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New off-screen footage of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Switch

Posted on August 22, 2017 by in Switch, Videos

Skyrim Remastered was featured for the Switch at Gamescom 2017. Below is a video showcasing tablet mode with the joycon grip.

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  • Roto Prime

    I can’t believe Elder Scroll will be on a Nintendo system, it is truly a dream come true <3

  • Tomo910

    Will the game work in docked mode

    • Petri

      Why wouldn’t it?

  • Petri

    I would like an release date.
    Just hope it’s not releasing against anything big. Maybe November title?
    I was kinda hoping they’d release somewhere near September, before Mario Odyssey.

  • Filipe Santos

    I hope it sells well! I will take my copy!

  • Bart

    Can I get Daggerfall next please?

    …yeah, didn’t think so.

    How about Doom 1? I’d really like to play that on Switch for some reason…

  • The PC version is better because mods, but I’m too lazy to learn how to download them. Since this comes with all the DLC, I might get it.

  • cloud36426

    In the article it says remastered.. Is this confirmed to be a port of the remaster or a PS3/360 port? Or is it a built for Switch type deal?

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