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Nintendo issues yet another statement/apology about lack of same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

Posted on May 9, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Some gamers have expressed continued dissatisfaction about the lack of same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life. As such, Nintendo issued another statement about the situation today.

The company apologized to those who are disappointed about the lack of same-sex relationships in the 3DS title. This functionality would not be possible if Nintendo were to develop a post-ship patch. If there were to be another Tomodachi entry in the future, “we will strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.”

Head past the break for Nintendo’s full statement.

We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change this game’s design, and such a significant development change can’t be accomplished with a post-ship patch. At Nintendo, dedication has always meant going beyond the games to promote a sense of community, and to share a spirit of fun and joy. We are committed to advancing our longtime company values of fun and entertainment for everyone. We pledge that if we create a next installment in the Tomodachi series, we will strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.


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  • Jumwa

    They say it CAN’T be added with post-ship patch actually.

    And a very nice apology. A shame it had to go on so long but it’s a nice statement.

  • I am among those disappointed people, but I guess if they can’t do anything about it at this stage, there’s not much else to be said. This is actually kind of a deal breaker for me (I was on the fence about this game anyway) so I’ll be passing. But if they do live up to their statement of trying to be more inclusive next time, then maybe I’ll try the next one (assuming there is one).

  • Wasn’t expecting the last line. Suppose they don’t have to follow up on it if they never release a sequel.

  • DestinyMan

    Just make a boy face with a girl Mii. xD simple.

    • So everyone would be gay for that person? Unless it’s Ewan McGregor that’s not a solution.

  • Megina

    Apologies if this sounds rude, but I fail to see the point of this apology. Why does the LGBT community feel as if their lifestyle should be forced into absolutely everything in the media? There are several other titles that allow same-gender relationships & marriages; what’s the point in raising the pitchforks when just one life simulator game doesn’t allow it?

    • Joachim Kramer

      The world has changed and, in this day and age, a game about relationships should be inclusive. It was a missed opportunity on Nintendo’s part to show solidarity with the LGBT community. Releasing the game as-is is tantamount to forcing people back in the closet. Unacceptable. Everyone should be made to feel accepted and games like this certainly do not help to accomplish that. The same applies for the pervasive bias toward white protagonists in video games. If companies think ethnic minorities do not play video games they are sorely mistaken. This is a diverse world and our entertainment should reflect that reality. That does not mean I’m for the shoehorning of diversity for diversity’s sake, but a balance must be achieved.

      • SecretX

        wtf? all they did is patch the game because it was a glitch. don’t want to be cruel but i only support real life events like gay mirage and equal rights. stuff like this doesn’t matter because you’re playing it for fun not to educate you.

        • MangaEngel

          Lets say that all female players can make their Miis marry someone, but the male players can’t.
          Is that fun? Would you say that its stupid to complain, because men can decide to marry someone in real life, so why should it matter in a game?
          No, it would be seen as sexistic (“not only women want to marry!”). And by forcing a man to instant-friendzone his boyfriends/husbands mii instead of marry it like many couples did and plan to, it just stops being fun for multiple people as it reflects to them a “this is how society thinks it should be”. It is only a game, but with that argument, we could also just make a game super-racist and nobody would allowed to say a word since “its just a game, calm down”

          • SecretX

            don’t know why people pick on the little things in a game. there’s always good explanation of why there’s more males in game and why they use a white males. all you have to do is research, but of course nobody does. found my answers in youtube 😛

      • it’s not supposed to actually reflect reality

        misunderstanding the direction of the game and acting entitled because of it is on you, not them, they’re just being professional by apologizing anyway, something they don’t really have to do

    • Operative

      I understand, and as a gay person it is sort of disappointing, but i’m still going to buy it. I don’t think the LGBT community is forcing itself into “everything”, I just think they’re disappointed that a game that’s advertised as a way to simulate your own life, they are unable to. I personally don’t mind, but I’m guessing that’s their issue with it

    • Jumwa

      It wasn’t even a boycott, so I don’t understand how they “forced” anyone. Fans expressed their disappointment, Nintendo gave a nice apology and commitment to do better.

      I fail to see the pitchforks involved.

    • metalpants

      I agree. This is getting out of hand. Nintendo isn’t a company that’s big on relationships to begin with. Let alone stuff that doesn’t really resonate with children and families (which is ANY kind of relationship… kids just don’t care about that stuff).

      Either way, I don’t see why Nintendo has to issue an “apology” when they didn’t do anything wrong…

  • Tora Yasha

    Noooooooo~! D:

  • EgoMouse

    Ugh, Nintendo took years to translate this game only for people to complain. Not every game is perfect, but its better that this game is being localized than it never coming here or getting pushed back even further.
    I’m going to buy this game even though I can’t marry my boyfriend. I can either create female Mii of him or wait for the next installment/post-ship patch (from what the statement says, inclusive means they might), but next month, I rather have a love triangle with my Mii and Luigi trying to date Rosalina xD It sounds a lot funner.

  • TalesOfBS

    I don’t get what the big deal is. Most gay guys i saw in real life were always dressed as a normal man and girls usually with conservative/manly clothes. Maybe the big deal is that people actually want to crossdress instead because they are too ashamed to do it in real life?

  • Rex T.

    Em… I am a Chinese live in Hong Kong. Is that a very serious problem if a game which theme is about friendship, social relationship but “same-sex relationships” is missing? It is a very important feature in American?

    • Megina

      I hate to admit it, but I live in the USA, and if I’m correct, nearly half the country is in support of same-sex marriages. That is the basis for this controversy that the LGBT community has dragged Nintendo in. They’ve (The LGBT community) got to understand they can’t always get their way, irrespective of who’s backing them and the number of them that has exposed their sexuality to the world. Read this excerpt to a reply: Releasing the game as-is is tantamount to forcing people back in the closet. I’m sorry; is there any part within the game that displays homophobia? How is the exclusion of same-sex relationships (Mind you, it was a glitch in the Japanese version) boycotting LGBTs and displaying homophobia? But trust people to dictate that Nintendo will take a side no matter what they do; If, truly, they’ll lose no matter whether they include same-sex relationships or not, my guess is they took the path that would result in minimal losses. And this is that path.

      • Operative

        You hate to admit that half the US supports equality? But you’re right, either way Nintendo would get bitched at. If next game they do put in same sex marriages, then you can expect a whole bunch of dumb comments about family friendliness or the bible or whatever, but at least they’d be progressive. But demanding Nintendo rework most of THIS game for LGBTQ people’s convenience is just dumb