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Pac-Man Museum cancelled on Wii U, 3DS

Posted on January 30, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Wii U eShop

Namco Bandai announced Pac-Man Museum for a number of platforms last year including Wii U and 3DS. Today, the publisher finally shared a release date for the game’s PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions, but a mention of Nintendo systems was conspicuously absent.

We followed up with Namco Bandai and were told that, unfortunately, both eShop releases have been cancelled. Pac-Man Museum will no longer be available on Wii U and 3DS “as a result of delayed development,” a representative said.

If you’re still interested in Pac-Man Museum, you can pick up the title via PlayStation Network on February 25 and through Xbox Live Arcade/Steam on February 26.

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  • ecoutercavalier

    It’s Bandai Namco now, Brian. Almost as hard to get used to as when the year turns over.

    • Brian

      They’re actually still using “Namco Bandai Games America Inc.” in their emails, interestingly!

      • ecoutercavalier

        I really don’t like the way Bandai Namco sounds. It doesn’t really matter, considering everyone just calls them Bamco anyway.

        • Rubia Gomez

          you mean Namco not bamco

          • ecoutercavalier

            No, I mean Bamco.

          • ecoutercavalier

            err, was it Nandai?

    • Adrián Benítez

      I think the name change will be efective in April

  • dr scoobie

    I was going to buy this for the WiiU.
    Too bad my PS3 isn’t connected to the internet.

  • James Fox

    2014 is gonna suck 🙁

    • Not if you have a PC & Steam or a Xbone or PS3/4

      • Rubia Gomez

        you mean xBOX 360/one not xbone

    • Rowdy

      While learning that Pac-Man museum is cancelled for Wii U and 3DS, there are lots of other goodies that will be released on both systems this year 🙂

  • Brandon

    nice job namco bandai or eh hem BANDI NAMCO. smooth move. /sarcasm

  • SomeFluffer64

    Aw… I was looking foreword to this!

  • sonicfan1373

    I was going to purchase this most likely on both Wii U and 3DS (I would have gotten at least one of them though). I feel this game could have done decently on the eShop.

  • ludist210

    Ugh. I was looking forward to this on Wii U.

  • Lolo

    Great…more awesome third party titles dropping out from Nintendo consoles…just what the Wii U needs.

  • Spookoyo

    I guess this is proof that Pacman isn’t going to be in Super Smash Bros. If he was nominated in, they would surely cash in on players who haven’t experienced Pac-Man before.

    I hope this raises the stakes for Bomberman as a third party character!

    • OMG SOMEONE WHO ALSO WANTS BOMBERMAN!!! Yayyyyyyyy! I really wish he was in the next Smash so frikin badly v____v

      • Lolo

        Isn’t Hudson Soft dead? If they are…how is Bomberman going to end up in Smash bros? Is there a way?

        • Spookoyo

          He got absorbed into Konami when Hudson Soft closed down, so his IP is pretty much slowly dying right now. I’m hoping Sakurai realizes how great Bomberman was during all of the Nintendo days and helps bring the White Bomber back to life!

  • You think it’s possible they just couldn’t get it out on time along with the other versions and thus will release the games individually on both? Can you ask them?

  • D2K

    Of all the improvement that Iwata mentioned in his investors meeting which I feel are all good moves, the only key thing that I found that was missing was the mission of Nintendo put increase 2nd party support.

    If the Wii U is going to have any real balance Nintendo is just going to have to start purchasing smaller 3rd parties and indies. That’s all there is to it. These regular 3rd parties are going to continue to make any and ever lame excuse not to support the Wii U. So make 3rd party support a null and void issue by creating your own 2nd party network. I’m all done with Namco Bandai, Bandai Namco, or whatever they want to call themselves. I was borderline done with them after they failed to port Soul Calibur 2 to the Wii U . Now I’m officially done with them.

    • ronin4life

      It is realy dumb they Canceled BOTH versions, let alone just WiiU.

      Especially when we remember that Sakurai is working with Bandai peeps to make the next Smash Bros…

      • Brandon

        exactly I’m surprised sakurai hasn’t even switched the smash developers from bandai to whatever other company for making smash. 😛

      • Mwuuhahahahar!

        Again one less! Watch Dogs is the next one!

  • Steven Hunt

    Well I had intended on picking up both of these versions. How disappointing.

  • SquareSide

    Why cancel the 3DS version? Derp…

  • Extreme Brah

    I can understand the WiiU but why the 3DS?

  • Andre Andrade

    WiiU ok but 3DS cancel is stupidy!

  • jufhjfhf

    why is it cancelled on the Wii u ? the Wii u sales has jumped big time in February and this month alone and in big numbers….I hope they changed their minds because everyone loves Pacman especially this one with all of them….it should be on both the Wii u and 3ds…….this makes no sense….

    • Jon Turner

      WiiU needs to do more than jump sales in February. It has to have consistent sales all year. It needs to do better. That’s the only way third party support can come back. Money helps, too, but the better thing to do is push the install base up. It doesn’t have to get the same amount of support as Sony & Microsoft combined do, no. But it still SHOULD improve. Luckily, there’s a juggernaut called MARIO KART 8 about to launch.

      • Brandon

        when will you people relize that this cancellation was NOT due to install base!? I’m surprised nintendo even let bandai namco work on smash & yet a cancellation of a planned wii u game & no soul calibur 2 on wii u when the gcn got that game is how they thank nintendo?! wow.

    • Jason Lee

      the Wii U version of Pac-Man museum might’ve been cancelled because Namco Bandai had difficulty developing it thus it created delays and/or Namco Bandai & Nintendo didn’t agree (disagreement) on how much it should cost on the eShop

  • Rubia Gomez

    Why did Bandai Namco cancel this? Please tell me because this makes no sense. At least i got the pc version from steam

    • Brandon

      and yet people think it’s install base when THEY SAID NOTHING OF THE SORT!

      • D2K

        The “Install base” argument only flies with people who are daft, misinformed, or are trolling. For one, all these games that are being cancelled on the Wii U were in development long before the PS4 and XB1 were even on store shelves. Secondly, the Wii U still has a significant lead over the XB1 and is only a few hundred thousand behind the PS4. So there is more than enough of a install base of the Wii U and the demographic of people whom own Wii Us would just as attracted to a Pac-Man gave as the PS4 and XB1 audience.

        • Brandon

          what? all I said was low istall base=/=delayed development.

          • D2K

            I’m not taking a shot at you, I’m just saying how these companies use “install base” as an excuse to not bring games to the Wii U.

          • Brandon

            thats fine and all I’m saying to people that delayed development does not equal install base but I do agree with your point though.

        • Thomas_NE

          And, what do you think is the real reason, if not install base?

          • D2K

            I don’t think there is “A” reason or “THE” reason. There are multiple reasons that suggest themselves.

            1. Nintendo is not willing to pick up the tab on advertising and marketing for 3rd parties and Sony and Microsoft are. Therefore 3rd parties opt to go with the twins instead and if the game is successful and profitable maybe they’ll come back to the Wii U later on.

            2. The complex architecture of the Wii U makes it not advantageous for development from studios that are lazy or lacking in true development knowledge. The x86 architecture in the twins is easy to develop for, however you basically burn up all the power the console has in a short span of time. The PowerPC architecture in the Wii U is more complex, very customized, and takes a LOT more time to get comfortable with. Time is money and most 3rd party publishers can care less about quality, they want quantity. That is one reason why we see so many unfinished games and publishers charging you extra for DLC of content that was supposed to be in the game to start with because of pressure from the publishers to “get the game out” developers don’t have the time to do the games right. Since developers don’t have the luxury of time to study the Wii U to unlock the power it has, they just leave it alone because it doesn’t fit their current business model.

            You’ll notice that the companies that talk about how powerful the Wii U is (i.e. Retro Studios, Shin’en Multimedia, VooFoo Studios, Slightly Mad Studios, etc) are companies that are either working on just one game or working on Wii U exclusives. That means that they have the time to explore all the Wii U’s capabilities.

            3. Some companies just get caught up in the hype. In today’s society it is almost considered sinful to think for yourself. Some developers and publishers listen to stupid remarks about the Wii U being “underpowered” or how the Nintendo demographic does not fit their games, and other statements as much. So they don’t even bother.

            4. Nintendo may actually have done some companies dog. It’s been proven that in the past Nintendo has done some very shady things. In the 1990s they screwed over Sony, Rockstar, Square, and Capcom and look what happened? The PlayStation kicked the crap out of the vastly technically superior N64 with franchises such as Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and Resident Evil. So Nintendo has to eat some of this too. For all we know EA could have a legitimate reason to be pissed at Nintendo. I doubt it, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

            And there could be other reasons I can’t think of at the moment. However my point was that the argument of install base being a factor is balderdash. It’s just a trendy and popular excuse publishers uses to deflect questions away from the real reasons why because they know that the drones out there are either too stupid to know any better or too lazy to research it themselves.