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Qbby amiibo packaging

Posted on December 6, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Images

Nintendo announced the Qbby amiibo compatible with Goodbye! BoxBoy! last night, which launches in Japan in February. It will be included in a special retail version with all three games, but it’s getting a standalone release as well. We have the packaging image above.


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  • Lic. Ferrett

    Lets release an “indie” game in physical form plus the most ridiculous amiibo but lets not release a game like Fatal Frame 5 in physical form because it doesn´t make sense.. I hope this game sells 5 copies, and 4 being bought by the whole staff who did it…

    • Apfel

      As a probable Licentiate, assuming “Lic.” refers to that academic degree, you should have a better understanding about how things work. FF5 was released in physical media. You should complain to NOA, or Koei Tecmo, or both, but BoyBox release has nothing to do with this. Just saying…

      • Lic. Ferrett

        Nah its just because I lick ferrets, the “k” wasnt working back then when I created my account! nahh, jokes aside. I know it was released in japan, and I know that probably the reason for selling this in physical media is because there is a demand in japan, and because it was super cheap to produce as a game and even the amiibo cost might be 2 cents, so the revenue for sure is super high. I should have compared to better games that are digital only in japan and that would make a better amiibo. I also understand that gameplay is more important than anything else, and this game might be a blast to play, I´m not judging on looks only. But for me its just weird to release it physical and even with an efforless amiibo. thats all..

        • Apfel

          I will never understand why FF5 was never released in physical in the States. Especially because wii u/nintendo need these kind of mature games. Or why half of ATLUS games during NS/3ds era were released in Europe. Apparently region lock days are over. Time to celebrate. Greetings from Germany.

          • Lic. Ferrett

            I totally get you, well even Devil’s Third almost was not released by NoA and they only did it because they felt the pressure of the fans, but they totally neglected the game on one of the E3s, I believe it was in 2014. The game sold out inmediatly, and even the second run is still at almost full price on amazon, I bought a used copy for like 50. If companies like Limited Run make a profit I dont understand why nintendo wouldn´t if they released limited copies of some games, even as a fan service. Anyways, NoA and NoE are like siblings fighting to get their parents attention, but fighting in a stupid way, not like trying to be better and cooperating, its like they are completely different companies… yes theres the rumour that the switch wont be region locked, finally I will be able to play europe games (in spanish) on my american consoles. Greetings from Uruguay.

  • R.Z.

    I like how the packaging could have been one third of the size but Nintendo insists on making it big for the sake of … well, I don’t know, maximizing carbon emissions or something ?

    • jimmy

      Reminds me of pc games packages back in the 80s/90’s

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  • MagcargoMan

    Lol, a cube amiibo.