but the clock concept really keep you hock up with the story really quite good! Hope you enjoy the game!

      • OlDirtyCatTurd

        Thanks! I’ve had the gamecube collectors disc for a while now, always planned on playing it but never got around to it…so I picked up the ds version when it came out. Never had the n64 expansion pack, so I never bought it for 64. Ironically though, I’ve been checking eBay as now I’m looking for a good quality complete game listing to purchase for collection purposes ☺

        • No problem, yeah you should play the original always is a classic! Good luck find a good deal N64.

  • Z3R0 X53

    xenoblade chronicles 2. Just got it

  • R.Z.

    I’m not playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
    I’m not playing it because I got a message yesterday evening around 8 PM that I could collect my parcel at my collecting point, which was open until 7 PM and then closed for the weekend until tuesday.
    I’m a tad salty.

    So I’m playing Nights of Azure 2 instead, and still having a blast with it.
    I can’t recommend playing it on Switch unless you care for the handheld aspect or have no other option, the game is totally functional though ugly after all, but I do recommend it, if it’s your type of thing that is.
    Actually all is well since I get to finish that game now without the temptation of starting Xenoblade. Yay !

    Aside from that I am finally done with Picross S after some 40 hours. I also got Pan Pan and was done with it within two surprisingly frustrating hours.
    I bought “Red Game without a great name” and “Green game Time Swapper” too because they were cheap and the trailers looked nice.
    Green game has totally broken controls, so stay away, Red game is working okay but I’m definitely not a fan of capacitive touchscreens for such games.
    And of course I’m playing Pokémon Shuffle on 3DS because I’m addicted.

  • Actively, both Oblivion and Assassin’s Creed 4 have me hooked.