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Miyamoto on Super Nintendo World – possible Switch interactivity, non-Mario representation, more

Posted on June 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Switch

Yesterday, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan held a special ceremony to announce the official start of construction on Super Nintendo World. 4Gamer shared some comments from Shigeru Miyamoto following the event.

At one point of the interview, Miyamoto touched on possible Switch interactivity at the park. He joked around by saying that he hopes the system will be even more popular in 2020, and thinks it could have a lifespan of longer than five years. According to Miyamoto, they’re thinking of potential interactivity between Switch and Super Nintendo World, and preparations are already in place for that. Nintendo is sharing their know-how from past experiences (like the 3DS at the Louvre Museum) and experimentation with Universal Studios and they are both are planning on how to implement the feature.

Elsewhere in the interview, Miyamoto was asked about featuring other Nintendo characters aside from Mario. He noted that it’s not called Super Mario World, but rather Super Nintendo World. So you can guess what that means.

For its IP strategy, Nintendo was trying to prepare broader chance for people to interact with the company’s characters for young people (including kids). At the same time, Universal Parks & Resorts approached them with this idea. If Nintendo were to do it on its own, they would need to recruit several tens of thousands of people, so they decided it is a great opportunity to collaborate.

Miyamoto also indicated that Nintendo is going to have more of similar type of collaborations, which allows the company to maintain its management scale while securing its quality from now on.

It should be noted that Super Nintendo World won’t be just about rides. Nintendo and Universal have plans for restaurants, shops, and even Nintendo-themed shows.

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  • Julien

    Maybe they’re planning expansion of the park, beyond 2020 and the initial opening.

    So in 2020 they’ll open Super Nintendo World with a Mario-themed area, then they’ll start building the Splatoon area, Zelda area, Animal Crossing area, etc.

    But I’m sure you’ll see squids, Link and lots of Nintendo characters around the Mario area too.

    • Coonfoot

      So the theme park equivalent of DLC? Neat.

      • Marygmuir

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  • Give a Fire Emblem Theme area and I will go in a heartbeat.

  • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

    SNES World is coming

  • R.Z.

    Switch interactivity, huh ?
    3Ds could get stuff via spot pass and street pass, but the Switch, so far …
    I really hope that hints at some such connectivity in the future and its statute as THE handheld platform too (thankfully He didn’t say 3DS).

  • wiki443556

    This is a good excuse to return to Tokyo (best place on earth on par with London)

  • metalpants

    If Mario Kart has a track, Splatoon should get a paintball, or paint-balloon-throw area or something. Metroid could get the creepy sci-fi corridor treatment where we would wear a plastic arm prop of sorts that looks like Samus’ blaster and shoot space pirates. Donkey Kong should have a jungle place where people can go Ninja Warrior style and climb ropes, clear obstacles (not insanely hard ones naturally) and stuff like that. Pokémon should have some kind of projector/hologram based indoor stadium where you link up your 3DS (perhaps your Switch with a future Pokémon game?) and battle other people with the Pokéball throwing gesture and all… *dies*

    I would move to Japan, learn Japanese and get a job there just to be near all that.