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Pokemon Battle Trozei – estimated Japanese sales

Posted on April 24, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Wondering what Pokemon Battle Trozei’s sales are like thus far? If so, you’re in luck – retail shop blog Sinobi provided an estimate for the game’s Japanese performance in a recent tweet.

Sinobi said that March sales seem to be about 30,235 downloads. This accounts for roughly 74 percent of sales, while another 10,600 (give or take) download cards were sold over the counter. Combined, that puts Pokemon Battle Trozei at over 40,000 units.


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  • maurer156

    if its on iOS or Android, it would sell well than this…

  • kthanxyousuck

    I think it being on the e-shop is probably what’s limiting it. Not to mention it was announced and released pretty close together and wasn’t given much press. Might have been worth a retail release. I’ve seen a lot of people ask what the game is or think it’s somehow related to X and Y like pokemon bank.

    I don’t think it not being on smartphones was the problem look at how well Puzzle and Dragons Z sold.

    • KH

      Yeah, it not being on smartphones wasn’t the problem, but even if I don’t agree on Nintendo releasing games on smartphones, I have to say the game would had sold better if it had been released on smartphones with a bit of ads here and there, specially if in places like Youtube(well in this case Nico Nico) and social pages, casuals this day love games like this, so it would had been a perfect match to release on a smartphone, plus they can finally shut up those investors that are teliing them to release mobile games.

  • SecretX

    this is just japan sales not world wide so it probably did pretty good in other places.