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Miyamoto believes the gaming industry “has a long way to go”, wants Nintendo to always pursue new things

Posted on September 8, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

During Nintendo’s most recent shareholders meeting in July, Shigeru Miyamoto made a few comments about the games on display at E3.

“This year, the majority of what the other developers exhibited was bloody shooter software that was mainly set in violent surroundings or, in a different sense, realistic and cool worlds,” Miyamoto said at the time. “Because so many software developers are competing in that category, it seemed like most of the titles at the show were of that kind.”

In this month’s issue of EDGE, Miyamoto was asked to follow up on his comments. He stated, “I have not been fully satisfied with the inspirations that I have or that other people in the industry have in general.” Miyamoto also mentioned that industry trends are emphasized over “the creator’s individuality and uniqueness”, and that “the industry has a long way to go.”

Check out all of Miyamoto’s comments below – they’re quite interesting to say the least!

Oh, I’ve made quite the grand statement, haven’t I? My comment was based upon the fact that I have not been fully satisfied with the inspirations that I have or that other people in the industry have in general. I feel that industry tends, rather than the creator’s individuality and uniqueness, tend to be prioritized. When the people who manage the development budget take the lead in making a game, creators tend to make games that are already popular in the marketplace. Even when there is opportunity for young developers to make something freely, they tend to make similar proposals. I can’t help but feel that the industry has a long way to go. I hope Nintendo will always be a company that aggressively invests in something new – something born from each creator’s individual characteristics.

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  • Reminds me of the comments from… Ninja Theory, I believe? The makers of Heavenly Blade. People who manage the budget really screw over gamers and in a way, themselves, but people being okay with a lack of innovation or change (mainly the casuals) perpetuates this anyhow. It’s tough for both sides and I hope Nintendo doesn’t have to resort to a lack of innovation just to keep the money flowing (using Mario too much, for instance……).

    • jimmy

      They can use Mario all they want as long as the game is fun. As for the casuals being ok with the lask of innovation, according to the people Nintendo consels are for the casuals and yet its Nintendo who isn’t afraid to innovate and try new things

      • taran_kelly

        You heard it hear folks.”Nintendo isn’t afraid of trying to innovate and try new things”.
        That being said, be sure to buy the next Zelda game. The next Yoshi Yarn game. The next Kirby on 3DS. Smash Bros later this month. The remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The 3DS 2 and 3DS 2LL.
        Remember, Nintendo are the people who try something new.

        Thank you Jimmy. *ruffles head hair*

        • jimmy

          Wow that the best you got? Game pad, touchpad on ds, built in 3d, nunchuck and wii mote, all the other companies put their spin on nin’s stuff but Nintendo is always trying something new to change the plating experience. And have you seen the new kirby and yoshi game?

          • taran_kelly

            Yeah that new Yoshi game looks real new an innovative. I mean, I can’t wait to play as Yoshi in a game it’s mechanics are based on platforming and where Yoshi is able to swallow enemies whole which leaves a trailer of eggs for Yoshi to use which is initiated by holding down a button to aim his egg *breathe*. Yeah it’s not like Yoshis Island on the SNES did that 20 years ago…or Yoshi Touch and Go on the DS or Yoshis Island on the DS. This new Yoshi Wii U sure is new.

            Yeah that new Kirby game looks real new an innovative. I mean, I can’t wait to play as Kirby in a game it’s mechanics are based on platforming and where Kirby is able to swallow enemies whole which gives the player enemy based power-ups to use which is initiated by holding down a button to suck in enemies*breathe*. Yeah it’s not like Kirby Dream Land did that 20 years ago…or Kirby Super Star Ultra on the DS or Kirbys Return to Dreamland on the Wii. This new Kirby 3DS sure is new.

            Sorry but…

          • Yeah Wooly World looks amazing, I can’t wait for it

          • Guest

            HAHAHAHAHA your comment is pretty dumb, come on use your brain they’re from the same genre but they’re not the same, judging by your logic every single game nowadays is just a clone of everything on the NES and SNES, Diddy Kong Racing and Need for Speed revolve around racing mechanics where you have to beat the other racers and reach a finish line first, Wolfenstein and Call of Duty revolve around shooting mechanics where you have to fire guns at people, and so on…

            but now let’s talk about the series you speak of, let’s see…

            Yoshi, yoshi’s island on the SNES redefined the platforming genre, they basically changed everything that had been previously done as most of the platformers from the competition were just trying to be Mario, like Sonic who was just born to be a Mario copycat but supposedly faster to be seen as a more extreme and edgy version, and I say supposedly faster because Mario clearly ran twice as fast as sonic if you compare ”Super Mario Bros” with ”Sonic the hedgehog”, in Yoshi’s island you didn’t even have health or power ups to determine the mortality of the character but rather a time meter, it also introduced the flutter jump to give you more precision on your jumps, it had vehicle transformations, the tongue mechanic and the egg shooting along with lots of secrets in each stage because unlike Mario that is based on a timed challenge Yoshi was about the exploration, and Yoshi’s island frankly remains as the finest and most perfect platformer ever in my book, then there was Yoshi’s story, which used regular health now and kept the exploration but changed a lot of the mechanics, the game was like a story book and you’d advance pages instead of worlds but to find the 4 chapters of each page you had to find secret hearts by exploring, you had a lives limit which was determined by your yoshis, there were 8 total yoshis plus 2 secret ones you could unlock, it introduced searching for secrets by using yoshi’s sense of smell, you had a roulette to get a lucky fruit which would heal you more than the others and levels were completed by eating a certain number of fruits, they may share the same character but they are very different, Yoshi’s island DS was a sequel that returned to the gameplay of the first one for the SNES after so many years but it introduced different babies with different abilites, and you clearly haven’t played those games if you think Yoshi touch & go is the same as them because in that game you don’t even control yoshi

            The new kirby he was refering to was the Wii U kirby, the one that uses claymotion which is pretty innovative for a video game, the new yoshi’s art style is pretty innovative too as it is an evolution of the one from kirby epic yarn, it is not the same art style it’s an evolved version, just compare yoshi to kirby and the stages from epic yarn and from the gameplay videos of the new yoshi and you’ll see how much better yoshi looks

            And remember that Mario games may have Mario in the name and may be from the same franchise but they’re actually very different, galaxy is not the same as sunshine or 3D world, even though they’re all part of the main platformer marios, but if you go to other series like God of war for example, it’s literally the same game over and over again, the only thing that changes are the gods you kill in each one, and the gameplay is pretty repetitive it gets old really fast, the newest thing they’ve done with GoW is adding a not actually fun multiplayer (which feels tacked on) in the last game and that was after 5-6 iterations of the same game over and over again

            Assassins creed is rushed, buggy and the same game over and over again, Call of Duty is always just a copy-paste of the last one, FIFA is literally the same game with updated teams, and I could go on and on, so really, if you’re going to b*tch about a game being unoriginal go to God of War and Call of Duty which are the most blatant ones.

    • Jimtehjournalist

      Mario’s always coming up with something new. Though I feel that a lot of the ideas he takes up could’ve been other games, but they put Mario’s face on it (The Mario & Luigi RPG series, for instance).

      • Lelouch Vi Britannia

        Looks like someone doesn’t know about “Xenoblade Chronicles” and Open World Action RPG for the Wii and downright the best Wii RPG there is.

        • jimmy

          Naw man, they should’ve made mario the main character in that one

  • Rukiafan Rukiachan

    Myamoto is a legend. I love this guy

  • Nocturne

    just remember something new from scratch like splatoon is good but changing something old too much like paper mario is bad

    • Daniel

      I can honestly say my favorite paper mario game was Super paper mario. I did miss the RPG turn base style of the game when i was playing that but the story imo was excellent…and probably the best Mario villains in the whole franchise imo… Sticker star though yeah i can admit that wasn’t good.

      • Kalis Konig

        Yes! Super Paper Mario was amazing. I had hoped that it did well enough to warrant a sequel. If Nocturne is talking about Sticker Star though…yeah I still can’t forgive Miyamoto for that one.

  • Melatelo

    Very true and wise words.

  • Wise words from Mr. Miyamoto. A lot of developers have lost the passion of making games. Instead of trying to innovate, they are content with making the same stuff over and over.

    Nintendo is guilty of this to a certain extent. Milking the Mario franchise is something they need to stop. Sure, they create different games, but within the same universe, which makes it seem the same and is certainly limited to that universe.

    Spin-offs that could have been brand-new IPs:
    -Luigi’s Mansion – It could have been a game featuring a ghost hunter or maybe Professor E. Gadd himself.
    -Paper Mario – Imagine the same gameplay and all but with brand-new paper characters and world.
    -Super Princess Peach – A game featuring a female character with a magical umbrella.
    -Mario Sunshine – Same game, but with new protagonist in a tropical world.

    And this practice is not exclusive to the Mario series. Majora’s Mask could have been a game about a mask collecting hero. Good-Feel’s Epic Yarn was actually going to be a new IP with the main character being Prince Fluff, but instead they decided to make it a Kirby game. I read somewhere that Wonderful 101 was actually going to feature Nintendo characters instead of original characters. And I think Splatoon was going to feature Mario characters too. My point is, Nintendo don’t be afraid to create new IPs.

    • Melatelo

      This. You’re exactly right. I couldn’t of said it better myself.

    • So much true on this comment! I am really hopping Nintendo is slowly realizing this giving the fact that the have been changing their mind latelly on this (with Wonderful 101 and Splatoon)

    • Richard Blanco

      Good Point. But those games wouldn’t appeal and sell alot if consumers didn’t see a familiar face. I know capitalism can be a bitch sometimes, but it is necessary to an extent. The problem is that we have too many violent military shooters and I don’t want today’s children feeling nostalgia over them.

      • Sadly, that is the downside of my point. It is good to have new IPs, but on the other hand, like you said, people often want to see familiar faces. Take Wonderful 101 for example. Sadly, the game did not sold very well. It is painful to know that maybe if it had had Mario in it it would have been more successful. People are often very inconsistent on this topic. They ask for new IPs all the time, but when is given to them, they don’t sell well. So what is Nintendo going to do? Keep producing what it does sells well. If that is more Mario, then more Mario it will be.

        Activision and Ubisoft is in the same position with the Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed series. People often say they are tired of it, but year after year the games sell like hot cakes.

    • I agreed until I read Majoras Mask, that game HAD to be a Zelda game in order to fit the time line of the zelda franchise. For the others I agree with your point. The thing is, if you can use already created characters that are known and loved, why make new ones? Is the same philosophy of “why make something new if what you have still works?” its a continous paradox in the industry world. Why Apple doesnt label their new products differently instead of Iphone 1,2,3,4…etc? Why Playstation does the same 1,2,3,4 ? Why not rename it like Nintendo with Wii U, Gamecube, N64, etc? Is the same stuff.

      • jimmy

        Something Microsoft needs to learn, Xbox-360-One? Lol

      • Well, I only think this about Majora’s Mask because it really is a very different formula from the traditional Zelda games. Overall tone of the game, characters’ personalities, masks gameplay, focus on helping NPC, etc. Which is why I often ask myself “why wasn’t it a brand-new IP?” Maybe we would have gotten a sequel or two by now if it wasn’t a Zelda game. And correct me if I am wrong, but Majora’s Mask’s placement in the timeline is really not critically necessary either.

        I agree with your second point. Most of us want new adventures of Mario, Link and Samus, but at the same time we demand new IPs as well. Very conflicting desires.

    • jimmy

      So you’re against sequels? Make metroid prime trilogy into completely different games then, that can be said about any franchise

      • It doesn’t have to be all games I listed. I was just listing some examples off the top of my head. Something like Paper Mario is not a sequel. It’s a spin-off that could have been a new IP.

  • Kumomeme

    this year E3 full of multiplatform killers shooters
    previous E3,2012 if i not mistake lot of devs were saddened over same thing..
    i hope next year E3 not all about killing,shooting peoples

    • Jumwa

      Seems the FPS is hitting genre fatigue, even COD is seeing massive decline in sales numbers. So we very well might be seeing the beginning of the end of the grey and brown FPS as an industry titan.

      • Mick Clauwaert

        Destiny …

        • Jumwa

          It’s just coming out, we won’t know exactly how well it’s doing yet. Titanfall apparently failed to hit expectations, and that was made by the creators of CoD with all the advertizing budget of EA.

          I’m sure Activision will blow enough money on advertizing Destiny to make it sell millions, but I think the writing’s on the wall for the genre.

          • Mick Clauwaert

            This morning on the news I saw a report of a huge line of people that had been waiting for twelve hours + just to get the first copy of that game. Also, when I ague with people that I like Borderlands and I wish they’d make more silly and fun games like that in the FPS genre, the counterargument is always: ‘It looks cartoony. Maybe if they make a nextgen version … ‘

          • Jumwa

            That’s all fine, but what does anecdotal stories have to do with the fact that sales of the biggest FPS games are in decline?

            I’m not arguing that FPSes are dead or dying, just that they’re in decline, and that they might not be the dominant force in the industry for much longer. For a while music games like Rockband were insanely popular after all. Platformers were once the biggest thing in town. They aren’t anymore, but people still play them and the latest Mario still draws crowds.

          • Mick Clauwaert

            Then where do you get these facts (statistics) from as opposed to my anecdotal stories? Are they based on figures or on what trendwatchers say or are you a trendwatcher yourself?

            Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, whatever new CoD skin they come up with and now recently Destiny and Dead Rising III, which is Number One in the Steam Sales, Far Cry 4, … all those games will sell millions.

            And with the anecdotal stories (the first one was on world wide news) I’m trying to say that it looks like most gamers will buy any of those games as long as the blood looks more realistic and the latest real-life looking guns are in it.

            *Edit: and then this popped up on my twitter


  • I hope the next Nintendo console is more powerful than the PS5 and Xbox Two to be honest with some unique features.

    • Turbojacket

      I’m with you. Maybe then the hardware junkies will give Nintendo a shot and buy a good console with good games.

    • pokeroi

      If it’s the same spec with very unique hardware features, it’s gonna be expensive. If it’s unique software features, it’s gonna be copied very quickly. That’s the trade-off of “to be like you competitors”. PS4 and Xb1 are at the same price, because their hardwares almost the same and none of them has unique hardware features.

      • hallucinogenius

        Exactly. If they join the spec race and still try to be innovative it’ll end up like PS4 vs XB1, roughly the same specs, but XB1 was more expensive because it tried to get people into MS’s thing that would set it apart, which was Kinect, and the expense coupled with many people not caring for the “benefits” (in quotes because benefits are subjective to the beneficiary) caused it to undersell by a lot. Now apply that to Nintendo, who already gets pooped on left and right regardless of competency (pre-wii the spec gap wasn’t nearly as wide and was sometimes in Nintendo’s favor).

  • LazerTurkey

    I agree, within the last year or so the creativity in games have gone downhill. Major companies just rehash their big franchises every year and the only creative games are the indie ones. It’s pretty terrible actually. I’m glad that companies are making it easier for indie developers to make their games available to gamers.

  • Mick Clauwaert

    This is why I feel that Nintendo from the very start and now in this day in age is a fresh breath of air in a gaming world dominated by clones of CoD, Battlefield, GTA (Watch Dogs) and about a thousand uninspired zombie slashing and survival games that nobody ever asked for.

    Now critics say that Nintendo only makes Mario. That is true. But there is no such thing as ‘the Mario game’. Mario plays golf, races karts and every now and then he travels through the galaxy. Take Splatoon, an exciting upcoming game for the Wii U. Originally they were going to put Mario in that but just out of the blue they created new and unique characters.

  • xencosti

    I’m still hoping for an open world game based on all of Nintendo’s big franchises. A big mashup with tons of customization and dozens of hours of play.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Finally Nintendo gets the picture that its good to pursue new things. While i’m also a Sony Playstation fan I must admit their E3 conference was a doozy in comparison to Nintendo’s at E3.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Admittingly many games last gen were trying to cash in on the extensive success of “COD” which still remains popular yet very overrated.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    COD has become the stale FPS of the industry and while it spawned FPs Oversaturation last gen. It became the annoyance of non-FPS fans.

  • Squid

    That’s very very True Miyamoto.