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Nintendo nearing agreement with Illumination Entertainment for animated Mario movie

Posted on November 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a massive agreement that is wrapping up between Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment. According to the publication, the two sides will be teaming up for an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. Illumination Entertainment has produced animated films for Universal Pictures in the past.

The Wall Street Journal says that one sticking point is how Nintendo wants to ensure it will be involved enough in the creative process. Shigeru Miyamoto has apparently been part of the talks and will likely be a producer on the movie, along with Chris Meledandri.

Currently, just one Mario movie is planned, though the agreement could allow for more. If everything goes through, Illumination’s Paris studio Mac Guff will animate the project. Since it’s in early stages of development, don’t expect to see the film for a few years.


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  • TDude73

    You’re welcome, Brian.

    • Hylian Ticipated

      Frickin’ Brian, dude.

  • Exy

    For reference, this is what happened last time Mario had actual spoken dialogue.

  • Exposer

    So Mario and Rabbids were just sneak peek about the Mario X Minions Univeral probably want.

  • I honestly think they could do decent on this. I’m not sure why, but I have my hopes up.

    • Hylian Ticipated

      I believed in you.

  • Jag Gentlemann

    Couldn’t they get a worse animation company? Expect a lot of recicled Toads.

    • Coonfoot

      Like Toad models aren’t already recycled in every game they’re in.

      • Jag Gentlemann

        I haven’t played most of the new Mario RPGs (yet) so my brain tries to forget how lazy Nintendo became with NPCs. But yes, you are right. If Nintendo doesn’t put any efford on Toads, the creators of the minions wont do it neither.

  • Spice’71

    I want it to be like a better version of sausage party.

  • StrawhatEevee


  • GoldenTriforce

    “Oh? What have they done in the past- … oh.. oh no… oh no”

    • Hylian Ticipated

      Thanks a lot.

  • Bap

    Noooooooooooo, anyone but Illumination.

    • Sir Dippingsauce

      Even Sony?

      • Bap

        Sony I could deal with. Illumination is the bottom of the barrel.

  • Illumination, minions, cheap, pandering oh why did they decide to partner with that company of all other ones, even if they worked with Dreamworks that would still be working with illumination since they own that company now :/ It’s probably because of illuminations working strategy of we won’t spend that much on our movies but we can market it well enough to return profit 10 fold. Illumination one of the laziest.

    • ghost phoenix

      heres te problem when nintendo says they want to be hands on they want to do all animation all the story they only want universal studios basically for the name and actually getting their movie out there and a higher budget

  • Zeebor

    Welp, time to die.

    • Hylian Ticipated


    • Coonfoot

      Can I have your movie ticket then?

  • Coonfoot

    Hopefully, Nintendo will make sure Illumination doesn’t totally botch this up. If they’ll tell Disney animators the right way Bowser should hold a coffee cup, they’ll be all over these guys to make sure the whole Mario cast is depicted right.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Toads acted like Minions.

  • Max

    I’m not sure how to feel. Intrigued, I guess.

  • MajoraMan28

    Please wake me up of this f-ing nightmare

  • blowingupyourmind

    Use blue sky studios the peanuts movie was good

  • Tracy Bowersox

    This is horrible news. ANYBODY but Illumination…