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Nintendo 2016 fiscal year earnings results

Posted on April 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch, Wii U

Nintendo’s latest financial results for the 2016 fiscal year are in. We’ll be rounding up all of the important pieces of information below.

– The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild recorded sales of 2.76 million units
– The total units sold including the Wii U version is 3.84 million units
– “1-2-Switch has been generating buzz.”
– Switch hardware: 2.74 million
– Switch software: 5.46 million
– Pokemon Sun/Moon sales: 15.44 million
– Super Mario Maker for 3DS sales: 2.34 million
– Kirby: Planet Robobot – 1.36 million
– Pokemon GO drove 3DS sales outside of Japan
– 3DS sales during this period was 7.27 million units (7% increase on a year-on-year basis)
– 3DS software sales volume reached 55.08 million units (14% increase on a year-on-year basis)
– Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U: 1.08 million units
– Wii U software sales volume during this period was 14.8 million units (46% decrease on a year-on-year basis)
– Wii U hardware decreased to a sales volume of 760 thousand units (77% decrease on a year-on-year basis)
– Super Mario Run “elicited a fantastic response from consumers worldwide”
– Fire Emblem Heroes “is being enjoyed by both long-time fans of the Fire Emblem series and consumers who have never played the series on dedicated video game systems.”
– amiibo: 9.1 million units for figure-type and 9.3 million units for card-type
– Fewer offerings of downloadable content, so digital sales were also down to a large extent on the same period last year
– Operating profit: 489.0 billion yen against net sales of 29.3 billion yen (of which 359.0 billion yen, or
73.4% of the total sales, were overseas sales)
– 50.3 billion yen share of profit of entities accounted for using the equity method related to The Pokémon Company and other investments, resulting in an ordinary profit of 20.2 billion yen
– Due to the sale of the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball, Nintendo recorded gain on sales of investment securities totaling 64.5 billion yen as extraordinary income, meaning that the net profit attributable to owners of
parent was 102.5 billion yen
– Targeting 10 million hardware units for Switch for the next year
– Targeting 35 million software units for Switch for the next year

Regarding Nintendo Switch, we will maintain buzz about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch, which are off to a phenomenal start, and release Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in April and ARMS in June worldwide. We will release Splatoon 2 in July. Splatoon 2 exemplifies the concept of Nintendo Switch, enabling consumers to play anywhere, anytime, and with anyone, and will bring competition between consumers to new levels of excitement. In addition, we will maintain favorable conditions surrounding Nintendo Switch by providing a continuous stream of appealing third-party titles across varying genres. We aim to stimulate the platform and expand sales going into the holiday season this year.

Total sales volume for the Nintendo 3DS hardware worldwide has surpassed 66 million units and it has developed into a platform that we can rely on for software sales.

We will release Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia overseas in May (April in Japan) and plan to release Ever Oasis and Hey! Pikmin in June and July. Furthermore, this year is Kirby’s 25th anniversary, so we are planning to release downloadable titles and a new multiplayer action game for Nintendo 3DS. Third-party developers have also announced major titles for Nintendo 3DS. During this period we will continue striving to maintain the momentum of the platform and to reach a broader audience, including females and children, across the world.

In the smart-device business, we released three game applications during this period, each with different playstyles and profit models. We were able to present opportunities for consumers who had never played Nintendo games before and those who live in regions we had previously been unable to reach to experience Nintendo’s intellectual property (Nintendo IP) and the different worlds featured in Nintendo games. Going forward we will endeavor to expand our smart-device business by making use of the experience we have gained so far to provide new game applications, while also focusing on continued operations for our released applications so that consumers can enjoy playing them for a long time.

Based on these efforts, we project a net sales of 750.0 billion yen, an operating profit of 65.0 billion yen, an ordinary profit of 60.0 billion yen and a net profit attributable to owners of parent of 45.0 billion yen. Unit sales of the major products used for the forecast are listed on page 15 under the heading of “(4) Consolidated sales units, number of new titles, and sales units forecast” in the “Others” section. Exchange rate assumptions for the major currencies used for the forecasts are 105 yen per US dollar and 115 yen per euro.


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  • Desiderio Lazaro


    • Vive

      2.74 mln Switches sold in just one month, better than PS4 at launch.

      • The truth-ier

        PS4 and X1 did not have almost a full month at retail, look at the launch dates.
        Not to mention this is nintendo 2nd try this generation……

        • PrinceAmadi

          Not to mention, PS4 had the holiday season. The Switch launched in March.

        • amak11

          PS4 and X1 had winter hard launches… big difference between the Switch March soft launch and them. Switch’s prospects are better overall because of multiple factors.

  • Tlink7
    • Cynthiawnickerson

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    • Exy

    • The truth-ier

      this is not alot of money… convert the money….

      • Tlink7

        Ah yes, I remember the time when I gave someone a small loan of 489.0 billion yen

        • Exy

          Can I borrow 72 million yen?

          • Tlink7

            Can I grab you by the keyhole?

      • amak11

        Yes, you financially illiterate Americans seem to think that converting money to your currency is suddenly an evaluation of worth.

        Grow up please. Cost in one country is in no way equivalent to cost in your country.

      • Donovan Tull

        489 billion yen was honestly shocking. As you do not seem to be aware of how much that is, that converts to 4.4 billion USD.

  • MoYeung

    – Targeting 10 million hardware units for Switch for the next year.

    Impossible Mission

    • Ghirahim

      Exactly. It will be more than that.

      • hi v3.0


      • He obviously didn’t get the memo on how popular the Mario Kart and Splatoon franchises are worldwide, especially in Japan

        • The truth-ier

          splatoon 4.6 million with 2 years at retail…. BUT with the wii u, its not like they had 3rd party support or much of a choice.

          • Stuart

            So are saying that everyone bought Splatoon because they didn’t had anything else to buy?

            I hate that argument…if that was the case,why didn’t some other games on Wii U sold millions too? Why didn’t Devil’s Third, Star Fox Zero, Amiibo Festival, Ultra Smash, Wonderful 101 or the third parties available didn’t sold millions too? Heck,you said down bellow that we shouldn’t compare to Zelda, but if we did: Splatoon sold more than Hyrule Warriors, Wind Waker HD,A Link Between Worlds, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess HD. Even Pokken Tournament that is a freaking Pokemon game on Wii U didn’t sold half of what Splatoon sold.

    • nemo37

      It is quite possible that they will meet or exceed that number…with a price cut.

    • Usama Notkani

      So you are a new kind of troll. 2.74mil sold in less than a month without holiday season and 10mil is impossible with a holiday season with games like Zelda, Mario, Mario kart, splatoon and if Nintendo plays their cards right a smash hit in ARMS? And that’s forgetting the possibility of xenoblade 2 this year as well and fire emblem will be there and who knows what else will be unveiled at e3. I’d say 10mil is an underestimation on Nintendo’s part

      • The truth-ier

        less then a month, if you wanna see less then a month look at when the x1 and ps4 launched. the switch launched with damn near a full month.
        Splatoon is not a big game…..never combine it will zelda and mario kart. ARMS is a niche title, so is xenoblade 2…heck the original didnt even sell a million.
        You are the new kind of stupid.

        • Usama Notkani

          Idiot troll forgets that splatoon took not only japan but the world by storm and that was just the first one. Everyone knows that the second of almost anything is the best like with smash, batman trilogy, captain america trilogy etc. You don’t even consider that mario kart was once a fledgling and so was zelda. Also Splatoon was supposed to be a small title but Nintendo made it into a phenomena with one game, What makes you think they can’t do that with AMRS with proper marketing. Splatoon is a freaking monster in Japan and outsold Mario kart 8 over there and it had less time to work with. What makes you think it wont happen worldwide cause it sure will in Japan. In Japan it will be bigger than Zelda or Mario kart and everyone knows it. ARMS is not a niche title because we dont yet have a clue what title it will be if Nintendo does what they did with splatoon then it will be a megahit otherwise a mid-tier or niche. XCX sold a million by now cause it was close to it last I checked that makes it a relevant title you absolute idiot. It has its fanbase and will attract a certain type of audience and make it much more compelling especially considering how Japan is gearing up for switch and jrpgs are a guarantee. You absolute idiot I bet the new troll is just your alternate account you pathetic excuse of a troll. You had one job in life and you even failed at that. Now go back to your corner with hermoine and “the new guy” while actual people discuss their passion on a site dedicated to the passion of millions not trolls like you hell I don’t even know if you are a real human being or a troll A.I some genius created with a lot of time to spare. For an A.I you would be decently intelligent but for a human being you are an absolute idiot.

      • MoYeung


  • Don Zaloog

    It was a good year. Switch is a success so far and I think it will pick up even more with MK8 Deluxe.

    • The truth-ier

      success is never shown by the launch when the fans who want it will buy anything with a nintendo sign

      • Don Zaloog

        Hence why I said “so far”.

      • amak11

        If you had a business it would have failed by now…. I swear, everything you have said has been rediculiously anti-nintendo or anti-consumer

  • GoldenTriforce

    I can definitely see them boosting their expectations or the Switch outselling them by at least 2 if not more million units.

  • The truth-ier

    So MS makes more in one quarter then Nintendo makes all year.

    • amak11

      Microsoft doesnt make money on Xbox though…. They make money through software licensing.

    • nemo37

      Yeah that is because MS is a giant company supported by Azure, Windows, Office, other non-Xbox hardware. Microsoft’s Xbox unit actually loses money (it has not even broken even from the time it was conceived). The only reason Xbox exists is to prevent Sony from making their own platform that would compete with Windows.

  • That’s excellent for Nintendo. Much better than I anticipated on many fronts. They’ve been very wise and smart in their mobile fronts, and I’m glad that FE has brought them new and old/longtime fans. I wonder how the ratio of those two is in the West.

    I’m really glad to hear they’ll be continuing to broaden their audiences too. I can already see how they’ll probably cater to female audiences more with Animal Crossing. I feel BotW is the most inclusive Zelda game yet, and I can’t wait to see how they can continue that with not just Zelda, but other franchises too.

    I wonder how excited investors are right now.

  • Wanderlei

    Switch beat ps4 for first month in a much harder sales period, amazing.