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Nintendo seems to be publishing Dragon Quest Builders on Switch in the west

Posted on November 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Square Enix has not one, but two Dragon Quest Builders game coming to Switch. The sequel was actually announced before the first game for Nintendo’s console. And then during the latest Nintendo Direct, the original Dragon Quest Builders was confirmed for all regions on Switch.

Interestingly, it seems as though Nintendo will be publishing the game in the west. No one seems to have really picked up on it or at least discussed it, but Dragon Quest Builders is listed with various other first-party releases for Switch in the company’s latest release schedule. Square Enix might be handling it in Japan, but at least overseas, it looks like Nintendo is publishing.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

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  • Jaxon Holden

    This news was broken back with the financial results, actually. They’re also publishing one other game in the west- Octopath Traveller I think? And they’re actually not publishing any of Bethesdas games.

    • GoldenTriforce

      Which makes it really weird that the Bethesda games are listed under them.

  • theFooFighter

    Still hoping they pick up dq heroes and mhxx

  • MajoraMan28

    Still waiting on DQXI.
    That game will show us how S-E will tackle Switch. Its performance could also hint at the chances for FFVII and KHIII running on the console to a degree that is satisfactory for them

  • Reggie

    Square Enix has no confidence in DQ in the west, forcing Nintendo to pick up the slack, it seems.

    • GoldenTriforce

      As long as we still get them, it makes it better for us. Nintendo supporting a franchise could only help it. Now its just odd that they are doing this for a game which has already released in the west.

      • Reggie

        Oh I know, and I’m definitely grateful for it. Not complaining at all.

        I’m guessing that Dragon Quest (or should I say, Dragon Warrior as it was known in the west once upon a time) didn’t really take off in the west and SE, being lazy, doesn’t want to take the risk of reviving it themselves. I’m glad Nintendo is taking the effort.

        • ᙓᔕᙅᗝ.2

          Doh!! x(

    • Exy

      It worked for Final Fantasy 1.

    • Yet they did for PlayStation.

      • Admittedly, SE and Bamco both tend to be selective about consoles in the West getting things. PS3 users miss out on even digital versions of games at times, and Vita users only get digital while PS4 gets the whole shebang.

        Not as bad as Nintendo having to pick up the slack, but they’re still exclusive and crap.

      • Reggie

        You’re better off asking SE that.

  • Game_God

    They should do the same for MH XX, since Crapcom won’t do it, plublish it in the West just to piss off Crapcom!

    • Ryosuke Yamada

      I don’t think it works that way. Nintendo still needs Capcom’s permission first to publish MHXX in the west. And with Capcom as it is now, a localized MHXX is pretty much fantasy.

      • Dascylus

        Not to mention Capcom would also have to pay Nintendo to go through the localization process. At this point, I don’t think Capcom wants to invest any money in a MHXX localization.

        • Game_God

          Do I have to explain the obvious like verybody is 5 in here???
          Of course the game belongs to Crapcom, but if Nintendo approaches them & say that they want to localize & publish the game in the west, there is nothing that Crapcom can’t counter-argue without pissing off Nintendo.
          And that would piss Crapcom off because they are not interested in developping for Switch as everyone can see with them putting all their games, collections & whatever on anything but Nintendo platforms, the Resident Evil Revelations is the bare minimum that Crapcom can do without saying a straight F*ck You to Nintendo’s face!
          Publishing MH XX in the west would interfere with their MH World plans & would put them on the spot if it sells well!

    • Reggie

      How in the hell would that piss off Capcom? If anything it would only take weight off of their shoulders. Nintendo did publish Monster Hunter Stories in their stead.

    • ronin4life

      Pretty sure Nintendo pushed all the MH titles up til now already soooo…

    • AJK

      How would it piss off capcom? They make money still even if the game is published by nintendo

  • Not surprised. Square Enix US/EU don’t like Nintendo system or owners.
    They will only localize and bring to the west anything that is Final Fantasy, Kingdom Heart and low budget titles on Nintendo systems.
    They refused do any Dragon Quest since the DS. Nintendo did it all. They refuse to bring over Bravely Default and Second. Nintendo in the west did it all.
    They also not touching Project Octopath Traveler. Nintendo of America and Europe is doing it all.

    • Reggie

      All the more respect for Nintendo then.

    • AJK

      I don’t think they dislike Nintendo owners but rather won’t take risks on games that don’t tend to sell too well in the West. Sad but true :/

      • No they really don’t like us. They have no problem localizing all the Dragon Quest games on PS4.
        But refuse to do Dragon Quest on Nintendo system.
        They didn’t even bother to bring over Heroes I-II on the Switch. Despite them just recently doing it.

        • Reggie

          Maybe Sony is bribing them to do it, like they do with everyone else. =P

          • Nah because I rarely see PlayStation twitter or reps bring up anything about Dragon Quest.
            Otherwise it would be published by them like Nioh was for KOEI Tecmo.

  • Amethyst Gaze

    Really hope they’re doing this to warm up for the XI announcement. Good way to fill in any gaps next year.

  • venomancer

    well I gotta buy this game now since Nintendo will be supporting it :v

  • fbnaulin

    I’m gonna buy this game, no matter who is publishing it. Bring me more DQ, guys!

  • Stuart O’Quin

    This is known, if not well known already. I hope Nintendo does the same for XI. Not holding my breath on X – but that would be nice too, since we didn’t get it on Wii U.