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Pokemon X/Y’s pentagon icon is a hack checker

Posted on November 15, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

In Pokemon X/Y, a blue pentagon can be seen next to your Pokemon while viewing the status screen in trades, the box, and so on. It was initially unclear what it was intended for, but we now have an answer.

Game Freak included the pentagon as a hack checker of sorts. Pokemon who have the pentagon are confirmed to be legitimate. If the creature doesn’t have the blue icon, that means there was an error and it has been hacked.

The Pokemon Company’s simple definition of the pentagon is that the Pokemon is okay to use.


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  • SecretX

    that’s really smart.

    • Vigilante_blade

      Kind of yes and no… hackers will find a way to add the little pentagon.

      The biggest issue I have with this however is that one of the Pokémon I legitimately caught in the game does not have that Pentagon, a Riolu I caught legit. I’m thinking there’s some problems there. He,s fully EV-trained, I’m not sure if that’s what cause the issue.

      The hack detector might not be 100% accurate.

      • SecretX

        hopefully they can patch it up so nobody will have that kind of problem.

        • Lynnie

          Actually.. the blue pentagon means that the Pokemon was hatched/caught in Kalos. Critters transferred from older games won’t have one no matter how legit they are.

          • sonicfan1373

            I know this is somewhat unrelated but do you know what a face symbol like 😐 means? I got a Lugia from the GTS and that is the symbol that appears as opposed to the blue pentagon but I have not found the meaning even after searching through Google and a couple Pokémon websites.

          • Saint

            If it’s a pink face, it means it has perfect IVs which is REALLY good, especially on a legendary.

          • Trinity Redman

            What color? If it’s pink, it means your Pokemon has Pokerus. Another way to check for Pokerus is going to heal your Pokémon. Nurse Joy will say she discovered tiny life forms on your Pokemon. That your Pokemon has Pokerus. She will also say not much is known about the Pokerus, except that Pokemon that have it grow exceptionally well.

          • Dana M.

            I have that too! :U

  • Edgarska

    Pokemon transferred from B/W/B2/W2 can’t be used in official tournaments.
    That’s going to piss off the pokegenners.
    I love it.

    • Sean Linnihan

      I hate to sound bad, but what’s a Pokegenner?

      Is it someone who generates Pokemon or someone who is biased towards one generation of Pokemon? (I’ve played all the games legit, I just have never been invovled with the community.)

      • Edgarska

        Yes, it’s someone who uses a piece of software to create illegal/perfect pokemon.

    • Mujtahidul Haque

      It doesn’t matter. You can transfer over two 6IV parents with the right natures and egg moves and breed. The breeding process will be really easy.

  • Daisy Mae

    So can you use Pokemon without the pentagon?

  • KarjamP

    The post’s outdated.

    Serebii reported this based upon a incomplete translation of its source.

    Another person told Serebii the actual context which heavily implies that the “checker”‘s actually supposed to confirm that it’s generated in X and Y and not the past games (ie, a check to see if it was found in the Kalos Region).

  • Daniel Knight

    I give it a week. If you hack it right, it’s impossible to tell in any previous Gen. There’s a flag trigger somewhere in the code that the hackers will force to read “seems legit” if they have to.

  • Charlie Briesch

    Could the pokemon without the pentagon also mean that they came from Unova? I just checked at the GTS while searching for Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem, and they don’t have a pentagon next to them, even though they’ve been legitimately obtained.

  • Pippa Sitkoff

    Actually, this isn’t entirely true. The blue pentagon is actually an indicator of whether or not a pokemon is from the Kalos region. When someone traded me a unown on the GTS, it didn’t have the blue pentagon, and neither did the Kyurem that my brother got, because those pokemon weren’t from the Kalos region in any way. They were born or caught on different games.

  • Jordan Burns

    This is actually incorrect. A few buddies of mine and I tested the hack check with pokemon transferred over from pokebank before it crashed. We then bred the transferred pokemon with pokemon that did and did not have the pentagon, and 100% of the offspring had the pentagon, supporting the idea that it is a region check. You can find the information below:

    *Note* this study was done in a group on facebook of about 15,000 members at the time.


    After two days of e-mails, breeding, and data, we have come to the assumption and are in favor of the theory that the symbol above represents a pokemon hatched or caught in kalos, and is not in fact a hack check. The following data below is for your information:

    Non symbol lillipup, bred with ditto with a symbol, sandshrew with a symbol, and a non symbol piplup; 50 eggs hatched, 100% of offspring had the blue pentagon symbol.

    This information supports the concept of the symbol being a region check, and not a hack check, as all possible outcomes of breeding were tested and there were zero flaws in all results.

    (After the tests we continued to hatch and check, the count when we concluded our research was about 300 eggs)

    • 000000000000000000000000000000

      You sound full of shenanigans. Source to the group with 15,000 members required.

      • Jordan Burns

        Gladly, sir.


        We’re actually around 17,000 now though. However to clarify, not all of the 15,000 joined in on the test. It was comprised of myself and the other administrators of the page. We spent a good few days on it because as we admin a group of this size, we wanted to make sure we were putting out the best info to our members.

        I have also included the link to the first post regarding this test on the page, though I’m not sure if you’ll see it as it is a closed group.


        Hope this is enough for you =P

        • Maria D.

          He got served!

        • Anthony DeMarte

          But that is because they are generated from Breeding in X and Y. Doesn’t that technically mean that they ARE part of that Kalos region at that point?

          • Jordan Burns

            Yes, which is exactly why the pentagon indicates a region check and not a hack check.

            When pokemon are hacked (whether for outrageous stats, abilities or moves it shouldn’t normally have, etc), their data contains erroneous code. When hacked pokemon breed, that data is passed down to the offspring created. If the blue pentagon were a hack check, it wouldn’t be able to show up on offspring bred in Kalos because it’s data (like one or both of it’s parents) would be erroneous.

            This data, btw, is most commonly referred to as an “impure gene” that passes down.

    • Edwin Gyomar Morales-Lopez

      But Pokémon bred from Hacked Pokémon come out legitimate, so the offspring having the pentagon proves nothing. It’s being suggested that the pentagon is a Gen. 6 and beyond hack check. If it has it, the Pokémon’s legit, if it doesn’t, it’s either pre-X&Y or hacked. A massive community of 15k Pokémon fans sounds fun though, so I’ll join. ^_^

  • Andrew Winn

    Umm the Petagon is not a Hack checker

  • Terr Ciavarra

    This is weird because I have caught pokemon that don’t have it… so what does that mean?

  • Adam Cruz

    Wrong. It appears there to shows the Pokemon you can capture in Kalos.

  • Eren

    not really true. legit pokemon ive sent over through pokebank do not have the blue pentagon.

    maybe its just to indicate whether or not the pokemon was caught/hatched in x or y?

  • Jeremy Wayne Humble

    I have noticed that NONE of my transfered pokés have this.

  • Kat

    I just realized something. Pokemon that I have that I know are legit, those I transferred up from Soul Silver to White To X, and even those that came straight from White to X DO NOT have this little Pentagon. ANY POKEMON I DID NOT CATCH IN X does not have this Pentagon. I think The Pokemon Company is either lieing or there is a mistake and they are wrong.

  • Dr. Robuttnic

    The pentagon just means that the Pokemon is from either X or Y. If there is no pentagon, than that Pokemon has been transferred to X/Y via PokeTransporter from another game (E.G. HeartGold)

  • Nintendo Dragon

    Well good I was trying to figure it out for my pokemon game I traded with someone for like 5 shinies and idk if they are I’m gonna go check

  • Matt White

    This is actually inaccurate. If I’m not mistaken, it only shows that it was caught in an X & Y game and is also legitimate according to that game. This is because I have imported 100% legitimate Pokemon through the PokeTransporter, including regular “crappy” Pokemon, legendary Pokemon, and event Pokemon. All legitimate, but none have the pentagon because they were cause outside of X & Y; Pokemon which are definitely hacked are blocked by the PokeTransporter altogether.

  • Daniel.

    This is a new feature to compliment future games! So far it only detects Hacked Gen6 pokemon because i have a ton of legends i have saved up from original runs of older games and a couple of favorites and they are all lacking a Mark. That is because The Mark signifies if the pokemon was caught/bred in Kalos thus making it an actual Mark Detector for only Gen6 and beyond! Trolls and slow people will still use cheats and hacks becuase they still dont understand that its a childs video game and if you cheat you are truly pathetic. I hope that this Mark starts a new wave of Anti Hackers!

  • james

    um wrong because everyone i traded from my old game even my starter does not have that blue symbol

  • Jason Saxon

    Wrongo! The Pentagon means Kalos born. Sure of it.

  • Monika Vansevičiūtė

    Actually, that’s false information. The pentagon shows if the pokemon was born in Kalos. Pokemon transfered from other games will not have this mark. It has nothing to do with hacked pokemon.

  • Thanks for the tips. Aren’t there some Pokemon tower defense games hacked? Can you find them for me? Think it was on http://towerdefensehacked.com/ that I found one or might have been a different site but the TD genre is addictive and a lot of fun. Thanks!

  • Guest

    Who the f… posted this? This is pure BS. If a Pokémon has a pentagon symbol, it means it captured or bred in Kalos.

  • King Kazma

    This is the a huge amount of BS. The pentagon symbol only confirms that the Pokemon was Kalos caught/hatched. My transferred Pokemon from Gen IV and V are not hacked yet do not contain the symbol. Tournaments will require you to use “Kalos-born” Pokemon only to prevent you from using hacks from previous generations, whether purposely or accidentally.

  • Guest

    acually that only goes for x and y pokemon cause so far none of my pokemon that ive used the poketransporter on dont have that even tho i caught all the pokemon i used it on in the game even the starter that i got before i restarted it

  • Hayley Trimmer

    that’s “pentagram” means pokemon is KALOSBORN pokemon without it is transfered pokemon.

  • Guest

    Nope it’s wrong. I have a Gastrodon from Kalos and it does not have the pentagon but it’s clearly not hacked. Or someone really hacked a Pokemon and took no afford in level, IV, DV, attacks and so on. Which I think is unrealistic. It has only 2 IV on 31.

  • Jadey

    It just means that they wernt ‘Kalos Born’ ie, aokemon from Diamond, Sapphire, Black, White will not have the pentagon.

  • Arpan Sunuwar

    all of you are wrong. the pentagon is a sign of the pokemon that has been cured of the pokerus. If you dont belive me, get a pokemon with pokerus and take use it for a while and take it to pokemon center a few times until it is cured. Then the pokerus sign will disappear and the blue pentagon will appear and the pokemon will never get the pokerus. Simple.

    • Luffink

      Nope. A pokemon who has been cured of Pokerus will show a smiley face

  • Jared Brewer

    I hope people don’t still believe this is true. All the blue pentagon means is Kalos born. Plain and simple.

  • Leo Gray

    its not hacked it means kalos born which is needed for some tournaments

  • serendipitousVocalist

    It means kalos born so if a pokemon is traded up it will not have it

  • Jordan

    well though that may be true, but when i traded a Pokemon from white 2 to y, there was no pentagon

  • Gareth Martin

    Wrong wrong wrong! It just means it’s a gen 6 pokemon.

  • wolverine3555 .

    The blue pentagon represents a pokemon that was traded or came from a previous game. It’s not a hack finder. It thought to be this because a majority of hacked pokemon are from previous games.

  • neil

    its not a legit symbol i have just traded a pokemon from black to x using the bank and the symbol is not there

  • Dana M.

    Not accurate at all. I have a legit gyarados without it, and a hacked volcanion with it. -_-

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