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Nintendo scrapped tiny people from Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Posted on March 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

It’s always interesting to see game ideas that were left on the cutting room floor during development. In the case of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, director Hidemaro Fujibayashi revealed in the game’s new “making of” video series that the team scrapped something relating to characters.

Fujibayashi and the rest of the team were hoping to include “tiny people”, complete with “tiny-sized towns” and Link himself shrinking. However, “with all these other characters that stand out, we thought it would be difficult for these little guys to be able to live out their own place in the game.”

Fujibayashi’s full explanation:

“We did have times when we had ideas for certain characters but decided not to use them once we got further into development. For example, we had this idea of including tiny people. Since this is a 3D game, we could have all these tiny-sized towns, and Link himself could shrink. We thought it’d be super fun if we had all these tiny characters all over the place… but with all these other characters that stand out, we thought it would be difficult for these little guys to be able to live out their own place in the game. So we really wanted to have them in there for the gameplay, but sadly had to give up on the idea.”

Had this idea been implemented, it would have been a neat reference to one of the earlier Zelda games Fujibayashi worked on. Fujibayashi was the director of The Minish Cap, a title that involved Link shrinking and the tiny race Picori.

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  • Tlink7

    ”What even is a Minish Cap” ;-;

    • Fernando Silva
      • Tlink7

        No of course not, I was just crying about Nintendo never doing anything with that Zelda game… a title I love <3

        • Fernando Silva

          Sorry, I took your comment too serious =P

    • R.Z.

      A stupid item from the worst (“official”) Zelda game ever made.

      • Tlink7

        Right in the feels ;-;

        • R.Z.


      • Evan Gustavson

        You never actually played Minish Cap then.
        Ezlo isn’t an item, and he doesn’t show up in your inventory:

        • R.Z.

          As per definition number 3 and 5 (the erotic subtext in that game is hard to ignore :-P) Ezio totally qualifies as an item.
          Aside from that I think that game really suffered from that medal system or whatever it was called. It sabotaged the enjoyment you usually get out of item based progression.

          • Nowhere Man

            It was a collectible sidequest that offered little in the grand scheme of things (with a few exceptions). It wasn’t a necessity to collect them all, and the only 3 major items you get, you’re fusing with characters who (VERY) obviously are important in the game, or at least stand out (Minish Elder, big Goron, Tingle family). It’s also in no way, shape, or form worse than the multiplayer games or Phantom Hourglass, at the very least, even if you had issues with kinstones.

  • Blanco8x8

    I feel a certain “community” will be disappointed by this missed opportunity.

  • Blake Good

    So this would’ve played like a 3D version of The Minish Cap. I still think they should make a game that plays like a 3D version of that game.

    • Vinicius

      Agreed, there is so much that can be done with a shrinking mechanic in a game. So many good ideas for level design.

      • R.Z.

        A dungeon in every tree stump, yay !

        • Princess Moondoll

          Lol I just imagine link raging, becoming big again and kicking the tree stump super hard

      • Blake Good

        Yeah, that’s why I found the special effects in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids the best special effects I’ve seen in a live action Disney movie, no lie!

  • Mark

    I’ve heard it said before that the absence of the Picori are one of the saddest things in Twilight Princess – that there is no longer a race of tiny people hiding rupees in grass and pots anymore. But I think these people are completely mistaken. The Picori have only gone through a culture change.

    How else can it be that when Link shoots an animal, it *POOF* turns into a perfectly butchered steak, maybe with a few additional parts? The Picori have turned from a merry band of light-hearted tiny folk into a swarming tiny mass of vicious carnivores, ripping most of the creature to shreads but leaving enough left to appease Link, their giant wrathful god.

    I mean really, it’s the only answer that makes sense.

    • Bradley

      Brilliant detective! Just brilliant! XD

    • Sooo they evolved into Vashta Nerada from Doctor Who?

      • Mark

        How else do you explain Link’s special TARDIS mount?

  • R.Z.

    Now I have that idea of Link Shrinking and then riding a seagull …

  • Fernando Silva

    Is there too many spoilers? I am afraid to watch the videos…

  • nekoknight

    Too bad, I think it’s a really neat idea. Maybe in the next Zelda game, perhaps?

  • halcyon

    interesting but i do think its an idea better suited to the toon zelda games.

    • Justin McQuillen

      this is a toon zelda game homeslice

  • Blanco8x8

    The Minish Cap manga, Chapter 4, Page 96.

    That is all…

    • SaCul

      I assume you mean page 6?

  • Kaine Morrison

    At least we now know what the DLC in December will bring!

    Also, Minish Cap is represented in Breath of the Wild.
    Picori Pond, Trilby Highlands… the areas are all on the East of the map!

  • ronin4life

    Loved minish cap, one of my favorite Zelda games.

    Are these even Minish people though, or just hylians that are tiny?

  • piichan

    And I was just thinking it would be nice to have 3d remakes of the gb/c/a games. Would definitely love to see Minish Cap remade.

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