New Ace Attorney title announced for 3DS

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April 22, 2014 by (@NE_Brian)
Dai Gyakuten Saiban

Capcom has announced the latest Ace Attorney title in this week’s Famitsu. It’ll be titled “Dai Gyakuten Saiban”, and is set in the Meiji era.

The new Ace Attorney will be a 3DS-exclusive title. You can find a scan showing art above.


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  • VainX

    Confirmed for “not making it over here”. Move along folks :(.
    ( Most Japanese Culture heavy games don’t make it over here, it hasn’t really been confirmed for not making it,lol)

    • Oskitake

      Not really, when the background knowledge of the japanese culture is crucial for the play, yeah it doesnt get localized, but when such knowledge is taught in the game, then it can be localized.
      We can just hope, I actually love this series, and CAPCOM has got it very well localizing Ace Attorney, so not localizing this one is a big mistake for the franchise and for CAPCOM.

      • ronin4life

        The conflict being AA has always been localised as taking place in America… when in actuality it always took place in Japan: With this title, this inconsistency is unnavoidable.

        Really can’t tell how this will work out…

        • Blazer

          it’s their job to figure something out and bring it to us

          if sales were good enough for Dual Destinies (it was a digital-only title so we can’t be sure) they’ll probably bring it over here

          also depends on how well-received the game is over there though

          I think we’ll get it though, we’ve been getting most AA games minus the 2nd Edgeworth one which has its reasons