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Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Splatoon

Super Nintendo World is the Big N’s take on theme parks – in partnership with Universal of course – but it’s easy to notice how there’s a big focus on Mario. Shigeru Miyamoto has now spoken on that decision.

In an interview with Polygon, Miyamoto did share that other IPs were considered for Super Nintendo World like Splatoon. However, in the end the decision was made “to start with something focused” since “it would be easier”.

Super Nintendo World menu

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is almost ready for its grand opening, and we now have a rundown of the menu players can expect at the Toadstool Cafe.

The cafe features a giant red-capped mushroom exterior and a lavish interior adorned with an array of larger-than-life mushroom décor and iconic green pipes. The signature restaurant is helmed by Chef Toad himself. 

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart waistline limit

When Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood opens next month, it’ll come with a rider waistline limit for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. The Wall Street Journal reports that visitors may be turned away if their waistline measures 40 inches or more.

Super Nintendo World is the focal point of the outlet’s article, but it’s also mentioned that “navigating theme parks has grown tougher for plus-size visitors as parks balance accessibility with heightened safety requirements.” Other parts of Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and other locations “are equipping rides with tighter restraints to ensure that small children and others can’t wriggle out from seats.”

Super Nintendo World Hollywood opening date

The Super Nintendo World location at Universal Studios Hollywood now has a final opening date. The park will open on February 17, 2023, it’s just been announced.

This marks Super Nintendo World’s debut in the United States. It originally opened in Japan, and many of that location’s offerings have been brought over here. This includes the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge ride, Toadstool Cafe, and wearable, interactive wristbands known as Power-Up Bands.

Here’s a full rundown as to what Super Nintendo World Hollywood will have at Universal Studios Hollywood:

super nintendo world mario kart bowsers challenge

Universal Studios Hollywood has revealed details about the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge ride at Super Nintendo World.

The theme park in Japan has something similar, which is known as Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge there. Universal Studios Hollywood says that at the upcoming location in California, “guests and fans will find themselves immersed in one of the world’s largest, most interactive rides they have ever experienced.” It offers a mix of augmented reality with projection mapping technology and actual set pieces along a moving ride track.

super nintendo world hollywood 2023

Super Nintendo World will open its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023, it’s just been announced.

Ahead of that, “exclusive apparel and collectibles” will be offered at the Feature Presentation store in the park. This is said to be “opening soon.” The store will house apparel for Mario and Luigi, character hats, and plushies for the likes of Yoshi, Mario, Bowser, and Luigi.

A new lush jungle area will be added to Super Nintendo World with a 2024 release goal. Along with this expansion comes a new Donkey Kong-themed roller coaster attraction, as well as new places to eat and shop. It is not known at this time if the new attractions will make use of Augmented Reality, the magnetic wristband peripheral, or have any connectivity with the Nintendo Switch. Notably, the AR features have worked well for the Mario Kart attraction, and we will provide more details as they are revealed.

The overall area of Super Nintendo World will be around 1.7 times the size of the original floor plan, with enough attractions so that not only those who have played the “Donkey Kong” series can enjoy it, but all guests will find something to love. The goal is to maintain the excitement of Super Nintendo World so that guests continue to see it as an essential experience as part of their trip to the park. The graphic below is a small map of the planned expansion, showing where the additional elements will be constructed. With a small section of open area left over, it begs the question — will Super Nintendo World see more expansions in the future?

We’re still a few years off from Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studios Hollywood, but fans can at least pick up some sought after items from the theme park. For a limited time, merchandise is being offered at the Universal Studio Store.

Some of the items include plushies, shirts, and bags. We have more photos from the official Universal Studios Twitter account and user Kevin_Castro22 below.

Universal Studios Japan, including Super Nintendo World, recently closed due to a State of Emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic. After just over a month, the theme park is open to the public once more.

As noted in the announcement, Universal Studios Japan “will operate at a reduced capacity on weekdays only until further notice.” It further states that the location “will continue to implement enhanced health and safety protocols and capacity control measures while Osaka Prefecture remains under a State of Emergency and thereafter.” Guests will be encouraged to leave at varied times to avoid congestion, restaurants now have indoor dining dividers, and all team members other than essential operational team members will continue to work from home.

Universal Studios Japan closed on April 25. It fully reopened on June 1.


Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan uses augmented reality in a big way. Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge fully features the technology, allowing guests to become more immersed in the racing action.

Universal Creative’s Thierry Coup and Tom Geraghty recently discussed adding AR to Super Nintendo World and why it made sense for the theme park. Read their comments in full below. 

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