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Today, Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story debuted in Japan. At the very end of the film, next year’s release was teased. Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will premiere in 2019.

Reports out of Japan say that Masachika Ichimura, the original voice for Mewtwo, has voiceover in the teaser. He says lines like “Who am I? Where am I?”, indicating that he’s coming back as Mewtwo.

We have a new development on the Sonic movie. As reported by Deadline, Jim Carrey is negotiating to play the role of Robotnik – the well-known villain of the series. The site further states that “Sonic must stop Dr. Eggman from completing his plans for world domination is basically the gist of this one.”

The Sonic film will debut in 2019. It will feature a mix of live action and CGI.


Rumors yesterday had Paul Rudd possibly having a lead role in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. That speculation turned out to be incorrect in the end, and Variety now reports that James Marsden will be starring in the film. Specifics behind his role have not yet been shared.

The new Sonic movie will debut on November 15, 2019. It will feature a mix of live action and CGI.


A new image was revealed today for Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story and it reveals that the newest Mythical Pokemon Zerora will be in the movie. It’s most likely Zerora will play an important part in the movie like the previous Pokemon movies with other Mythical Pokemon in them.


Variety has managed to obtain some new details about the Monster Hunter movie, which was first announced in 2016.

According to the site, production will start in September. Milla Jovovich will be starring in the film. Paul W. S. Anderson (Resident Evil films) will be directing while Jeremy Bolt is serving as producer. Anderson will be writing as well.

A new wave of photos have apparently emerged from the Detective Pikachu film set. Images show extras dressed in Pikachu and Snorlax outfits as well as green-screen suits, actress Kathryn Newton in a red blazer with the pin “CNM” under her lapel, a group of cast members dressed in silver outfits with matching purple baseball caps, and more. Anime News Network also reports that large balloons were released into the sky as actors Ken Watanabe and Bill Nighy looked on.

Below is the full set of photos:

It’s important to note that the Detective Pikachu movie isn’t intended to be a full recreation of the game. As one example, Lucy went by the name Emilia Christie in the English game and wasn’t sassy.

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Following up on yesterday’s trailer, a couple of commercials have been published for Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story. You can find both below.

The Japanese release of Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story is fast approaching. In Japan, the film debuts on July 13.

Oha Suta intends to promote the movie with a new trailer. The episode is airing on Monday, so the video should be published by then at the latest.

Along with the trailer, we’re hearing that the trailer will feature an unrevealed Pokemon. The creature in question is likely Zeraora, who was previously discovered within Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon’s data.


A new Pokemon movie in Japan always means some tie-in promotions with the current games, and this time will be no different, as the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine reveals. The latest Pokemon movie, titled “Everyone’s Story”, will be released in Japan on July 13th. The Legendary Pokemon its story focuses on is Lugia, and as such, Lugia will be distributed via a serial code if you pre-book tickets for the movie between April 13th and July 12th. Codes will be valid until September 30th and can be redeemed in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

This Lugia has its Hidden Ability, Multiscale, and comes with the moves Aeroblast, Defog, Tailwind and Hurricane, a move it can’t learn normally. Lugia will be at level 100.

It’s currently unknown whether or not this Lugia will also be distributed outside Japan in some form.


Update: Added in the official embed below.

Original: A new trailer for Pokemon the Movie 2018 just aired on the Japanese variety show Oha Suta. The film, which premieres on July 13, is going by the name Pokemon: Everyone’s Story for its release in Japan.

We’ve posted the video below. When the official upload comes in, we’ll replace the embed here.

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