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A new trailer has surfaced for the upcoming movie, which gives us a first look at the Palico design and more. Check out the video below.

The Monster Hunter movie will initially debut on December 4.

A new trailer has gone live for Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle ahead of its Japanese debut next month. Get a look at the video below.

Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle will premiere in Japan on December 25. The English version will air sometime in 2021.

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We’ve long heard about Pokemon the Movie Coco, which will debut in Japan next month. The Pokemon Company has now followed up with a bit of information for western fans.

The upcoming film is officially titled “Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle” overseas. It’s confirmed for release in 2021, though a specific date hasn’t been determined as of yet.

Here’s an official overview:

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Monster Hunter movie director Paul W.S. Anderson recently opened up about the film in great detail. Anderson spoke about some of the finer points about the project and its creation.

After a number of Resident Evil movies, Anderson is teaming up with actress Milla Jovovich once again. Jovovich plays the role of a U.S. Army Ranger, who falls through a portal and ends up in the Monster Hunter world. Regarding the character as well as the decision to have her come from our world, Anderson explained:

Thanks to IGN, we have a proper look at the new Monster Hunter movie with a full-length trailer. View the video below.

The Monster Hunter movie will debut in December.

IGN has shared a new video for the Monster Hunter movie in which director Paul W.S. Anderson showcases his film adaptation’s versions of Diablos and Rathalos to Capcom game series’ director Kaname Fujioka and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto for their approval. View it below.

The new Monster Hunter movie will debut in December.

With Nintendo pulling Pikmin Short Movies from the 3DS and Wii U eShops, the full set of videos has now been made officially available on YouTube. We’ve rounded them up below.

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IGN has posted a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. Get a look at the brief video below.

The Monster Hunter film will initially debut in December.

Before a movie goes into full production, it can be accompanied by a previsualization video. Concept shots and footage are created before any real work is done. For animated films, it can give animators and directors a better idea as to how certain scenes will actually turn out.

Artist Ellery Ortiz has now uploaded a video showing off previsualization work for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. She said of her work on Vimeo:

In an interview with Polygon, Mega Man movie writer Mattson Tomlin opened up about his approach to the project.

Tomlin mentioned that he wants to get to the root of the character that delves beyond his actual abilities. Tomlin also said it’ll “be universal and primal and emotional and everybody can kind of relate to.” Although the film will be something kids can enjoy, “it is not squarely in the kid territory.” 

Here’s the exchange between Polygon and Tomlin: