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Lots of new Yooka-Laylee footage

Posted on February 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch eShop, Videos

A whole bunch of new footage has emerged for Yooka-Laylee. We’ve rounded up several gameplay videos below.

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  • UK Pokémon News

    Actually a little worried about it. Not watched too much so as to not ruin all the surprise, but what I have watched is a little sparse feeling… Anyone else getting this?

    • Felipe M.

      Just a tad disappointed still no news of a physical Switch release.

      • I am still surprised people actually think the Switch version exist.
        It doesn’t exist til we see screenshot or footage.

        • Felipe M.

          YL was originally meant to be released on the WiiU but the dev team decided to move it to the Switch which makes sense, the WiiU is dead and the Switch is almost out.

          If YL doesn’t get a Switch physical release then I’ll just get it for PS4.

          • That not what I am saying. What i am saying is the game doesn’t exist on Switch til we seen actual proof that they are working on it.

            Not only that we never saw footage or screenshot of the Wii U version

          • Felipe M.

            That’s true but it’s still a little early to get worried, at most the Switch version *might* be digital-only and be delayed a bit.

          • nemo37

            I agree with your sentiments. I remember Ubisoft (with Watch_Dogs) and Slightly Mad Studios (with Project CARS) all praising the Wii U and indicating that their game would run well on the hardware. In both cases it turned out the actual port to the Wii U was started after the other versions were completed and long after those comments were made. Project CARS ended up being canceled by on Wii U because it did not perform anywhere close to what was promised (which is not too surprising considering those promises and hyping were all done before the dev even started to port the game). Watch_Dogs was released but it had major performance issues compared to the other versions (and the other versions all had their own bucket of problems).

            Now Playtonic is not Ubisoft nor are they Slightly Mad Studios, but there is enough signals to at least be cautious and somewhat skeptical (I’m pretty sure it will come out, but at the same time I would say that it is not for certain). The signal I am specifically talking about was canceling the Wii U version toward the end of the development period due to an unforeseen technical problem (something that they had not previously told backers, which is most alarming considering the time the game had been in development, and they did not mention what the technical issue was). I will say that it is coming for certain and judge its competency once I see footage of it running on Switch.

          • nemo37

            Actually ignore my last comment, the Switch version exists. The trailer that came out after the Nindies presentation had a disclaimer stating that the footage shown was representative of the Switch version (ie if it was not from the Switch version the disclaimer would be something along the lines that it was obtained from another version of the game).

          • It exist now but when I made that comment it didnt so yeah that what I was saying

          • nemo37

            Yes and I fully agree with your reasoning.

          • Stuart

            I get that and I can’t blame them for not launching on Wii U, but I don’t really approve that they waited that close to the launch of the game to announce that.

            Also I agree what DJK1NG said. We know nothing about that version. How does it looks like? When it’s coming out? Will or will not have physical at all? It uses Switch’s features? How long are they working on it? Did they JUST started working on it? I’m still getting this game probably but the way they are dealing with the Switch version makes me sad.

          • Felipe M.

            Stuart, all that reminds me of Darksiders Warmastered for WiiU. The devs keep saying “it’s coming to the WiiU, it’s not cancelled” but we haven’t seen actual gameplay. They did confirm it’ll have a physical release and with that, they also showed a WiiU game cover but still to this day, it’s not out.

            I really hope that Nordic sticks to their promise. And yeah, I agree.

  • Felipe M.

    Just saw gameplay of RiME (thought it’d be a futuristic racer like Redout and FAST Racing but it’s actually like Journey meets The Last Guardian) earlier and it looked awesome. Yooka-Laylee does too.

    I’m glad that indie developers are moving on from 8bit to 3D gaming at last.

  • Stuart

    It’s so weird that Playtonic barely talks about the Switch version at all. We know nothing of that port aside from “It’s happening”.

    • Stuart

      Just hope we see something at the Nindie showcase in half hour.

      • Linkchu

        To be honest, they are probably saving all that information for the stream.

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