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Digital Sun

Moonlighter has surpassed one million copies sold, publisher 11 bit studios and developer Digital Sun have announced. The two companies also said that the biggest revenue has come from sales on Switch.

According to today’s announcement, Moonlighter has reached 3.5 million users on all platforms.

As of today, Switch owners can access the new Between Dimensions DLC. We have a trailer for that below.

Source: 11 bit studios PR

Moonlighter has sold over 500,000 copies across all platforms, Digital Sun and 11 bit studios have announced.

In Japan, the game recently came out on the eShop and has done very well having debuted in fifth position in its first week. Total sales have reached 150,000 units on Switch alone, 11 bit studios says.

Digital Sun has announced a major free content patch for Moonlighter. At some point today, the game will be getting the “Friends & Foes” update.

Once the update goes live, players will find nine new familiars, new minibosses, additional features, changes, and fixes. We have full details from the team below.

A brand new update has gone live in Moonlighter. Digital Sun is introducing a bunch of content, including New Game+ as well as new weapons and items. On top of that, many improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Moonlighter makes its way to Switch starting today. View the game’s official launch trailer from 11 bit studios and Digital Sun below.

Moonlighter finally comes to Switch on November 5. For a look at the game on Nintendo’s console, check out the footage below.

11 bit studios has prepared a new trailer for Moonlighter, which is in development for Switch. We have today’s video below.

Moonlighter will be released for Switch sometime after the initial launch in May.

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Two important updates regarding Moonlighter, the Kickstarted action RPG by Digital Sun Games. We now have a confirmed release month for the game – it will launch on Switch in May. Also, the game is getting a physical release in North America as Merge Games will publish the game in that region. No word yet on a physical release in the rest of the world.


Moonlighter was announced for Switch last year. We haven’t heard too much about the game in recent months, but it sounds like it isn’t too far off.

Digital Sun Games wrote in a new Kickstarter update this week:

Final debugging of console ports. The game is already playable from beginning to end on Xbox One, PS4 and almost there on Nintendo Switch, but it still needs some more work before starting the certification process. This is the major point pending, it’s a lot of work, but we are very close to finish and things are looking good.

Here’s an overview and trailer for Moonlighter in case you missed our previous coverage:

Moonlighter is coming to Switch, Digital Sun and 11 bit studios have announced.

Moonlighter is an action RPG with rogue-lite elements. You’ll play as the adventurous shopkeeper Will who secretly dreams of becoming a hero.

The current plan is to have Moonlighter ready for early next year. We have more information about the game and a trailer below.