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Report details supposed turmoil within Nintendo management

Posted on August 2, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Rumors

A report published on Japanese website Business Journal details alleged turmoil within management at Nintendo.

The article claims that there’s a shared recognition of Iwata being the culprit among management. While there is a strong desire to bring games/franchises like Mario to smartphones, Iwata is strongly vetoing the idea. Iwata reiterates that “Nintendo’s strength is in unified development of game hardware and software”, stubbornly rejects the “net” (seems to reference how smartphones don’t use physical media since they download games), and fixates over “game consoles” – perhaps in light of his pride as a former developer.

Hiroshi Yamauchi, the previous president of Nintendo, passed away last fall. Apparently, no one remains who can defy Iwata. There are also rumors of management scheming to get rid of the president.

Another insider quote shared by Business Journal claims that there’s cultural friction based on how Iwata comes from outside the company (maybe given his origins at HAL Laboratory?). He continues to be involved with software development even after becoming president and there is a feeling of helplessness among “native” Nintendo executives.

Another point worth mentioning: supposedly, managers who oppose Iwata would want Yamauchi’s first son to become Nintendo’s president.

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  • MusubiKazesaru

    I support Iwata when it comes to staying the hell away from mobile games

    • Indeed, I think Nintendo attracted a lot of investors interested in gains and not games with the Wii and DS success, But I would also like if Iwata approached the involvement of the internet more with their games, their net approach compared to their rivals Xbox and PS , even against smartphones its very poor.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I kind of feel Nintendo ought to be stubborn about it until these investors actually bail out and the shares are bought by other people.

        • TalesOfBS

          Or maybe they will just buy them back? They did it when Yamauchi died.
          Sounds like a pretty good plan.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I thinkt his is why they went and bought Yamauchi’s shares. I’m not sure if the law applies in Japan, but in Canada, if you choose to sell your shares, you have to first offer them to the other shareholders (and you must sell them for its actual worth, you can’t boost the price) starting with the one with the highest stake sin the company other than you.

            Nintendo potentially bought the shares because they figured that letting them loose would enable their investors to actually surpass them in terms of shares. In the event that investors pass them, they can outvote you and veto you.

            Mind you, I’m not saying that Iwata has only made good choices, but you got to allow a man to make mistakes if you want to see something change. Sure, they screwed with the competitive smash community, they messed with Youtubers, had large game droughts, have terrible online services, but to be honest… a lot of their current investments won’t show their results until their next system.

            There’s been a major restructuring of Nintendo’s R&D teams, and while they are being very awkward with their core gamer audience at the moment, I’m hoping that by continuing to host events that they will get better at it over time. He also needs to learn to rein in his content creators and put his foot down when they make bad decisions (including forced gimmicks, removing competitive aspects of games, etc…). Iwata needs to change things, he needs to learn from his mistakes, but he also kind of needs a chance to show what he’s learned. If Nintendo keeps failing hard next gen, then his approval rating can plummet down the drain.

  • Tito

    Why his first son, Katsuhito? Wikipedia gives so little information about him. I’m curious about his records.

    • KH

      It’s the usual, that the first born is the one to herit something big like the company, so probably that, or he is easy to manipulate, so they want him, to get what they want easily.

    • gigamario

      What KH said. In the article, it is said that Katsuhito is currently some kind of project/planning director.

      • HarakiriKami

        Katsuhito is no where near involved with nintendo

        • dubaloseven

          While I like Iwata and want him to stay, I could live with a guy named Banjo running Nintendo.

          • HarakiriKami

            He’s a surfer dude tho, so I dont think he can run things lol

        • KH

          Actually Banjo is the grandson of Hiroshi Yamauchi, not his son, though it is not exactly known if he is Katsuhito’s son or the son of Hiroshi’s other son.

    • KH

      President of Nd Cube? A wikipedia article says that the president is some guy name Hidetoshi Endo. Though whatever it is, he better stay away from Nintendo, since Nd Cube is the one who brought us those recent Mario Party games, and they have been a complete disaster when compared to the older ones.

      So it is better for the guy to stay away from Nintendo, at all costs

      This Katsuhito guy, also seems to be one of the major shareholders at Nintendo with a 1.98 porcent of shares, and the one I guess is his son, Banjo Yamauchi, holding a 1.40 of the shares aswell. Not much, but with some convincing, they could get rid of Iwata, fastly in the next voting for the board of directors.

      • Tito

        Thanks, my drowsy eyes killed me.

      • TalesOfBS

        He can’t.

  • Richard Blanco

    Iwata is right, no mobile games!

    • HarakiriKami

      Nope! We’re just gonna put a bunch of Mario kart TV apps and advertise hardcore on it!!

  • KH

    This doesn’t sound good, specially if this managers are still part of the company, once Iwata leaves, and a new president arrive. If that new president is easily manipulated or has also fallen into the fake dream of mobile heaven, then we can say Nintendo will be doomed.

    Iwata may get all the hate he gets, but he seems to be the one maintaining NIntendo save, from falling into the fake dream of mobile heaven, and it falling to its end. Hopefully Iwata stays longer than those managers in the company, well that or he fires them to show his authority as Yamauchi did as his early days as Nintendo’s President.

    • Elem187

      Or its just a rumor cooked up by investors to play out their wildest fantasies of charging .99 cents to see Mario jump higher.

      Investors are idiots who think its a good idea to sacrifice their long term business for short term profits.

  • Spencer Manigat

    I want Iwata gone, but I don’t want Nintendo games on smarts phones. I’ll take the lesser of two evils. If Yamauchi Jr. is still against mobile games though, screw Iwata. He’s a poison.

    • KH

      It is better to leave Iwata where he is at the moment, since Katsuhito, seems to be some planning/project director for Nd Cube, so partly responsible for that huge change in Mario Party that fans have disliked, so it would be better for him to stay away from main Nintendo, till he figures how the games work.

      • Spencer Manigat

        They still sell though, right? Obviously “fans” still like it, wether it be original or otherwise.

        • KH

          Yeah, they sold, but not at the level of the others, plus that car mechanic for the home console Mario Party games, is the worse thing to have happened in the series. With Katsuhito being the planning/project director, it just show, he isn’t that good when it comes to working over software, that will entice both old and new.

          • Spencer Manigat

            He made the three top selling MP games in the franchises history. How does that show anything of the sort?

          • KH

            If he was in the company, by the time of those games that is, we know he is currently in Nd Cube, so he worked on MP9, MP3D, and should be working on MP10, and MP3D is till now the worst selling Mario Party and MP9 such a huge decrease in sales when compared to Mario Party 8, MP3D even more, when compared to MPDS.

          • Spookoyo

            Have you played Mario Party 9?

          • KH

            Yes, yes I did. And while it had some nice mini-games, the car mechanic was awful.

          • Granpapá Oso

            I agree, the car mechanic was awful and thanks to it we also got some really lame boards, and the game depends purely on luck, even if it had some nice mini-games the game can’t be enjoyed because of the terrible design.

    • ronin4life

      Yamauchi Jr would probably be a puppet of the management. Otherwise, they wouldn’t want him.

      Iwata is the only force of good left up there: no right minded gamer should want to see him gone in the first place, and This report should make that even more apparent. They aren’t blaming Iwata for causing the down-turn of Nintendo, they are accusing him of not doing the kinds of things gamers don’t want Nintendo to do and they think THAT is why Nintendo has failed.

      • HarakiriKami

        Yamauchi JR is Banjo Yamauchi.

        Katsuhito is his cousin producing Pokemon Movies

  • nekoknight

    Rumors published online like this only serve to damage Nintendo and manipulate readers, which is a very bad thing.

  • wisdomsprince

    Mobile Nintendo games. Please, no! Apple should never, ever benefit from Mario or any other nintendo franchise. Not to mention mobile games are just not complete. Nintendo owns the profits from all nintendo games sold on wii u (unlike the other 2). It should stay that way

    • Elem187

      Replace Apple with Google, and I will agree.

      How do people stand such a shoddy OS like android on something like a smartphone/tablet, where everything should work every time all the time, but on android it’s anything but… It’s horrendous. I had a galaxy for two years, the OS makes you feel like you are beta testing. It feels Linux from the 90’s, where it’s fun for a hobbyist, but no where near ready for a commercial product.

      Play store has absolutely no quality control whatsoever. Developers are free to stuff spyware/malware into their software and the user has no idea something else is being installed at the same time. These applications sit in the background undetected sucking up memory and CPU cycles. How is this acceptable?

      Android is by far the most anti-consumer mobile OS on the market. I’d take a windows phone over having another android system. Apple has been making OS’s for decades. Everything just works. I used to be anti-apple in the 80’s, but since they moved to a BSD based operating system, it’s just so secure and rock hard stable I couldn’t hold on to anti-apple bias any longer. Mac OSX just destroys any other OS on the market on any device. Not even Linux can touch.

      • hallucinogenius

        Still don’t want Apple making money from Nintendo games lol . On a serious note, Mario Kart TV is a step in the right direction. Nintendo’s games don’t really belong on non-Nintendo platforms, but they’re starting to understand that a lot of the casual audience they had has moved to mobile devices and they have to find new ways to advertise to and engage this audience.

  • Tito

    What about his son in law, Minoru Arakawa? He has experience and he was former president of Nintendo of America.

    • Rex T.

      He had the history of “willing to sell home console business to MS, just keep handheld business”…
      If he become president, I think Nintendo may become second SEGA…

      For myself, I don’t want to see such happen…

      • Tito

        Evidence, please?

    • HarakiriKami

      Arakawa is old.

  • Placido Michael Cortorreal Flo

    Well Iwata knows and understands that Nintendo’s core IP’s sells a lot of hardware, handheld and home console alike.
    If they start bringing those same IP’s to a market they don’t own (unless they make a cellphone, tablet and the like) in part they would be losing money.
    It would be like cutting their own hands, since the company is not only a software developter, is also a hardware one.

    That aside, many “hardcore” gamers have lost A LOT if not all the respect to some companies (ex: Square-Enix, Capcom) for bringing some major IP’s (like Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire) into the mobile market.

    I would feel the same if Nintendo ever bringed their own IP’s to mobile market, games like Mario, Metroid and Zelda, to me they would feel out of place to be in there, my interest in playing them would be from none to extremely little.
    And as a fan, it would hurt me to see them there.

    I am not sure how it would impact the company as a whole, many would still buy the games on their respective home consoles or handhelds and even on mobile.
    Some would simply go to consoles and another simply to mobile.
    The first group ignoring totally the mobile games, even if they are canonical (that the game would have pieces of lore of story of the series), while the other group would say “I can play this on my cellphone, there is no need for me to be buying the console”.

    • hallucinogenius

      And I think a large number of people would but a mobile game for a couple bucks instead of a $60 full console title, then judge the IP or brand based on their cheaper and less developed experience, which would definitely not help the company.

      • Placido Michael Cortorreal Flo

        That may also happen, on
        This discussion also this discussion there, and someone allegated that “just because Angry Birds, (and to other games) became a hit, doesnt mean that the company should follow that road”
        The person who wrote the article replied to this person saying that those games arent the only hits.

        But what he seems to ignore A LOT is that games made by big companies, such as Square-Enix, when they bring their some of their major branches or famous IP’s there (like that Mana game) none of them have become a major hit.

        In fact, you dont even hear a shareholder telling you “hey! we got this many downloads! it has sold X%, selling more than what we expected” nothing comes out there.
        Seeing that kinda thing happening to major series on mobile platform (where a huge deal of people own them) out there, just worries me.

  • Aiddon

    Saw “Emily Rogers” and didn’t even need to take it with salt because no matter what it’s bs. Why do sites insist on giving obvious lies like this attention? If we do give them noticeis should be so that we can mock them.

    • HarakiriKami

      Emily Rogers doesnt write bs

      • Granpapá Oso

        She was the one that ”reported” that Soulcalibur 5 would be a launch title for the WiiU and that it would have some additional and exclusive content to differentiate it from the PS360 versions, plus, she also said that was 100% TRUE and in case it wasn’t then she would stop writing, and yet she is still around, writing more bs without any dignity and integrity.
        Everybody knows that EmiLies rogers is full of bs.

        • HarakiriKami

          Lmao are you high on hate?

          • Granpapá Oso

            No, I’m just concious that she ”reported” some lies and called them 100% true and going as far as to say that she would stop writing if they weren’t, she was proven wrong and yet she’s still around.
            emily rogers = full of bs

          • HarakiriKami

            And what does that have to do with this article?

            Its from neogaf XD and that place is high on BS 24/7 lol.

            People who tend to bet on information they hear can get screwed over by last minute changes and bad sources lol.

            Emily writes great articles and the research she does into things is legit.

          • Aiddon

            she WROTE great articles; that time is past. She just acted like a completely BS fanfiction written by a moron after huffing paint and watching too much Game of Thrones was worth reporting on. That is freaking PATHETIC from a journalistic standpoint. But then again, considering how every time she opens her mouth about Nintendo she comes off like Iwata or Miyamoto dumped her I shouldn’t be surprised.

          • HarakiriKami


            What are you talking about lol?

            She doesnt do any of that stuff

            And she still writes great articles.

            Y’al sound like butthurt nintendo fans who were butthurt over emily sounding butthurt.

          • Aiddon

            Ah yes, when all else fails just resort to calling someone “butthurt” and a “fanboy” because actually being witty and intelligent takes too much effort. She’s just a washed up journalist, not Edward R Murrow. She’s another idiot having to resort to tabloid level bs because being an actual journalist takes too much effort. Moving on.

          • HarakiriKami

            Lmao, I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me on destructoid lol.

            But I see no basis for your argument as I’ve never seen Rodgers do anything you accuse her of.

  • jimmy

    Give’em hell Iwata

    • Aiddon

      it’s kind of impossible to give the non-existent hell. Heck, the article couldn’t even get Yamauchi’s titles right. It said he was the company’s FOUNDER which is a VERY big mistake. My guess is that some hack wrote this and forgot to make his lie convincing.

      • Guest

        So basically this article was a joke from the start

        • Aiddon

          a joke is funny, this is just pathetic

          • jimmy

            Either way their investors are kind of known for not knowing anything about Nin or the gaming industry, they just see Nintendos name and think money and how they can get more, thats why they’re usually all butthurt on Nin not geting ingo the mobile game market

          • Aiddon

            it’s not investors this joke is talking about, it’s managements. Which outright impossible as they don’t have that kind of legal power. This isn’t about investors so much as idiots making crap up after a glue-sniffing spree.

          • HarakiriKami
  • Guest

    DO NOT go on N4G
    Trolls are Rising

  • nWo4liFe

    Reading stuff like this sort of reminds me of why Nintendo may very well be the last true gaming company in the future. Now, while I understand Iwata has screwed up big time, you cannot forget his strengths. He clearly understands what’s going on in gaming, and social media. People don’t even wanna talk on the phone anymore. Nintendo has always been about everyone coming together, and while I believe online gaming should also exist as an option, nobody praises Nintendo for the local cop op strengths, while more games getting released are slowly getting rid of it to make more money.
    Iwata also sees the transition into the digital and streaming world, which I also think Nintendo are skeptical on.

    The two other consoles are probably going to turn into streaming and digital machines, while Nintendo will release a combined portable/home console that will continue to support physical releases, and this itself will help the rise of physical content if Nintendo can come up with one of their blockbuster innovations. A world where everything is streaming and digital sounds sooo easy and convenient for consumers, but once you go that route, you’re only giving up the true value of the product. EA can sell you a broken game with no patch, and you won’t get your money back. The only digital purchases I make are Nintendo games because they’re never broken.

    I think next year is when we are going to see Nintendo’s plans for the future, and we’ll probably see more shit from the twins from the stuff I’ve mentioned, but I feel that Iwata is going to once again deliver some innovation that will expand Nintendo into a bright future for their consoles.

  • Alessandro Previti

    mobile = nintendo’s death

  • Vigilante_blade

    You know, I was harsh on Iwata, but if Iwata is all there’s left keeping Nintendo from going into the smartphones business, I say keep him there.

    Honestly, I think I understand why Nintendo bought back a lot of its shares.

    • Jose

      I think Iwata is one of the reasons the 3DS is now a great gaming device, not dropping it was a good idea as they developed a tons of games and third companies began(I think the last year) to appear like crazy to make games for the 3ds

      • Vigilante_blade

        Generally-speaking, dropping a console early is usually a bad call. People are used to five year investments on consoles and dropping support early would have the consumers pissed because they literally bought a glorified paperweight. To me, that’s what killed SEGA, so I do agree that not dropping the 3DS or even the Wii U for example is advisable.

  • Vincent

    I don’t play games on mobile because the experiences are so weak. If Nintendo, or even the others were to release full scale quality games for mobile, that would be a good thing.

    • Clumsyman

      For me its controls. Infinity Blade 2 was amazing! But it’s one of the few – AAA and just plain good games – who has AAA game controls right on mobile.

    • Jose

      I think the controls are really bad in gaming devices, I don’t get the “feeling” of buttons, And I prefer physical cartridges etc.

  • Adrian Brown

    I love Nintendo, but I would never spend 1 cent on a mobile game.

  • kthanxyousuck

    If they want Nintendo games on Mobile phones then they need to be entirely new IPs just for mobile. No Mario, DK, Kirby.

  • trashdinner

    I hope I’ll never see a nintendo franchise on mobile

  • TalesOfBS

    Another point worth mentioning: supposedly, managers who oppose Iwata would want Yamauchi’s first son to become Nintendo’s president.

    Hahaha oh lol, this one just did it. There is so much cr*p on this article. Clearly something that somebody who knows nothing about Nintendo pulled out of his *ss so they could get some clicks.

    Yamauchi was the man, but his family doesn’t care about Nintendo. Both his son and daughters never had any interest in the company business, aside from getting the profits.

    There are a lot of reasons why Iwata is in charge, why most of the old investors approve him despite the screw ups and negative press, why he owns more shares than most of the other directors (if not all) and why Nintendo quickly bought back the Yamauchi’s shares from his family when he died.
    I don’t know but Yamauchi probably knew and had a lot of faith in Iwata, that he would keep Nintendo being Nintendo. That is the only reason i can find for him to get so much power on the company in so little time.

  • Theodore Homdrom

    If there’s a strong push by others to bring Nintendo games to the mobile market, I say please, please, PLEASE let Iwata stay around a long time! And let his successor be on the same page in keeping Nintendo away from mobile gaming. There’s no need for that, and I would say it’s a waste of resources. Keep their games on Nintendo platforms, keep the developers focused on what matters – the actual games on the actual platforms.

  • HarakiriKami

    Hahaha, thats kinda BS.

    Nintendo’s moving their consoles towards being an ecosystem rather than “consoles”

    This rumour is heresay

  • Kenshin0011

    Iwata HAS made some mistakes. But not allowing smartphone Nintendo games? That is absolutely the best decision. There’s no point to do that, they don’t need the profit and smart phone games are not real, only faux, controls and features are never the same

  • crakkie

    Iwata is also the guy who was on duty when those missteps were made in the first place. Iwata was the guy who let the Wii stagnate between 2011 – 2013. Iwata was the guy who couldn’t get a good launch window lineup in place for a year after the Wii U launched. Iwata was the guy in charge when the 3DS launched underpowered and overpriced. Iwata was the guy who couldn’t do the very obvious job of letting people know that the Wii U wasn’t a peripheral for the Wii. Iwata was in charge when the Wii U’s power was downgraded so it could fit into a prettier case. He also would have had the last say in naming the thing.

    He’s probably doing some good in that he isn’t making the stupid decisions that people like the entrenched oldschool N management and Micheal Pratcher want him to make. That doesn’t mean that he’s the best choice for the job. But if the choice is between him and some management stooge who will go mobile, sideline Miyamoto, and sell N titles on other consoles, then yes, I guess he’ll have to do.

    • HarakiriKami

      Kishima Tatsuya was the one who let the WIi “stagnate” with fewer releases at the end of its life. Which is why Iwata removed him as NoA’s CEO. He’s the managing CEO over there while he finds someone to promote into the position, meanwhile he’s given NoA more freedom, and we see how well that’s done for communication between them and the fans.

      Am i the only one who remembers what was going on in 2011? Nintendo came out rolling with 3DS’s attached to every Boothbabe and the machine was hyped to hell and back as Sony was pushing their 3D Televisions hard. Nintendo bet on 3D being bigger than it was and it cost them. They learned from that, and are making an iOS like ecosystem instead.

      Journalists were the one who suggested the machine launch at 250$. So nintendo launched it at that price, with a bunch of third party software and Pilot Wings. Then an Earthquake happened and the 3DS was dropped to 169$$ lol.

      They did the same thing with the Wii U and it hurt them. Nintendo needs to stop launching their systems with a glut of third party software and put out system sellers at launch. Like they did with the Wii. Wii Sports blew up at launch but it also came out with Twilight Princess. Zombi U(as innovative as it was),Nintendoland(this appeals more to Nintendo’s audience than the Wii Sports audience) and a 2D mario werent enough.

      The Wii U had 30 games released on it at launch, Nintendo had to put a crap ton of people on 3DS software and they didnt have enough to finish the software. Ubisoft delaying Rayman legends due to ZombiU’s early performance was another dumb move( as the game sold best on Wii U, would have had stronger sales in Febuary(Like Lego and MonHun) than launching besides Grand Theft Auto on the PS3 and 360), but they had Monster Hunter and Lego City(funded by nintendo) in March and these games did extremely well(nearly 1 million units worldwide for both of them). Software delays from third parties really hurt the Wii U (Nintendo and EA had a falling out before the Wii U even launched and THQ, Lucas Arts and Sierra all went out of business. These guys were some of the Wii’s biggest supporters besides Ubisoft and Activision. (EA too) and are out of business.

      They’re hiring as many developers as they can and havent fired one of them,that plays a significant role on the losses the company takes.

      The Wii U’s stronger than last gen but weaker than next gen, much like the dreamcast was, and has suffered the same issues for it. The difference being NIntendo has money to support it and Sega did not. The Wii U is nintendo’s back bone for their future software based ecosystem so it plays a signifigant role in the future off this company.

      The Wii U’s problem is its been rather expensive to manufacture due to supplier issues that Nintendo has faced with the system. Reneas got bought out, the original supplier they had was destroyed in a fire, they had to make all sorts of changes with the Wii U’s development. But they met their goal of making a console stronger than the PS3/360 that has less power draw than the Wii.Japan has a lot of energy concerns themselves.

      • crakkie

        The CEO doesn’t get to say “my team sucks, they let the Wii stagnate”, or “journalists made me charge too much for the 3DS”, or “the Wii U’s weak launch was the hardware team’s fault”, or “our power concerns were not shared in the North American market, which isn’t my fault.”

        There were a series of failures at Nintendo over the past 3 years that have cost them hundreds of millions of dollars, under Iwata’s direction. That has made him, somewhat understandably, vulnerable within the company, as this article and that last two elections have shown. You don’t have to have an ‘axe to grind with the Wii U’ to acknowledge this. Most of the actions you list are reactive, after the damage was done from poor decisions. Great, he’s fixing his mistakes that he made in the first place.

        Like I said, he probably isn’t the best guy for the job, but he’s probably better than anyone who would be in line to replace him. If I could participate in the corporate president election, he would get my tepid vote.

        • HarakiriKami

          Understandable, but when your initial plan is screwed up, how well you can adapt from their is the true measure of your mettle.

          Iwata has shown us that. Infighting and endless stream of poor decisions is how Sega was killed. NIntendo by comparison has made a few mistakes. They’re fixing them.

          Nintendo needs to avoid falling into the same pitfall.

          While the Wii was as you call it “stagnating” nintendo was building more buildings, investing in HD development, basically spending money necessary for expanding, that has yet to show its true value and probably wont till 2015-2016, and then their new systems come out

  • eh

    I agree that Nintendo’s online service is vastly improved with the Wii U and 3DS, I just wish they gave more games the chance to fully utilize it.
    I do wish the notion that their online is terrible would disappear, especially since they’re the only console with free online, but sales would need to pick up and Nintendo would need to communicate it far more effectively in order to erase the stigma from the Wii and DS.

    • HarakiriKami

      Smash Hyrule warriors and bayoentta all have online so the online games are clearly there.

      The third party games on the Wii U have online modes as well.

      • eh

        I didn’t mean to imply none of the games took advantage of it, but that there are quite a few instances where a game that could really benefit from online has limited or nonexistent online functionality.
        Nintendo’s current mindset seems to be, “We want people to play together in one room, so why include online modes?”. A recent case in point being Hyrule Warriors won’t have online co-op for some reason, despite that feature being available in previous Musou titles.

        • HarakiriKami

          What does Hyrule Warriors have to do with Nintendo? Thats fully funded by Tecmo Koei. Published in Japan by them, marketed by them ect. Its just using Nintendo’s IP which is why Nintendo is handling localization. Nintendo’s only involvement in the project is basically Aonuma looking the game over and Marketing it in NA & EU.

          Other Warriors games lack modes for random reasons or another. This one just doesnt have online co-op. DW8 doesnt have Co-Op on Pc either for some random reason. Tecmo probably realized the way they were doing it made no sense as you cant see your team mate at all in online. You just see them doing damage, but they’re invisible.

          However there is an online mode in the game called “Adventure Battle”. I have no clue what it is. We’ll probably find out tomorrow in the Nintendo Direct.

          Nintendo usually adds online to a game if it makes sense. Hell they stuck it in Dr Luigi and Wii Sports Club lol.

          Super Mario 3D World didnt have any because the latency would kill it and the game can already be frustrating locally 4 players.

          Pikmin 3 and TW101 dont have it because the Wii U cant handle 500 pikmin on screen at once or something with all their individual physics calculations + PIkmin’s particle physics + its graphics at 30fps under latency without some serious coding and that takes a long time. ( which they wasted in the games development trying to do that)

        • Yeah, I agree. Any of the platformers would be great with online, so would Pikmin 3. The online features in Sports Club are crappy, too.

          • HarakiriKami

            Every platformer I’ve played online has been utter garbage.

            The only one that works is LBP and it has super slow physics, its not twitchy. So I dont enjoy it.

            Trine 2 is another one that works since its slow, but its a puzzle platformer.

            Ratchet and Clank’s was also so very laggy.

            Nidhogg,Splosion Man and the other indie platformers that try online dont tend to work well.

  • Thank goodness for Iwata being stubborn about this! Nintendo’s greatest weapon is their high quality exclusives. They can’t lose that. Not even if we are talking about a touch screen watered down version of a Mario game.

  • HarakiriKami

    I hate when I delete a message and it just stays there…

  • Thank you Iwata! We don’t need Nintendo on phones…

    But we need a Nintendo Phone!

    • HarakiriKami

      Like Amazon?

  • Tlink7

    If Nintendo ever went smartphone, I would stop buying their games immediatly. The games on those systems are small, impossible to play properly without an additional gadget and not designed with a specific system in mind. The quality would be *horrible*… Thank God for Iwata if this is true and long may he reign… xD

  • gerome

    i want the legend of zelda on my ps4, but please keep it away from mobile phones. the quality will suffer.

    • TalesOfBS

      I want you to go S.A.D.
      Also, i guess you bought the wrong console.

    • Guest

      And I want the last of us on the wii u

  • Guest
    • Brian

      That post makes absolutely no sense. The origins of this report come from the Japanese website Business Journal and not NeoGAF.

      • HarakiriKami

        Keep reading the thread. Go to page 10 and keep reading from there.

        The Source from the Japanese website IS Neogaf.

        • Brian

          Nope. You’re incorrect. PlayerEssence’s article has people confused now.

          The original source is Business Journal, a Japanese website. NeoGAF was not mentioned in that site’s report whatsoever.

          What NeoGAF did was provide a translation of the article. Before posting, we looked into it separately and it was pretty much spot on. Again, there is nothing on Business Journal about these rumors coming from NeoGAF.

          Hope that clears this up!

          • HarakiriKami

            I know that neogaf provided a translation


            But did you read the actual website? You should check the website and see what their source is.

          • Brian

            Not sure what you mean by that. We looked into Business Journal’s article to see if the NeoGAF translation matched up with what we were able to translate from the article. It did.

            If you’re talking about PlayerEssence… I’m not sure how to respond to that since their story is totally inaccurate.

          • HarakiriKami

            The article you guys reported on has absolutely no source for their information. Its basically just a rumour

          • I think you’re misunderstanding here. That report from Playeressence sources this post about it. They then use neogaf to debunk it. A user on NeoGAF tries to debunk the report saying this about NE’s post:

            “First, check the source of the article, it leaks back to a gaf post in the Nintendo Financials thread. One of the best examples of a GAF–>Internet–>GAF posts we’ll see.”

            Except, that user is wrong partially. Not wrong on the GAF – internet part, but that it was internet – GAF – internet… and now back to GAF in this case. The report wasn’t from here, it was from Business Journal which was TRANSLATED by Neogaf. Hence, everyone posted about it sourcing NeoGAF which sourced Business Journal, and Buisness Journal sources themselves, not NeoGAF.

            Hence, the original source has not been debunked at all.

          • HarakiriKami

            And who exactly on Nintendo’s board would be doing this?

            Its mostly people Iwata/ shareholders promoted there no?

          • Guest

            “With the death last fall of the long-reigning company founder Hiroshi Yamauchi”

            Is he the founder of the company?

          • Aiddon

            nope; he was the 3rd president. It’s an obvious fact the article got wrong. And the fact it got so many wrong points to it being little more than fanfiction someone wrote after watching too much Game of Thrones.

          • Beats me. It could also be employee related as well. This happened one time in Nintendo’s past actually as Yamauchi just ended up firing them all.

          • HarakiriKami

            A unified nintendo is best.

            Lots of things need to change here and we cant have people getting in the way of that. Nintendo is in that same transition period that Sony and even VALVE are in. They’re moving their platforms to an ID based content delivery systems adopting similar hardware architectures for their platforms

      • Aiddon

        the Biz-journal article makes no sense either. Here, let me spell out what it’s saying:

        “Employees think they can usurp Iwata.”

        Do you see how this doesn’t make sense? YOU CAN’T FIRE YOUR BOSS. The article is somehow claiming that employees (note, EMPLOYEES, not board members or stock holders (though even then with how Japanese business is structured stockholders and the board don’t actually hold that much sway over the president)) are going to enact some sort of coup d’etat. You….you can’t do that. A subordinate employee can’t go up to his boss and claim to be taking over or forcing his boss out for a new one. That’s so wrong I’m surprised nobody caught on. Or caught on to the other facts the article got wrong.

        So, yeah, Biz-journal is a complete lie. There is no reason to act like it’s even a rumor. I’m reminded of people acting like P4R articles aren’t satire. Though since this rumor didn’t gain any real traction perhaps that proves how much of a white lie it was in the first place.

        • KH

          Actually the only thing the article got wrong, was about Hiroshi Yamauchi being the founder of the company.

          That part of the “employees usurping Iwata” is probably more like they rioting and doing certain actions that would lead him to quit, which is the same thing, which happened all those years ago, when Hiroshi Yamauchi became president, various employees rioted to force Yamauchi to quit because of pressure, but instead Yamauchi ended up firing them.

          • Aiddon

            nope, it’s actually saying they’re somehow going to march into his office and dethrone him. The article is a lie. And considering how it got traction for all of a few days at a handful of sites, it’s obvious that it’s just junk. Moving on and so should you.

          • It actually says they are working out a way to overthrow him, not march into his office and kick him out.

          • Aiddon

            Moved on already, go talk to a wall.

  • HarakiriKami

    I hate it when I delete a post and it’s still there….

  • HarakiriKami

    I hate when I delete a message and it just stays there…

    Iwata is the reason Nintendo of America stopped being terrible when he removed their CEO.

    Iwata was a genius programmer who became the president of HAL. He was the guy who coded Earthbound, by hand on a spreadsheet and the guy who managed to fit Kanto in Johto n the versions of Gold and Silver even though the cartridge wasnt big enough to normally be able to do that. He’s also the co-creator of Super Smash Brothers(and Kirby too I believe, he’s the reason he’s pink instead of yellow or something like that, made him easier to see on the hardware)

    Yamauchi chose him as his right hand man and he’s been doing an excellent job leading Nintendo for the past decade.He’s made alot of money for them and shareholders like him due to his sincerity and his drive on giving them a return on their shares. The problem being nintendo’s had operating losses for the last 4 years ( and a net loss for only like one of them ) This is how they lost money this last quarter

    Iwata is the person who refuses to fire developers at nintendo, Iwata is the guy who is expanding their business without screwing nintendo’s core values by going mobile, Iwata is the guy who’s intent on fixing nintendo’s underlying problems as they’ve leveraged all they could from the missteps with the 3DS and Wii U in preparation of adapting to changing markets

    I think you’re seriously misguided about who Iwata is and what he’s done for nintendo. Imo he deserves the utmost respect out of any CEO in the business. The guy places a metric ton of pressure on himself. He may not be as intimidating as Yamauchi, but he’s just as stoic.He took over from him when he was getting long in the tooth after all. His experience with the GCN and all its problems, lead to the Wii, plus he transitioned the GBA into the DS smoothly, on the backs of software. The issues with the 3DS and Wii U, I believe will give them a great return, handsomely. Im interested in the ecosystem they’ll create in the near future and how that will integrate with their QOL hardware/software line. In the meantime I hope the amiibo’s do well for them,the figures are rather lovely.

  • Orionsangel

    It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

  • SecretX

    well if this is true or not i hope Iwata fires them or keeps fighting to be top dog.