March 2017: Switch sells 906,000 units in March, Zelda: Breath of the Wild over 1.3 million - Nintendo Everything

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March 2017: Switch sells 906,000 units in March, Zelda: Breath of the Wild over 1.3 million

Posted on April 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

The Switch sold 906,000 units in the United States during March, Nintendo has revealed. Today’s information comes straight from the NPD Group.

According to Nintendo, Switch is “one of the fastest-selling video game systems of all time.” It also comes “in a nontraditional month for a console launch.”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also sold over 1.3 million copies. More than 925,000 units were on Switch while another 460,000 were from Wii U. Nintendo sold more of Zelda: Breath of the Wild than it sold Switch systems, for an attach rate of more than 100 percent. The reasoning here “may be attributed to people who purchased both a limited edition of the game to collect and a second version to play.”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now the fastest-selling Nintendo launch game of all time. It’s also the fastest-selling game ever in the series.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said in a statement:

“Nintendo always strives to offer consumers something fun, new and different. With its various play modes and the innovative features of the Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo Switch provides unique experiences that people can take with them anywhere and share with anyone.”

Nintendo also said the following about Switch shipments:

“While Nintendo Switch sales are off to a record-breaking start, shipments have not yet been able to keep up with such high demand. Nintendo is working to make sure everyone who wants a system is able to buy one, and more systems are continually being shipped.”

Nintendo promises to share a full report on worldwide Switch sales and other financial information during its fiscal-year earnings release on April 27.

Source: Nintendo PR

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  • only crazy people buy the game twice

    • a game so nice, we buy it twice

      • i dont doubt that it’s worth more than $60
        it is amazing

    • Mauro

      Wii U and Switch edition…

      • like i said
        only crazy people buy the game twice

        • Mauro

          I’m crazy.

    • I mostly agree, but sometimes I’m tempted when it comes to LE/CEs.

      • ForeVision

        I can definitely agree on a nice LE, especially if it has a Steelcase!

        • I am a sucker for a steelcase LE. ♥

  • awng781

    “Nintendo sold more of Zelda: Breath of the Wild than it sold Switch systems, for an attach rate of more than 100 percent. The reasoning here “may be attributed to people who purchased both a limited edition of the game to collect and a second version to play.””


  • The truth-ier

    not impressive, one of the fastest…is not thee fastest, and it had 1 big game..selling 1.3 million isnt really that big….other games have broke entertainment records….this is good for a nintendo

    • awng781

      Dang, our blockbuster film broke records for our studio, but it didn’t make as much money as Star Wars The Force Awakens. I guess we had better close up shop…

      • ForeVision

        Now there’s constructive criticism, there’s discussing negative things, and then there’s that guy.

        • SpectralDynamite

          He’s trolling poorly to the point of complete irrelevancy.

    • AJK

      You own an xbone…you don’t get to argue numbers lol

      • SleepyNonstop

        Do not compare xbox/playstation/PC to nintendo… Nintendo run their own company and have indeed unlocked how to make good games. So have other plattforms.
        As for Xbox exclusive I bet their exclusives got on top 10 games.. Just how many countries are there on this planet.. Every country/region has its own top 10 selling games.

        Next time u post, check ur resources before posting..
        ENd of line

        • C_Ali88

          Top 10 selling games all time worldwide you imbecile…..
          He is right

          Wii Sports Resorts. 32.80 Million Copies. …

          Tetris ( Game Boy) 35 Million Copies. …

          Mario Kart Wii. 36.38 Million Copies. …

          Super Mario Bros. 40.24 Million Copies. …

          Grand Theft Auto V. 54 Million Copies. …

          Minecraft. 70 Million Copies. …

          Wii Sports. 82.69 Million Copies. …

          Tetris. 100 Million Copies.

          Also Nintendo also has 10 of the highest rated games in the top 15 of all time METACRITIC…… So maybe you should research both information and spelling and grammar.

        • AJK

          My source was both vg charts and Wikipedia. The list was ‘highest selling videogames ever’ and is compiled from multiple sources from worldwide. Thanks.

    • Usama Notkani

      Hey troll how’s it hanging

      • Tlink7

        He can’t tell, it’s too small 😡

        • Velen (Not WoW)


        • Usama Notkani

          penis jokes
          Because we are not above stupid mindlesss comedy(in John Oliver’s voice)

    • Do they not ban people on NintendoEverything? I know you’re not cussing up a storm (as far as I know), but I kind of don’t see the point in keeping trolls around either.

    • nemo37

      So based on your past comments, it is impressive when Xbox One sells 908,000 units in its launch month during the holidays.

      But it is not impressive when the Switch sells 906,000 units in its launch month, which is not during the holidays.

      Your lies, double standards, and hypocrisy are astounding, to say the least.

  • SM

    and from what i can see, the only reason the Switch hasn’t done more is because of stock issues

    • Had Nintendo did better on restocking Switches the system would’ve sold at least close to 2 million by now in the US alone. I live in the US and you can’t find a Switch at any retailer

      • ForeVision

        That counts for most countries I’d reckon. Nintendo’s own caution after Wii-U is warranted, but ironically enough highly unnecessary right now 😛

        • Frithjof Nikolai Wilborn

          In Norway, it’s impossible to find in online stores, but many retail stores have a few extra.

      • Stuart

        I dunno. I’m 100% sure that the number would be bigger, but not THAT bigger. But anyway Nintendo have to hurry up with the production, Mario Kart Deluxe is almost here.

      • I don’t keep up too hard because I got one on launch day, but isn’t there a rotation going of which retailer is re-stocked at a time? It seems like it has been that way. People have to be smart and watchful. Which is work, but it seems like yeah, they are trying to keep it stocked.

  • carlos holguin holguin

    Wow 500k from japan.. 1million in usa.. 50k in spain and 130 k in uk.. i can see they already surpassed 2 millions units and about the same goes to zelda.. good job nintendo

    • It’s already being said that the Switch sales are currently at 2.5 million units sold worldwide, so yeah I think you’re right

      • ForeVision

        I wonder how it has done in Europe, considering it’s more of a PC focused place from what I’ve gathered.

        • Lord Ozzie

          Its doing really well in Spain and Germany, Zelda BoTW is no.1 selling game in Germany which is good news. UK on the other hand, I guess its neutral.

          • AJK

            The UK is one of the only places where the xbone is doing well…we are weird here

          • ForeVision

            I feel like I’d need to travel over there and personally interview some people as to what they see in the Scorpio, since I’ve got a feeling that as it being merely a more powerful box, won’t exactly be making any waves. Not to mention that it’s probably going to be pretty expensive for what’s inside.

          • I’ve already sold my Xbox One because basically all of its games are coming to PC anyway and I have a decent rig. As for the Xbox Scorpio I really have no interest in it whatsoever. Until Microsoft starts making some worthwhile exclusives outside of Halo, then maybe I’ll consider getting one sometime in the future but in the meantime I’m satisfied with my gaming rig and my Switch 🙂

          • ForeVision

            I’m in the exact same ball-park, since Nintendo has many of my favoured franchises, and with them getting more third-party support of the sort that tends not to make it to PC, it’ll be a good time indeed.

            Just, the wait is killing some times… Too much time on my hands, and already so many hours in my Steam owned games.

          • BullockDS

            The UK tends to have a hate boner/victim complex with Nintendo that spans decade, so I’m not surprised.

        • Well Europe is more of Sony’s territory than anything but the sales could be around 300K and you have to remember that home consoles are priced higher there than anywhere else. North America and Japan have always been Nintendo’s strongest markets

          • ForeVision

            Well, my local retailer will only be having more Switches by 30-06-2017, and that’s in our small dark dimension known as the Netherlands, so I’m guessing it’s had quite the impact.

            As for Sony territory… I wouldn’t say so. It’s more PC territory judging by this site:

          • SpectralDynamite

            I wonder how it’s doing in my homeland of France.

          • ForeVision

            Europe in general is something I’d love to see statistics of. I hear many people in my surrounding environment say that their friends are looking to obtain one, and my local retailer won’t have any until the 30th of June, which indicates to me that the stock problem can’t be solved soon enough.

          • It sounds like the numbers for France were also nice, but I would love to see the actual sales as well.

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  • Stuart

    That attach rate above 100% for Zelda on Switch may also be for those who buy the games before buying the console due to low stock and then have to wait.

    Incredible numbers,almost 1 million on US alone. Now hurry up with those shipments Nintendo! Mario Kart is almost here.

    • Taun

      I have the Special Edition BotW for Switch, but I can’t find a Switch to play it on yet. :~(

      • Stuart

        Well,really hope you can find one soon.

      • AJK

        You’re not alone. A friend of mine has BOTW on Switch (got it at launch) but is still on a waiting list to get his Switch.

  • awng781
    • wisdomsprince

      Wii U came out November 18 so not a full month so not sure that’s apples to apples but switch is really doing well. I think it’s too expensive myself with not enough compelling reasons to buy. I’m going to wait

      • awng781

        Correct. The Wii U launched during the last week of November., which means a lot of the Wii U’s launch sales overflowed into December. When comparing 2nd month sales, Wii U sales in December 2012 will be higher than Switch sales in April 2017.

        After the 2012 holiday season, Wii U sales collapsed and never recovered.

      • True, but that’s also a holiday launch. (And in time for Black Friday.) So that means that sales even have the holiday boost behind them.

        But yeah, it’s best to wait if the price or library isn’t that hot.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      You forget the 3DS was severely overpriced at launch. If it was the price it currently is, that number would most certainly be higher.

      • awng781

        Yeah, that was a huge mistake.

        IMO even if the 3DS had launched at $170, I still think the Switch would have performed much better at launch since it has more compelling software. The 3DS launched with Nintendogs+cats and SFIV 3D as the big sellers…which were hardly very big at all. 3DS owners had to wait 4 months until OoT 3D released.

        • Jon Turner

          WiiU was even worse; NSMBU and Nintendo Land, long droughts after that… that WAS just bad all around.

    • That’s amazing. It performed as good as the XBO, and isn’t that far from PS4. And being supply constrained means it could have done better. (Wondering how close it would have got to PS4’s numbers; but these are great.)

      I really want to see how it does over the next couple of months though, especially before Splatoon releases (and then right as it does).

  • Lord Ozzie

    This is really good news but imagine the sales once Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Monster Hunter releases on the Switch especially in Japan.

    • A mainline Animal Crossing title, a true HD Monster Hunter game and especially Pokémon are gonna kill it in Japan for the Switch and you have to think that a Yo-Kai Watch game is in development as we speak. I feel sorry for any console going up against the Switch in Japan once those titles gets released because those titles will sell like crazy

      • ForeVision

        Just Monster Hunter alone will have people line-up in possibly MASSIVE rows, considering they already do that for the game right now on 3DS, imagine if it finally got that shot up in graphics… Call in the special unit, or you may be losing some stores to a storm of buyers.

        But, as it has that handheld component, I personally do not doubt it’s Japanese performance. It’s it’s performance in other countries that I want to be keenly aware of.

        • SpaceLud35

          I’m hoping beyond hope that there’s a limited edition console release for the next Switch MonHun.

      • Stuart

        Really? There is a new Yokai Watch game? Confirmed? For Switch? :O

        • GoldenTriforce

          No he’s just speculating. I honestly don’t know why Level 5 hasn’t announced anything for the Switch yet but they are probably still clinging on to the 3DS a bit too much.

  • Kenshin0011

    It’s really important to note that this is in March. Sure, Xbox One and PS4 have higher numbers for their 1st month’s launch, but they were launched at the beginning of the Holiday season.

    • awng781

      The PS4 and the Xbox One are the ONLY consoles with better launch salea thab the Switch.

      • Kenshin0011

        And likely were stocked better

    • Exactly. A lot of parents were buying PS4s and Xbox Ones for their kids to get an early jump on the holiday rush. March is a very unconventional month to release a home console and for Nintendo to nearly sell a million Switch units in one region in less than a month with a bare bones launch lineup is amazing. Kudos to Nintendo for a job well done

      • ForeVision

        It’s a nice piece of hardware, that’s what I’d honestly say about it. It’s a shame I don’t have more reason to use it right now. If there’s anything I dislike about it right now, is that a lot of games are digital, and I’d really like to save space without having to get an SD card already.

        • Well The Binding Of Issac does have a retail version but I don’t know if those types of games are your cup of tea but it is a real good game. If you like fighters Ultra Street Fighter II is coming in 2 months. Disgaea 5 is another game that I’ve heard is very good but….it really depends if these types of games float your boat

          • ForeVision

            Disgaea I will get, Isaac is sadly not my cup of tea, and as much as I like to enjoy fighters, I cannot play them due to a lack of reaction timing. I really should try some more things here and there, it’s a shame my time doing video game journalism ended the way it did…

          • ben

            What were you doing in gaming journalism? We should make a website.

          • ForeVision

            I wonder that myself sometimes. I was looking for interesting things that I could make use of, later in life, but the website owner was an idiot of the proportions I can barely comprehend to this day, using friend politics to get reviews in the hands of people who barely lift a finger to provide the website with regular news.

            But that is a long and complicated story, and I doubt it’ll be easy to convince those under who’s scrutiny I stand that it’s a worthy enough venture to make a living out of in due time.

    • wisdomsprince

      Holiday sales means they had to compete with a lot more products. At the same time it is Christmas so that may balance out. Who knows

    • ben

      The bigger issue is the PS4 and xbox did not release in Japan in the same month so they had more stock to sell in America.

      • awng781

        That really isn’t a relevant issue for Xbox lol

        • ben

          LOL but it is a big deal for Sony.

    • I was wondering whether or not they were holiday. The Switch numbers are looking more impressive, given the time of year and stock.

  • TruExtent

    I’m still waiting on the big new games to come but at least Zelda has been holding me over. I’m not even done yet! And once I’m done with my Switch copy, I’ll attempt a straight run to the final boss on my Wii U copy! In the meantime, I also got Snake Pass, FAST and Issac to hold me over.

  • Stuart

    Also,here is a chart for comparison (By @ZhugeEX).

    Of those all, GB Advance and the 3DS were the only outside Switch that launched outside the holiday season. Switch did only slight less than XOne (A difference of 60k). Is possible that Switch did better than Xone worldwide since it had Japan to help.

    • nemo37

      Look on the other sales article where The Truth-ier said the Switch sales were unimpressive…yet he has a backlog of trying to justify the XOne’s sales at launch. Funny considering, based on this chart, both sold about the same at launch…and the Switch was not released during the holiday period.

      • ben

        There were still Xbox ones on the shelves as well. The PS4 didn’t launch in Japan so they could get the supply to America and market it harder. Nintendo probably outsold the PS4 world wide first month looking at these figures.

      • Tlink7

        Just ignore that idiot, he’s one of those incredibly obvious and uninspired would-be-trolls

    • Tlozbj

      Isn’t the difference with X1, just 3k? November NPD 2013 puts X1 at 909k

  • MoYeung

    “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also sold over 1.3 million copies. More than 925,000 units were on Switch while another 460,000 were from Wii U.”

    Wii U number is respectable.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I find this interesting but what I would find MORE interesting is if Nintendo supplied accurate data over Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System sales in their first month to compare with Switch. As it stands, I don’t 100% believe the Switch outsold NES or SNES first month if they were to supply those numbers. SNES did phenomenally at the time due to being packaged with Super Mario World.

    • C_Ali88

      Snes sold horribly at first in the US. Did well in Japan from the outset but Sega stole a lot of Americans hearts….. And Nes/Famicom did ok but one must realize the number of gamers vs now… There are literally more potential gamers today than ever before…. So no its not hard to believe and I’m sure Nintendo has released accurate information.

    • awng781

      The NES and SNES did not sell that many units in their first month. Not even close.

    • NES didn’t have a “launch month” – wasn’t available at retail across the nation all at once. They started selling it in NYC & slowly rolled it out across the country. There also wasn’t much for ads. So limited release / limited visibility. Actual Nintendo employees would stand inside toy stores convincing parents to buy the NES for their kids. I don’t imagine early sales were great.

  • awng781

    While we are all talking hardware numbers, here is another interesting tidbit…

    Zelda BOTW has sold over 925,000 copies on the Switch in a month, which makes it the fastest selling Zelda game of all time on a single platform.

    The fastest selling Wii U game of all time is Smash Bros U, which sold about 710,000 copies in its first month in November 2014.
    The 2nd fastest selling Wii U game of all time is Mario Kart 8, which sold 450,000 copies in its first week (last week of May) and around 850,000 copies by the end of June.

    This means Zelda BOTW has already sold faster than the two Wii U’s fastest selling game, despite being a launch title with a very, very limited install base.

    • Since WW, Zelda couldn’t be a system seller in Japan (which is fair, because the last two games were made for the Western audience). But it’s interesting that BotW has elements that JP gamers tend not to always hop on board for, but it still did great for Japan. (I do think it fits tastes pretty well though; it’s an oddly anime and even Ghibli feeling game, enough to hit niche and mass appeal.)

  • FutureFox

    This is going to be an insane year for Nintendo. You realize even if they strictly sold 1 million units world wide from now till next April that’s easily 14.5 million units (current numbers suggests 2.5 million as of right now).

    They may very well walk rigthtover that 18 million figure. Some analyst or some entity said they could hit 20 million by next April.

    • Mr Ninty

      The only thing i want to see is the sales figures of this holiday season. I want to see what the Switch does when it has to compete on that battlefield. Also, i want to see what the Xbox Scorpio does in terms of sales. As of now I’m betting that the Switch will sell a lot more than the Scorpio and X1 combined. The PS4 is a different story, but it will be nice to see them battling it out

  • Drop Pokémon or MonHun in that autumn release schedule gap and you’ll reach your 16 mil Switch-units-in-one-year projection easy

    • VÅ© Viết Quảng Trọng

      bigger system seller should be save for later, release too many of them at once would be overkilled

  • Ho-wy shi-yet~! I need a Joseph Joestar gif for this one. x’D (Too lazy to grab it though! lol)

    Wow, go Nintendo! The Switch. . . did amazing! That’s fantastic! And if they were going to do 2mil worldwide, that already accounts for a lot of those numbers. Interesting!

    I certainly hope they can continue to meet supply demands. Looking at the other release titles this year, I feel they’re very suited for the US audiences (kinda curious on Arms though), with Splatoon being the one game I know will do hot in Japan and the US (if not better in Japan). I’m curious how they’re going to sell and hype us on games from here on. Looking forward to E3 as well~.

    But wow. I’m so happy! It’s going to be interesting to see how well it can do beside the PS4 and XBO from here on in.

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