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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology trailer introduces the characters of Granorg

Posted on May 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Videos

Atlus prepared a third character trailer for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This time around, we have a video focusing on the characters from the Granorg kingdom. View the trailer below.

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  • Blake Good

    My reaction to the picture: Hello fan service!

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Nope. Still upset…

  • Tlink7

    Stay classy, animoo…

    • hi v3.0


    • I just really feel like there’s something going on at Atlus lately. It’s like with each title, they progress further from having some of their sense of atmosphere to just delving harder into the modern, typical anime tropes. It’s disappointing, but also irritating.

      • Tlink7

        I’m not too familiar with just Atlus’ titles, but I do notice this trend of more and more fanservice in Japanese(-styled) games in general. I guess the devs who use the tropes don’t really get any backlash when employing them (usually if you point this out amongst anime fans, you’ll get crucified as a supreme homosexual/feminazi…), so they just keep making it worse and worse. I mean, sex sells and nobody seems to care about all the wh*ring-out apparently, so yeah >.<

        • Yeah, some devs are wise about it, or at least equal opportunity, but I think there’s this growing trend of following the newer conventions in anime instead of sticking with the tried and true. There’s some funny shift going on in anime though, and I’m curious to see how/when it’ll hit gaming. (For instance, a lot of straight guys getting mad that fujoshi are being catered/pandered to more heavily because their stuff is topping the sales charts; if gaming is going to take from anime, this is invitable too, right?)

          • Tlink7

            I had to google what fujoshi was… if that becomes a thing in gaming I will gleefully rub my hands for all eternity xD is it really selling well in anime?

          • Haha, right?

            It is~. Fujoshi shows are regularly topping the charts. Bitter people will downplay their success or pretend that fujoshi aren’t the ones doing it, but yeah. It’s a thing, and they’re doing progressively better. x’D

            Yuri on Ice!!! is the recent case of being co-created by a fujoshi, and selling extremely because of fujoshi.

          • Tlink7

            That’s so cute 😀 I do wonder when that is going to show up in video games then… So what is the explanation for the success of fujoshi? I’ve always thought of the anime audience as very male-dominated

          • It’s it~? I’m hoping soon. I do notice otome is gaining more and more traction, and some companies that are aiming for the mainstream and niche markets are getting very clever in how to appeal to everyone. (For instance, the cell phone game Granblue Fantasy has its share of male and female fanservice, in its art/designs and writing.) Iwata also acknowledged the female audience, and I think as Nintendo begins to actively cater to female audiences more, it’s likely to show up better in titles like FE and such (where it’s getting there).

            It’s kind of weird. There’s always been a lot of female influence and presence (manga side more of course, but fandom side it’s kind of been there), but I think a lot of it has to do with the cultural and economic shifts.

            Women are marrying less, and they’re getting jobs more (and usually staying home with their parents). So now they don’t have the traditional family burdens on them and can spend more freely.

          • Tlink7

            Thanks for your insights, puchinri 😀 I do hope feminism gains a bit more traction in gaming sooner rather than later, because all the male-oriented fanservice is estranging me from video games more and more >.< Fire Emblem is the best example for me. I don't mind fanservice in stuff, but only if it is for everyone. Too often the male characters look normal, cool, stoic whilst the females in the same setting are almost naked and farting out innuendos every five seconds

          • ForeVision

            That said, there’s still a key difference between someone like Charlotte in FE, and Tharja. With the former it’s a thing that could’ve been done better, and with the latter you could easily argue that it being there doesn’t add anything to Tharja’s character.

            If it makes sense, then I don’t see why not, but if it doesn’t then eh. I mean I’ve deleted my character in Awakening that married Tharja, and instead, made a new one and picked Say’ri (who is arguably as far from fanservice as one can get) 😛

          • Tlink7

            Say’ri is awesome! Even though she would probably be better off putting some pants on when engaging in combat 😛

          • ForeVision

            The Wood Elves of Warhammer rarely, if ever, wear pants, same goes for the Orcs :P. I could name many more, such as giants etc, and those are all male as well! (only the wood elves have females in there)

          • Tlink7

            Male Say’ri (Lon’qu) wears pants though xD but yeah, I found her little story to be nice, which is why I really liked the character. A lot of characters in Fates were just sooo one dimensional. Like all Effie talks about its eating

          • ForeVision

            Don’t forget her biceps, triceps, bench-pressing etc. But yes, it’s something I hope they’ll do away with with the Switch FE game. If that means less characters but a lot more character to them and far more fleshed out, then so be it.

          • Tlink7

            They should just scrap the children for the next FE, they make no sense story wise and it would allow them to give more character to the rest of the cast

          • ForeVision

            True, or at least have them make logical sense within the story. The “one defining trait that is the character” thing that we see for most “minor” characters, is something they improve upon.

          • Tlink7

            Even in Awakening the children were kinda wonky story-wise. I’d rather they not be included again, because time travelling in almost any story makes it worse (looking at you, Warcraft) xD it just introduces a bazillion plotholes most of the time
            I just know the brats will be back in Switch FE though 😛

          • ForeVision

            Probably, but again, how will they make the story have sense? By having them be actual children and fight? (ala Kanna?) I’d say just keep the relationship part, and drop the children, as you can’t feasibly have them be teenage and yet have the characters not that much older without those aforementioned plotholes.

            Unless they allow the characters to be in their 30-40s 😛

          • Anytime! Glad I could be of help~.

            I agree entirely and feel the same. It is very refreshing and uplifting when devs start progressively get their on their own. I will say, I’ve been impressed with BotW. It’s feminist in those quiet, intersectional ways that matter to me and I dig that, and I hope more devs can adopt that too. (It has a society of brown women that have varying skintones and aren’t slightly villified now even while being badass, it has a genuine variety of female characters, male characters are allowed to be emotional and sensitive, we have queer/flamboyant male that isn’t shamed for his identity and is actually respected, etc.)

            Interestingly. . . I want to say I like what they did with Zelda, but after watching the memories in Japanese, I’m kind of miffed at the English version. I love that the JP script/dub made her competent but vulnerable, as I feel that’s so sadly rare for female characters. But the EN side (for the US, at least) was focused on making her. . . well. She feels immature and vulnerable, and I didn’t catch it that way at first. (Not entirely.)

            But yeah, I am glad that equal fanservice is becoming a thing in anime, and I think it’s gaining its place in gaming and it will grow. There’s also the fact that some devs rely purely on fanservice to sell their games and people like to say “but sex sells!”, except it’s proven not to sell well and those companies are being hit hard for their choices. So they’re going to have to shift away from it, or start catering to the sexualized fanserviced aimed at ladies too to balance it. (Which is harder for people to dispel/ignore lately with the fujoshi content becoming more and more open in its nudity and innuendo; but you know, women aren’t ~visual creatures~ like men are, lol.)

          • Tlink7

            Yeah, BotW is great when it comes to ignoring the tropes that Japanese games so often have. Quiet feminism is awesome because it doesn’t feel forced. And yup, I love characters like Bolson in Hateno xD

            BotW Zelda isn’t my favourite Zelda. I personally think a lot of the Zeldas end up being poor characters (except in Wind Waker, even though Tetra too suffers the ”save me”-syndrome at the end).

            Somehow, Senran Kagura still exists though xD

          • Yesss~. Bolson fills me with such joy. x’D

            I can appreciate her a lot if I only go by the JP dub, but yeah, she isn’t quite my favorite either. Poor Zelda. She can be a badass Sheikah, or a badass pirate. And once she becomes princess again, it just makes no difference, lol. I guess in this, the idea of saving her is handled different since she’s keeping Ganon prisoner and not reverse, but still.

            Lol, it does. It’s funny too, because MMV (Marvelous, the publishers) have been in a weird place financially for a long time. I think they liked the first game because it probably wasn’t terribly expensive to make and gave them some profit, but after that, the sales of the series rise and dip, so there isn’t really a justification for keeping it, lol.

          • Tlink7

            Yep, Sheik becomes Zelda: literally captured immediately by Ganondorf xD and the devs should have had Tetra go find some other important thing whilst Link went to find the Triforce of Courage instead of sticking her in Daphnes’ basement lol
            Yeah, this Zelda is a bit more feisty, seeing as she’s been restraining Ganon for quite a while, but still the King with the Fabulous Name is like ”SAVE HERRRR LONK”

            If new entries are made in the franchise, then surely it is selling? I mean it is coming to the Switch with some sort of creepy HD ramble feature? xD

          • Oh goodness, the king. I have so many feelings on him. . . as an old dude trying to help you, I really liked him. But everything about him as the king irritates me, lol. He gave his daughter so much crap and really did nothing himself, then hes guilty so he’s like, “I guess my daughter is really proving herself but like, she isn’t the hero so she needs saving.”

            Sadly, some people don’t care if their games don’t sell much. They just keep going by what they scrape by. Compile Heart is a good example of that. I can imagine some of their games are relatively cheap to make and so they earn a (small, maybe decent) profit, but a company will keep making/publishing something just because it has an “assured” fanbase. Hence, people think fanservice is easy money so they invest in it, but it’s also piss poor money. But devs/publishers are also too lazy and/or cheap to start a game and hope to invest in the long-term. Pretty bad cycle.

          • Tlink7

            I loved the old man 😀 I am kinda sad I can’t visit him on the grand plateau anymore. But yeah, as a king… ”ZELDA YOU’RE SO USELESS KEEPING GANON IN ONE PLACE FOR A 100 YEARS *goes to chop some more wood and write about his favourite recipe in his diary*”

            Huh. Shame… I hope we see some change soon!

          • ForeVision

            Excuse me for dropping in, but my favourite character would be this Master Kohga: https://samurai-gamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Zelda_02012017_00157.jpg

            Both his boss-fight and his level of silliness in such a serious setting and quest had me laugh out loud. This guy gets kudos from me.

          • Tlink7

            I love all of the characters I’ve encountered so far (except Octorocks… *RAGE*), can’t wait to meet more 😀

          • ForeVision

            I’d rather gaming sticks to the over the top, dry Anime humour than grab the other parts of it, which is what endears me about Disgaea 5 (I know about it from a friend who owns a PS4 with the game on it, as well as having seen it during Gamescom)

            That said, I’m mostly on the “to each their own” thought on it. It reminds me how grim-dark is something rather prevalent these days, and I’m usually not a fan of it, unless it’s Warhammer, but I also realize it’s probably not going to change any time soon, unless you’re a Nintendo consumer.

          • Yeah, putting aside the fanservice appeal to different audiences, there are conventions that are part of anime that are fun and I wish would stick. The nice thing about most of the fujoshi stuff, is it does have a lot of those conventions and it’s done well (maybe out of nostalgia? Or just the need for quality?), but a lot of the other. . .”stuff” is starting to lack that.

            I can’t stand grimdark crap myself. I wouldn’t mind nearly as much if it didn’t start flooding things, but people get caught up in it and it pops up everywhere. And some people confuse grimdark-edgy for what is actually dark but not edgy material, and that means the quality ends up being crap because they don’t know what they’re doing.

          • ForeVision

            Something for the sake of it, without it actually adding to what it’s a part of. The whole fujoshi thing is not my cup of tea, but as I’ve said before, it’s a case of to each their own, same argument to made as to why one likes X music type, for Y reason.

            I wonder if, overall, games designers/developers are starting to run out of ideas. I see this a lot when looking at Blizzard and World of Warcraft (given, it’s old, but it really starts showing at their inspiration well is drying up) and MMO’s in general. I wonder if we’ll see something new come up, and bring a wave on that front.

          • As far as fujoshi material goes, they tend to do a good job of actually working it in instead of making it for the sake of it. But most of all fanservice, especially sexualized fanservice, does tend to work that way. The boon to fujoshi stuff that works is that it tends to play into the relationships and thus it works with chemistry of the characters. Something that other forms of fanservice don’t tend to have and thus are more “for the sake of,” which, both for the sake of and actually adding to have their place. The problem is just how one overwhelms the other, lol. But yeah, to each their own. I’m not really into most of the actual fujoshi content, but I appreciate sexy guys actually being catered and pandered to female and queer male audiences.

            Yes, lol. Definitely. Sometimes, I don’t even think it’s that they’ve run out of ideas, so much as they don’t know how to step out of certain niches and traditions. Sometimes they actively refuse to. WoW was definitely like that design-wise, and apparently story-wise recently by what my friends tell me. It’s quite the shock to me that Blizzard then went on to make OverWatch and are continuously striving for better. Some of it still plays into traditional ideas and conventions too much, but they’re definitely making an effort to be creative.

            Some people are getting there, and honestly? For a while, it feels like the industry as a whole was getting anti-creative and more focused on ticking certain boxes (for assure money or “acclaim”), but that’s falling to the way side more and more. Which pleases me immensely, lol.

          • ForeVision

            All in all, as much as I may discuss these things, I lose sight of them once I start playing games, and give very little to no care at all. All I’m hoping, is that the upcoming JRPGs will be good games in and of themselves, as I find myself playing a lot of different games from those, and I may lose interest entirely if it takes that much longer for them to pop up on Switch.

          • Yeah, my main hope also lies in wanting quality JRPGs. I do have some faith, but we’ll see how things go.

          • ForeVision

            I guess E3 will bring some clarity in that regard, and hopefully Disgaea will rekindle some of that flame. If not, well, Japan will surely provide something good, right?

          • I am quite excited for E3. Like. I have a kind of hope and feeling about it, but I’m also keeping myself cautious and ready to be not wowed, lol.

          • ForeVision

            Aye, the last couple have been rather mixed, but since this is the Switch’s first E3, and a major opportunity to enforce the console’s momentum, from that aspect, I doubt they’re gonna mess this up.

  • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ^.^

    “this video is unavailable”

  • ForeVision

    Arguably, Brian, you could’ve chosen a picture that didn’t spark the whole “fanservice” debate, like this one: http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/maxresdefault_thumb-12.jpg

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