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Nintendo of France shares various sales figures, other bits

Posted on January 16, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

Nintendo deputy general manager Philippe Lavoué has revealed a variety of hardware and software sales for France as part of an interview with publication Challenges. He additionally commented on more general topics such as smartphones, the competition, and teased “unannounced surprises” for Wii U.

Here’s a summary of what was shared:

– 3DS: 1 million+ (64% plus year over year) YTD (over the expectations)”
– 2DS: 180k
– Pokemon X and Y: 584k YTD
– Wii U sold 178k in 2013 in France
– 3D World: 98k YTD
– 12.5 million active Wii players in France in 2013, hopes to convert them
– Market study: 10 million French gamers potentially interested in Mario Kart 8
– No to smartphones, focus on quality and differentiation
– Japanese million seller Puzzle and Dragons proves that traditional gaming and smartphone games can coexist
– Concerning Xbox One and PS4: it’s not all about specs
– Estimates that over 50% of sold Wii U games are by third-party
– Games turned the 3DS around, MK8, SSBU, DKCTF and unannounced surprises will help the Wii U in 2014

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