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[Let’s Talk] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Master Trials impressions

Posted on July 1, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch, Wii U

The first of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s DLC packs launched this week. Nintendo began distributing The Master Trials on Friday. While the big DLC we’re all waiting for is coming this holiday with The Champions’ Ballad (featuring an original story and new dungeon), this is a nice way to return the game and hold us over until then.

Probably the biggest addition in The Master Trials is the challenge that has players taking on room after room and defeating enemies without dying. Completing the challenge lets you power up the Master Sword even further. Other highlights include the tougher Master Mode, Korok Mask, and more.

How many of you have tried out The Master Trials? If you have, did you beat the Trial of the Sword? Have you given Master Mode a try? Share your impressions with us in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: E3 2017 reactions


I am very happy about Metroid Prime 4 but more so Samus Returns. I have a strong connnection to this game. I remember as a child playing my gameboy with Samus Returns. No one in my family cared I played games, they saw it as a silly kid thing (like today with some parents and Pokémon–well, just as I was 12 too) and never inquired to deeply into my hobby. My grandfather saw me playing this and took a genuine interest in the game. He was always loving, kind and treated me like the best person in the world. For some reason, this moment-when he took interest in me playing my gameboy-was really special for me. He was so impressed by the game. I am sure if gameboys weren’t considered a child’s sort of toy at the time then he would have played too. As a child of the 90’s (if there are any here) we were sometimes alone and found escapism in video games. Samus Returns was the first time a family member took real interest in video games and my enjoyment of it. I am becoming teary writing this because this person passed away unexpectedly years ago. He loved me and everything I did, more than any family member did, or any average family member actually does. When I think of Metroid 2, I think of my grandfather.


Also, Super Mario Odyssey looks so amazing that it might top Breath of the Wild.

One of the best E3s for Nintendo, if not the best.


Xenoblade 2 trailer: Looks pretty cool, though the VA is…questionable in some spots.
Kirby for Switch: It’s cool to see Kirby in HD, but the game looks a bit too safe thus far.
Metroid Prime 4: Awesome! Can’t wait to see gameplay. Hope it’s as good as Prime 1-3.
Core Pokemon for Switch: Good to finally get official confirmation that Pokemon’s future home is on Switch.
Yoshi for Switch: Gameplay looks okay, but the artstyle looks is kinda bland IMO. Honestly, Woolly World looked a lot better both gameplay and graphics-wise
FE Warriors trailer: Looks pretty cool, though I’m not huge into the Warriors game
Zelda BOTW DLC: We’ve already seem plenty of DLC Pack 1. DLC Pack 2 info and footage please??
Rocket League on Switch: Might actually try out this game for the 1st time on Switch.
Mario Odyssey trailer: Looks spectacular and looks to rival Zelda BOTW as a GOTY candidate! Can’t wait to buy it.
Metroid Samus Returns: Awesome that we are getting 2 Metroid games! This will be the only 3DS game I buy this year
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga 3DS remake: Again, Metroid Samus Returns will be the only 3DS game I buy this year


Nintendo’s E3 was a pleasant surprise for me, good, not great, but better than I was expecting, and probably best show at this terrible E3. My personal stand out moment was Pokemon Switch because I am a huge Pokemon fan, I don’t care that we know nothing about it, no release date, nothing. I am still excited. And not one but two Metroid titles is like wow. Super Mario Odyssey also looks soooooo good.


It might have been just a logo, but Prime 4 would have made me squeal like a girl have my age had I not been on campus at the time


The only things I cared about in the presentation were Rocket League, Kirby, Prime 4 and the Pokemon for Switch announcement. That Mario Odyssey trailer was awesome but we already knew about the game unlike the former 3. The only other surprise for me was Samus Returns (I still can’t get over how fitting the title is)

Everything else we either already knew about or I personally don’t care for. I’m not that huge of a Metroid fan so the announcement didn’t hit me as hard as it did to others. It was more of a “holy shitake shrooms they actually did it haha! I gotta finish Primes 2 and 3 now” kind of reaction. Kirby has yet to have a bad game so I know what to expect and at least metroid prime got a logo, a core pokemon rpg game on the switch announcement was the thing I was most exited for and all we got was an announcement of the development just now starting; pretty much literally just now at the drawing board stage

To be honest, Nintendo’s E3 would have been pretty meh overall if it weren’t for Prime 4’s announcement (and I guess Mario Odyssey’s amazing trailer with the catchiest of music). I did say I would be looking forward to those few surprises only and Nintendo delivered so it wasn’t an unsatisfactory E3

Francesco Gentile

It was a great E3 for Nintendo to me. Glad they confirmed Xenoblade 2 for this year, i love Yoshi so i love this new title. I am also interested in trying Kirby. Can’t also wait for Splatoon 2 to arrive. And wow: dropping Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 bombs made me getting so much more hype for the future of the Switch!! And yes, i think Odyssey can battle for GOTY

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  • JasonBall

    Perfect timing, was just wanting to replay, and now master mode drops. It’s an impressive reorganization of game mechanics. Outfits are sweet and helped me discover many new places while trying to find them. Overall very happy with it’s abiity to get me back into it, that and grinding for new amiibo items that just came out.

  • Indielink

    It’s excellent. Really impressed with the Trials and some of the floor designs. It’s so much more in depth than a simple horde mode. I haven’t played in a while so I’m still shaking the rust off but, even in early floors, there is a challenge to be had.

    As for the Master Challenge, I got spotted by a lookout on the Great Plateau and suddenly had floating platforms spring up around me, all manned by blue Bokoblins with bomb arrows and all I could think was f**k yes.

    Also there was a white Lynel on the Great Plateau. It was great.

  • AutoBlaze

    The DLC came out when I just finished the four divine beasts and got Master sword. So it’s a time to make a choice. Staying in normal difficulty level and collecting all the collectables or beating Ganon and leave for the Master mode. To be honest, I was hesitating heavily. Even for Zelda games, it is still annoying to start over one video game. But today morning I made the decision. I beated Ganon quickly and started a new save with Master mode. It was surprising that I didn’t feel much tedious when played the prologue part as second time. The new difficulty is fresh. I like it and I even look forward to harder in the left part. Hope this time I can finish all the collectables.

  • Addy

    Well, I won’t be able it try the DLC, or Breath of the Wild, or any game on my Wii U because something went wrong with my portable hard drive that I use for saves, downloaded software, and update date decided not to work anymore after finding out the error message I got with a code that Nintendo themselves do not have information on. Sometime later I’ve decided to unplug and pack-up my Wii U after 4.5 years. Not going to bother replaying BotW and get back all that I may have lost.

  • Señor Cardgage

    Started a new file on Master Mode thinking I could handle the enemies. Kept getting killed by Bokoblins.

    Got a little farther, and suddenly there are Guardians EVERYWHERE. Like, a cluster of 3 of them right before Kakariko. I killed one by deflecting the blasts back with my shield. No big deal.

    But the Guardians are trickier in Master Mode apparently. They have different firing patterns that stop you from easily deflecting their blasts. Some blasts are delayed, and sometimes they fire twice in a row. I gave up on fighting them for now.