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One Piece: Unlimited World Red has sold 500,000 units worldwide

Posted on November 6, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

Bandai Namco shared various sales figures in its latest financial report. We’ve now learned that One Piece: Unlimited World Red has sold 500,000 copies worldwide.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red originally landed in Japan as a 3DS-only title last November. The game made its way to overseas territories and additional platforms – including Wii U – this past summer.


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  • Kyoko

    Great game. I spend +60 hours playing it.

    • lucaslink2

      I thought I was the only one.

      • I didn’t spend that long but it’s solid. A bit too repetitive for me though. Having both Nintendo versions is nice (in that it supports getting more stuff… maybe even a physical version or other anime games lol) and that you can transfer data and experience both versions without losing progress and such.

        • lucaslink2

          I spend that much time because I unlock and complete EVERYTHING, in Coliseum, Story and Guild modes outside of DLC.

          • fair enough, you must be quite the fan =)

          • lucaslink2

            Actually I am, One Piece is my favorite anime of all time. all 671 episodes and the manga.

          • awesome! I actually stopped watching the anime a… few months ago? Because I got kinda sick of the fillers/non-canon execution of events and lack of quality and such (despite having watched most if not all of the rest of the anime, some of which I watched twice lol), but I still fanboy over the manga every week haha, it’s just so good, everytime I start to think that maybe I’m just fanboying for no reason, Oda brings out another great chapter and I turn into a little kid lol


            just had to share that I am also a fan XD, sadly I don’t have as much patience for the video games–I have two versions of Unlimited World RED, one game for Wii, Romance Dawn for 3DS (which was awful, sorry) and I tried a fighting game in Japanese once, but overall they’re just anime games and never really impress me >_<

            oh and Pirate Warriors 2, but I've actually not gotten to playing that despite having bought it a while ago, LOL

          • lucaslink2

            The games can sometimes be bad, I’ll give you that. Romance Dawn was bad, no offense taken there and and anime games in general aren’t super impressive but I genuinely like UWR so I went crazy on it and spend all the time needed to complete 100%.

          • haha yeah I agree, anime games are never like, GOTY or anywhere close but they can still be lots of fun, and not just because it’s your fave characters lol

            feel free to talk about OP with me on Skype if you’re ever bored, I’m a veeeerrry chatty person as you can tell, haha. my skype’s ballin1337, if I don’t hear from you I’ll just assume you’re not interested, no worries, there are better things to do than talk about OP to strangers lol

          • lucaslink2

            I’m always interested in talking anime you’ll see me one of these days. I’m starting finals soon so it might not be right away. Thanks for the offer.

          • Haha no problem, will add

          • lucaslink2

            We can play games too, what games do you have. Mario kart, Smash, Monster Hunter. I got a few with online multi-player. we can chat in miiverse or something else.

          • I have pretty much every major first/second-party Wii U game and some others as well haha, I’m not very into Miiverse and such but I’ll try and get some games going, I play a bit of Smash and I’m not opposed to some MK8 or Bayo 2 😉

          • lucaslink2

            I also got Bayo 2, hyrule warriors but that one doesn’t have online and many more. I’m not that much into mii verse either is just an option of chat if you like.

          • haha yeah sure, I gotcha, I have HW but not too much to do in that XP

  • Jon Turner

    Yeah, I’m glad to have that game. Namco is one of the few third party supporters that are still on board WiiU.

  • Ryan Gallagher

    Wish they made naruto for Wii u instead.

  • don fran

    I bought it, and totally regret it. I think it becomes repetitive and unrewarding too soon for non-fans of the anime to have any interest in playing it to the end.

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