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Lost Sphear sold through 20% of its initial shipment in Japan

Posted on October 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Lost Sphear isn’t off to such a great start in Japan. Combined sales of the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions are just over 13,000 copies. On Switch specifically, the RPG sold roughly 6,000 units in its first week.

Data from Dengeki further points to a lack of interest in Lost Sphear. According to its numbers, the game sold through just 20 percent of its initial shipment. Not only is Lost Sphear selling slowly so far, but Square Enix may have overestimated interest and there will likely be an overabundance of copies sitting on store shelves.


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  • Roto Prime

    Ouch…..goodbye Tokyo RPG factory…if for some reason you get a chance to make one last game, try using sprites -____-

    • gamerprince1999

      I really hope this isn’t the end

      • Roto Prime

        they should try to…..you make a real Chrono Trigger clone with sprites and the actual battle system from Chrono Trigger…..Could you imagine how much people would be blowing up if lost sphear was sprites instead of 3D. It would sell like crazy just like Sonic Mania!!!!!

  • Ohhhh. Ouch! Wowza. o__o

    I mean. . . I get it though. Square has way mishandled TRPGF and their games. I’m still miffed with Setsuna, and I would support Lost Sphear to show SE that we want JRPGs on Switch, but Octopath is a thing and DQ11 will come. I’m not putting money into them anymore for subpar efforts and for them to be so mindless in their attempts.

    After two huge losses, that has to hurt though. I don’t know what they were thinking, but it has cost them each time.

    • Ragnell

      I’d give Setsuna like a 7. I enjoyed it for the most part. What is it you didn’t like about it?

      For me, random difficulty spikes, repetitive environments and those random lone houses on the world map that played no purpose whatsoever. And as I’m typing I guess I’ll also include the useless information most NPCs will say and the fact there’s no world map nor can you run on the overworld map.

      • That’s more than I’d give it, but I don’t think it was a bad game. Just very lackluster.

        The parts I dislike are part the game, and part the handling.

        I would cite most of your issues. For me, the environments, tone, and the writing are the major issues. There are smaller ones like the NPCs, and the overworld, but those major ones kind of drag the game down for me.

        There’s also the fact that Square was trying way too hard to sell it as a successor to Chrono Trigger. They were nostalgia baiting people, except they apparently didn’t know what/why CT was successful and still beloved, they put no experienced or big name producer or other talent on the game, and their budget for the game is kind of questionable. All of the handling and direction was real messy, and for what and how they were trying to sell people on it, that’s incredibly frustrating. (Especially after we get things like Bravely Default that replicate classic FF, and the Saga game wasn’t bad.)

        Part of it is also that Setsuna feels over-priced for what you get. Lost Sphear is looking better, but given its performance, I think people are burnt out already.

    • GoldenTriforce

      They did this all because Bravely Default did so well in the west, but these games haven’t seemed to have actually analyzed why those games did so well here. Octopath is made by the same people at SE (different dev teams, but same creative staff) which is why it has so much in common with Bravely.

      • Reggie

        Great… I’m now hesitant about Octopath Traveler for that very reason. I grew hating BD because of the stupid crystal mechanics and annoying characters (Agnes). I hear that Bravely Second also had an annoying gimmick in it too, though I don’t know what it was.

        • Do you men the plot part of the crystal, or just breaking it in general? (The button-mashing.)

          Bravely Default was made pretty much to be classic FF, but with some modern spins. Like what Asano did with the remake of FF3 (alongside 3’s original director though), and for Four Heroes of Light. If you played and enjoyed either of those two, there’s still a chance you may like Octopath.

          I’ve heard people say Octopath is less FF and more like. . . SaGa, maybe? I can’t remember which classic Square series, but I think that’s it. Since it’s maybe a different sphere of nostalgia, it may have mechanics and features you like better.

          If the demo has you on edge though, I wouldn’t get too excited for the game. If you liked the demo, you could always wait for reviews~.

          • Reggie

            I hated the crystal bit in Bravely Default, with the button mashing. I played the game on an original launch 3DS, which from what I’ve heard, apparently suffers from an issue where it’s not very responsive to button mashing. So while most people on their newer 3DSes were able to finish the crystal segment in a few seconds, it would take me like 5 minutes of nonstop, exhausting button mashing just to restore a crystal. And I would have to do that a total of eight times. I was completely done with the game by the time I restored the second one and spoiled myself on that detail.

            I mean it wasn’t BD’s fault so much as it was my 3DS, but I still really hated that and it made me really dislike button mashing in general. Then I hear that Bravely Second has some sort of tedious gimmick (again I dunno what it is), so I’m apprehensive. I don’t appreciate crud like that.

            I haven’t played the demo though. I probably ought to.

          • Wow, yikes. It took me a little while too, but never more than a minute; maybe two minutes on a couple of crystals. That’s an understandable feeling to have about it.

            I don’t see them adding anything like that to Octopath, but maybe a character or two’s action commands may rely on button mashing or some other gimmick. Which, hey, at least the Switch is more responsive but still.

            The demo will give you a very good feel for the game, I think. You can try two separate characters, and I feel it’s clear where the base mechanics end, and character mechanics begin. Hard to say what may still be in as an element of surprise though.

      • Exactly. BD did well in Japan, but especially well in the West (the US a lot), and had good legs in both regions even. But Square especially is too far removed from their previous success and why people enjoy/ed their titles. It’s rather interesting that DQ isn’t facing the same criticisms of FF (some complaints, but not to the same level), and that Asano is from Enix, but has a better understanding of why people enjoyed Square’s titles more than the folks at Square. I’m glad he gets to work on Octopath, and I hope he’ll get to work on more original titles (and give us the V and VI remakes we deserve).

        • Dumdum

          Why VI still doesn’t have a remake is beyond me. It doesn’t even have to be given the FF7 remake treatment. Just the 3D-fied stuff like what they did for FF3 + updated soundtrack would already be fine. Same with Chrono Trigger. They’d sell *boatloads* of those, and upwards of 90% of shipments sold, more so for CT.

          • I know, it really boggles my mind. I think part of it they got really focused on how much the IV material (remakes, sequel) was bringing them, so they didn’t care about any of the VII classics for a moment, especially with Cecil’s popularity taking off again (particularly in Japan).

            But that’s quieted down, and they clearly want to tap into the nostalgia market; but that’s what bugs me more about Setsuna. It just is so far removed from everything Chrono Trigger is. They should have made TRPGF to do original stuff, and give a smaller team of theirs the chance to work on a CT and VI remake.

            Hopefully we’ll get those this gen, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Reggie

    Wow, that’s a heavy blow if I ever saw one. A real shame. I get these are lackluster titles, but I would have hoped they would have done a little better than that.

  • gamerprince1999

    …well damn. If it didn’t do well in Japan, there’s no hope for the USA sales. I hope Tokyo RPG Factory can somehow recover from this and hopefully Square won’t shut them down or something 🙁