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Mega Man animated series – first image, details

Posted on May 26, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Update: Capcom-Unity has a tiny bit extra:

The new animated Mega Man series will follow Aki Light – a normal, upbeat, and above all optimistic young school-aged robot living in Silicon City. He soon learns that deep within his programming are secret protocols that allow him to transform – giving him nanocore armor, a Mega Buster, and the iconic helmet to turn him into a superhero – Mega Man!

Promising exciting new technologies and new robots, the series will follow the adventures and trials of Aki Light – a.k.a. Mega Man – as he faces off against threats to Silicon City, while trying to keep his superhero identity a secret and maintain a normal robot schoolkid life.

DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment USA have reached a global deal to develop, co-produce, distribute and jointly manage licensing for the new Mega Man animated series. With today’s announcement, the first piece of promo material (above) has been revealed alongside details.

Here’s the official overview:

Aimed at kids 6 to 9, as well as their parents who grew up loving the videogames, the animated series will feature exciting new technologies and robots, as well as the introduction of Mega Man’s alter-ego, Aki Light, a normal, upbeat, schoolboy robot. When activated, his skin re-forms – in a flurry of computer code and visual pyrotechnics – into a suit of impenetrable nanocore armor, including the iconic Mega Buster arm cannon and helmet. Beloved characters, like Rush, will return – while new characters, like Mega Mini, will make their debut!

The new Mega Man animated series will debut next year to coincide with the series’ 30th anniversary.

Source: Dentsu Entertainment PR

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  • Prevot

    What the hell, that looks like it came straight out of Mighty No. 9.

    • Blanco8x8

      I know right?! Mega Man totally ripped off Mighty No. 9!

      • Anthony Green

        It ripped off its own ripoff. Didn’t know that was possible.

  • Exposer

    Look Ben Tennison is making a Tron cosplay and want us to think that is Megaman.

  • OlimacFTW

    And suddenly, the Ruby Spears’ version looks like a masterpiece.

  • dannyxzero


  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    That looks like Megaman if he didn’t eat anything for two weeks …

  • José Pedrero


  • CafeLeLEMONed

    So disappointed, with both the look and the premise.

  • GamersBlogX

    They could’ve made it good, but no… They chose to destroy Megaman more then they already have. CAPCOM WHY

    • Mike Ivans

      To be fair, they’re giving fans something new for once (that isn’t a rehash). Hopefully it’ll be more than just this for MM’s 30th though…

      • Bap

        With Megaman being as dead as he is all this time, people just want good old Megaman. Not this ugly Pac-Man styled crap.

  • Jennifer

    So basically Mega Man Starforce 2?

  • Mike Ivans

    New origin story… so new game perhaps? I’ll start letting myself down before Capcom does.

  • Logan Wayman

    To everyone who’s hating on this:

    This is Man of Action Studios. The guys who gave us Ben 10, Big Hero 6 and Generator REX. I’m sure they’ll hit the mark.

    Also I feel like the only person who likes the new design. 😛

    • R.Z.

      Now you have me worried, not only is the design incredibly ugly but you mean the show will be impossible to enjoy to anyone past their tweens ?

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        That depends. I know it’s not a good example to bring up but…

        My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

        Remember how wide of an appeal that had, disregarding the characteristics of the fans outside of it’s intended demographic?

        That could happen here if Man of Action does this well…

        • R.Z.

          Actually I’m a bit of a cartoon enthusiast, Big fan of many of the things Cartoon Network, Nickleodeon and such are putting out. Never Watched the Pony thing, but I do like the art style.
          Ben 10 however … well, it just doesn’t seem to have been made to have any appeal outside its target demographic, not ironic enough I guess. That Megaman seems to go the same way, with awful art style to top it.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            That is where we differ. I’m more of a fan of anime in general, but that’s in large part because cartoons today have long departed / devolved (IMO) to pandering to target demographics rather than going for wide appeal as they did in the past.

            Cartoons back in the 90s for example, had something for everyone a lot of the time.

          • R.Z.

            Cartoons seem to have gotten meatier plots lately, but the good ones still have the silliness, innuendos and metaphorical elements that made me love them back in the day. I’m really enjoying Adventure Time and Steven Universe, probably even more than I did Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo or Two Stupid Dogs back in the day. Sometimes it even gets close to Animaniacs in sheer dirtiness.
            I guess I have a harder time finding relatable stuff in Anime, but I never really dug into it that much. It’s funny because I think my favs are gritty stuff from the 80’s 90’s such as City Hunter or Hokuto No Ken (plus Evangelion for my emo side of course).
            It’s like we’re from reverse worlds or something.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            That’s the thing: I grew up on shows like Dexter’s Lab, Swat Kats, Speed Racer, The New Adventures of Johnny Quest, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, the Indigo League anime of Pokemon, Batman Beyond, and more.

            I love Steven Universe, and I loved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
            for the same reasons: they recaptured something cartoons had back in the
            90s, the time period I grew up in: heart. They have heart.

            The majority of cartoons these days don’t have that. They either try too hard to appeal to a demographic, or appeal to the lowest common denominator like the new PPG reboot, treating their audiences as if they’re stupid zombies, even though they’re anything but.

          • MLP: FiM had a wide appeal range because it was designed for little girls first, but intended for the family as a whole, so it was a very conscious effort to have wider appeal. (And it did pay off, but because the show just had solid writing and didn’t try to “pander”/condescend to the audience as many childrens’ shows do.)

            I’m also a cartoon enthusiast (and hugely into anime), and while I did enjoy parts of Ben10, it’s definitely one of those shows that starts off doing the “pander” thing.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Eh…I don’t hate it, but it’s a start.

  • MagcargoMan

    So it’s gonna be one of those “dealing with school kid problems while trying to save the world” shows that we have plenty of already?

  • SecretX

    Being kid friendly is the reason why i’m not excited about this.
    I never felt that Mega Man games were meant for kids it was for everyone to enjoy.

    • That kind of. . . doesn’t make sense? Being aimed at kids is different from being kid friendly. I think MM started off as the typical game that everyone plays when young but you grow up with that difficulty.

      Catering to children isn’t the problem. It’s when people (creators, studio execs and even audiences) think that childrens’ stuff, aimed/catered to or friendly, can’t have depth or quality and substance. Then they create stuff that talks down to children and is likely entertaining, but ultimately not very good.

      • SecretX

        That’s my point MegaMan games never felt just for kids.

        It is a problem when your targeting a specific group. I’m not saying all cartoons just this one they really didn’t care about the older fan base. This is why Mega Man fans aren’t happy about this new cartoon and of course there’s other reasons.

        • The thing is, you’re mixing up being friendly to kids, with being aimed directly at kids. For comparison: Ms Marvel is a kid friendly comic, but not aimed at kids. Compare this to the Avengers comics that Marvel made that were actually aimed at kids. Of course if they’re targeting kids, it should be kid friendly, but they can still target an adult audience and make something kid friendly. (Especially without condescending the abilities or maturity of children.)

          For a cartoon example, sure, this does look more Ben10 (and given the team. . .), and that is definitely aimed at kids entirely. But it could go the Steven Unvierse route in which it is aimed at kids, but made very much so for everyone.

          • SecretX

            Well i’m already judging it that it would only focus just for kids.

            I guess we will have to wait and see until then bye.

          • I don’t mind if it’s for kids, because there’s a lot of great cartoons now for kids, but it does look like a lazy attempt at a childrens and I’ll judge it on that. x’D

            We’ll see! I certainly hope it isn’t bad, but I don’t think Man of Action is so good anymore, so I don’t expect much.

  • Darkspines

    First impressions? Not really diging that new look and the fact that they changed his name from Rock.
    Second thought, “Hey, Sonic Boom’s designs didn’t sit well at first either. And yes, the games are not that good, but the tv show it’s quite nice.”

    Until we don’t see the end product, there’s not much grounds to judge it. So I’ll try to keep on neutral grounds for now.

  • Reggie

    Looks like the Mega Man from the cancelled Mega Man Universe.

    I don’t know what to think of this…

    • windystar

      I wish it looked more like that. Perfect blend of old and new.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      How about you think “-well that’s one roundabout way to make MMU Mega Man a officially thing.”

      • Reggie

        It’s just missing the edgy frown and big eyes.

  • Kentaro Darkdox

    Only Capcom after Inafune can kill the “megaman concept” twice

  • Toon Legion

    Didn’t the Dreamwave comics do something like this?

  • ChaosNocturne

    this series is already a failure

  • AquaBat

    I like it. He especially looks much better than the Xover Mega Man or Star Force Mega Man.

  • Christopher Kelly

    He’s looks pretty slick.

  • GoldenTriforce

    But… but why is he a robot in the first place? This plot seems really weird

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      I hope you’re not serious…

      Mega Man has ALWAYS been a robot.

      • TheWeasel

        I don’t know anything about Mega Man and even I know he’s always been a robot, haha!

        No, I think what they meant was why Aki Light is a robot in the show. As in, the description only tells us outright that this boy is actually a robot, but doesn’t tell us why he is a robot in the first place.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I think that should be obvious. Dr.Light created him, and that’s why he’s a robot. Why did he create him? Who knows…

          Also, I refuse to call him Aki. Not unless the other characters have a habit of calling him “Rocky” or “Raki” with a Japanese pronunciation.

          • TheWeasel

            Again, I have little to no knowledge of Mega Man. I did know about Dr. Light and Wily, although I was assuming this tv was to be a somewhat alternate take on Mega Man that follows the games’ story loosely. I suppose what you said makes a lot of sense, but I also see how someone who doesn’t know about Dr. Light might not make that connection just from this description alone.

      • GoldenTriforce

        Of course I know mega man is a robot in the games. I misread the plot summary in the article XD

  • Yolkghost

    …..Please capcom put it back… I’d be happier with megaman staying dead if this is the future direction of the series.

  • Shadao

    Aki Light? Wonder what this all means….

    There has never been a Mega Man character called Aki Light in the games before.

  • Not digging that design. Shame, because DHX absorbed Nerd Corps and they could have made a pretty cute MM cartoon. :/

  • nekoknight


  • Bap

    Megaman is still Xover…..

  • DeltaPeng

    Looks interesting. I hope the action is better than Mega Man NT warrior (I’d assume so if the creator of Ben10 is involved).

    I love the Battle Network series, but I think the action of NT warrior bugged me because it was so lackluster, a single cannon / sword could destroy a foe, compared to the very intense action of the games themselves. The original Mega Man cartoon seems to pace the action a bit better too, so perhaps that also influenced my views.

    Anyway, looking forward to how this turns out.

  • Justin McQuillen