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Lost Sphear English gameplay

Posted on September 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

Another round of footage is in for Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory’s new game Lost Sphear, now in English. Get a look at more gameplay below.

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  • I don’t think I’ll get this afterall. I’ll just support Octopath and hope SE brings something else to Switch.

    I do wonder though, if this game also underperforms, what will come of Tokyo RPG Factory? SE invested a lot before but that bit them in the butt (and I mostly blame SE), but i’m sure their investment and loss would be way lower this time.

    Nonetheless, it’s nice that SE wants to set up a smaller studio and give people opportunities, but I feel like either their direction/control over TRPGF needs work, or they need to invest in building a better studio.

    • Radish

      Yeah I agree. Octopath looks gorgeous and fun to play. It is interesting though that this is coming out of the main SE studios and not their Tokyo RPG Factory studio since it seems like the type of game they would make. And how awkward will it be when this one outsells I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear?

      I’m definitely getting ahead of myself, but I sense a lot more excitement for Octopath than Lost Sphear. Hopefully Tokyo RPG Factory is allowed to fail a few times before they come out with a winner. It’s great to see these companies expand and take risks. ^_^

      • Exactly. Not sure if you meant Lost Sphear or Octopath; but Lost Sphear is definitely TRPGF. Octopath is apparently. . . Acquire? (Tenchu, Akiba’s Trip, etc.) I have fair faith in them, and Asano is heading the project, so I have a lot of faith. Hehe. That would be very awkward for TRPGF, but I wonder if SE would count it as the norm since Bravely Default surpassed expectations.

        Agreed, which is nice. I do want TRPGF to find some success, and I don’t know if it’s SE holding them back in creative influence, but I hope they get to be more ambitious.

        • Radish

          Oh, I realize I wasn’t very clear in that post, sorry! Yeah, Lost Sphear being the TRPGF game, but Octopath looks like it fits the mold of that studio as well (though it’s a SE game) but since it is relatable to Bravely Default as you pointed out it should sell well. I also like how SE gave us a demo to gauge our interest and feedback before finishing the game.

          Yeah, I’m not sure what kind of budget TRPGF is working under and how much staff they have, and how much SE oversees what they do. I share your hopes though.

          • No worries~. I suppose it does a bit, being so old-school. Definitely. And like Bravely Default, it stands on its own as capturing that classic/pixel SE feel; I want to relate it to FF, but I’ve heard people say that it’s more like Saga games, so maybe that will draw people in too. And that was a great idea! I’m really glad about the demo and survey. (I don’t think I got my e-mail still though. . .)

            Indeed. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how Lost Sphear does, and what SE says after. I was surprised they kept them after Setsuna, so I think things look hopeful for them.