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Moonlighter announced for Switch

Posted on October 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch eShop, Videos

Moonlighter is coming to Switch, Digital Sun and 11 bit studios have announced.

Moonlighter is an action RPG with rogue-lite elements. You’ll play as the adventurous shopkeeper Will who secretly dreams of becoming a hero.

The current plan is to have Moonlighter ready for early next year. We have more information about the game and a trailer below.

During an archeological excavation – a set of Gates were discovered. People quickly realized that these ancient passages lead to different realms and dimensions. Rynoka, a small commercial village, was found near the excavation site – providing brave and reckless adventurers with treasures beyond measure.

Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements that demonstrates two sides of the coin – revealing everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that secretly dreams of becoming a hero.


While conducting your business in Rynoka village, you can put items on sale, set their price carefully, manage gold reserves, recruit assistants and upgrade the shop. Be careful though – some shady individuals may want to steal your precious wares!

Getting to know Rynoka’s residents and understanding needs of customers is crucial. Some folks may have special quests for you, requesting rare items and offering handsome rewards in return.

Crafting and enchanting system is essential for the your progression. Interacting with the villagers is the way to craft new armors, weapons and enchant existing equipment. This creates a great deal of flexibility and spices up the way the equipment is used.

While visiting other worlds, collect valuable resources, weapons, armors, treasures and peculiar artifacts. Then, manage acquired loot using unique inventory-based abilities.

Defeating various enemies and bosses, revel in the challenging and deep combat mechanics. The depth of combat depends on the interactions between weapons, abilities, enemies and secondary effects of items. Feel comfortable developing your own battling style.

Gates lead to different worlds. Each run is unique and forces you to take some smart decisions. You never know what you will encounter next – that’s why you have to be prepared for everything.

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  • DonSerrot

    This looks really interesting. Watching the video gave me a Link to the Past feel for the dungeon crawling portion. I wonder what the price will be when it come out.

    • Fernando Silva

      The game is simply addictive! I have played it at Gamescom and spent two hours (I went under the week when not too much people visit) without noticing. I am going crazy about this news!

  • wytxus

    Will these nindies developers bring triple A to nintendo platforms in the future?Well let’s see

    • Not sure how to read that. Do you mean “will Nindie developers lure AAA developers to the Switch” or “will Nindie developers make AAA games in the future”. Because those things are opposite sites of the spectrum, you can’t be an indie developer and pour hundreds of millions of currency into a game.

      • wytxus

        I certainly hope that nintendo would be great agian if the switch platform help these indie developers become big and powerful studios that can handle the triple A games. All I wanted to say was that these nindies not only greatly enrich the library of Switch for now but also may bring other good surprises in the future.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Can you choose a Female hero? Didn’t see that? Minish Cap! I spotted the inspiration is Minish Cap and Link Between Worlds!

    • I doubt it since the protagonist seems to be a predefined character by the name of Will.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        … Ah man! Still want the game though!

  • GoldenTriforce

    Good name for the game lol

  • Locky Mavo

    Looks pretty cool, would awesome to see Hyper Light Drifter and Cross Code make their way to the Switch too.

  • cloud36426

    This definitely put its hooks into me.. My poor PS4 is going to be lonely after next week. Until God Of War anyway.

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    I am going to get it just for the art style. Very impressive.Judging by some comments it seems it plays great too

  • I love how the art style oozes Minish Cap design. I think I’d prefer if it didn’t lean so much on the shop aspect, but it looks too cool to give it a pass.

  • Reggie

    What a charming looking game. I’m really fond of the graphics. This might fill the void for a 2D Zelda on Switch. Certainly looks better than Ittle Dew and Yono at least.

  • Waterdrop

    It looks Like Kamiko but worth the money, ill probably wait for this one if i have any extra dollars left.