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Rime has a day-one update on Switch

Posted on November 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

If you’re planning on picking up Rime today for Switch, you should be aware of a day-one update. The team has implemented a number of fixes and improvements that are delivered in the first patch.

The full patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue with Sentinel animations.
  • Fixed an issue with controller input not behaving correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with LOD load and unload.
  • Resolved an issue with audio distortion.
  • Fixed an issue with a black bar appearing on the Extras menu.
  • Resolved an issue of background audio not playing.
  • Fixed an issue with elements of a puzzle not being able to be triggered.
  • Fixed some issues with puzzles not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with lag in certain puzzles.
  • Fixed camera collision issues.
  • Added missing VFX to Shades.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive at the logo screen
  • Added a light to a missing Sentinel.


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  • kurodo

    So, it’s unfair The critics before it’s release. 60 on metacritic… pfff

    • amak11

      Honestly, us critics are usually the first to point this stuff out. This is why there us patches. At least these guys are doing more than what the Troll and I devs did

      • Mark

        “Us” critics? Who do you write for?

      • venomancer

        they probably already had the patch ready before you critics played it…

    • Tlink7

      It looks bad, it runs horribly and the devs blamed their own faillings on the Switch. They deserve it

    • none of these patch notes refer to a better framerate so…

    • Brad

      Not the critics fault. The game already had a 6 month delays between consoles.

  • ben

    I mean.. yeah.. all the love in the world to the people who made the game but it looks worse than a wii game.

  • Exy

    These patch notes just tell me this game isn’t ready for launch.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Man, they lost so much Money. They could have earned way more if was one of the first games from Switch.

  • Ricardo Torres

    would it have taken too much room on the card to include it that they figured it was easier for a day one patch? What is the filesize?

    • IBO

      for some reason the file size is bigger then xbox one version… they should have held back the game another few months and make a decent port.
      they rushed out the game at a time where there are a number of great games coming out on Switch like Mario, Skyrim, Xenoblade 2, LA Noire, DOOM… it will be easy for people to pass on this game due to it’s many bugs & frame rate issues

  • DiscoGentleman

    Won’t have to worry about this patch since I just cancelled my pre-order.
    Sorry, Tequila Works.

    • Dylan W

      I cancelled mine today. Oh well, I got Batman, Ittle Dew 2+, and L.A. Noire so I’m good. 😛

  • Pepperkeet

    Just goes to show to never launch a game when it’s not ready And EVEN LESSER SO give it to a “reviewer” who will just try and make a career out of ruining your game.

  • sremick

    And once more, the physical cartridge becomes less of a way to store the game and more of just an expensive DRM key for a game that will become useless once the servers go away.


    • Brad

      The games are ‘pressed’ sometimes weeks in advance. They had a locked date and decided it was easier to get production going instead of delaying it.

      I’m pretty sure nearly all games do this for consoles and even handhelds at this point. Be thankful you get updates. Some of us grew up before 2004 when these type of bug fixes were nearly impossible.

      • sremick

        I can assure you: I grew up before 2004. WAY before 2004.

        Back then, developers didn’t rush out unfinished games as a matter of course and what went into the cartridge or CD had more effort put in to ensure that it was usable and finished. Sure, sometimes you might need to dial into the publisher’s BBS and download a patch but it was rare, and those patches were just standalone files that were easily archiveable so it didn’t matter so much if online went down or the publisher vanished… the patch files could still be archived and saved and passed around.

        • Brad

          And games were not as big and complicated.

          • sremick

            You didn’t do much PC gaming in the 90s then. Lots of games came on a pile of discs. I played a ton of Wing Commander IV which came on SIX CDs. And that was 1996.

          • Brad

            PC games has internet connected PCs. Consoles generally did not.

          • sremick

            Your comment is not only inaccurate for the timeframe being discussed, but makes no sense in the overall context of my original point.

          • Brad

            Except it does.

            Games for consoles rarely had updates because consoles were not internet connected (or if they were updates were rarely issued. Newer copies of the games would have the newer builds with bug fixes)

            PCs were.

          • sremick

            1) When Wing Commander IV came out in 1996, you’re wrong. And this was a PC game.

            2) The whole idea of depending on an internet connection to push out day-1 patches and therefore putting a crap/buggy version on the cartridge, whether we’re talking PC OR consoles, is the whole core of my original point. Doing so defeats the purposes (saving space, longevity, etc) of having a physical cartridge over buying digital and turns the cartridge into nothing more than a DRM dongle that will be useless once the patch servers go offline.

          • Brad

            1 – I don’t know what you are talking about
            2 – Physical is going away. Time to move on. It means nothing but to those who want to feel and warm and good having a case on a shelf and a disc/cart they can pretend is complete. Nearly all games have updates/patches/bug fixes/DLC that will never go on that cart/disc (unless a special edition is made later). The end is near for physical. Soon you’ll buy a case with a code in it for those that buy at a retail store.

          • sremick

            If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then perhaps you should bow out of a conversation you’re not prepared to discuss and stop touting how wise you are because you were gaming “before 2004”. I think I was gaming 15-20 years before you from the sounds of it.

            Digital is a bum deal for consumers and will be the death knell for resale and game longevity. You can be all hip and cool as you want but the truth of it is you haven’t even been alive long enough it seems to understand or appreciate the negative ramifications of what you’re trying to champion.

          • Brad

            I don’t need to bow out. I’ve been gaming since the NES era.

            Digital is the future. Physical will be gone soon enough. Just look at how many games require massive day 1 installs of content not present on the disc/cart. It’s almost over gramps. GameStop is near death.

          • sremick

            “Just look at how many games require massive day 1 installs of content not present on the disc/cart.”

            That’s the whole problem.


            Ah, adolescent insults. I suppose you think that somehow furthers your argument or lends credibility to your character. Since you’re now talking in circles and resorting to childish insults, there’s really no point in trying to discuss the subject with you as you’ve effectively given up. Feel free to come back when you’ve grown up a bit more and gained a little bit of experience. Cheers…

          • Brad

            So you were proven wrong and run away. Shocking!

            Digital is the future. Physical is going away. Get used to it or stop gaming.

  • Reggie

    Well I guess this is a bit of an improvement, regarding controller input and lag. But unless it improves the frame rate issues with the game overall, then it still isn’t much. Plus even if it did fix that, there’s still the matter of the game being hella blurry on handheld mode. Considering that I exclusively play Switch in handheld or tabletop mode, it just doesn’t work for me.

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    the main problem is the frame rate.
    I don’t see it mentioned there… maybe the “Fixed an issue with LOD load and unload.” is related to performance? I don’t know what LOD is

    • Theo Guedes

      Level of Detail. Quando os objetos estĂŁo longe da cĂąmera, sĂŁo substituĂ­dos por versĂ”es menos complexas, sendo renderizados com menos custo. Pode ter algum impacto no framerate sim. (Respondi em portuguĂȘs porque tĂŽ ligado que tu Ă© brasileiro =P)

      • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

        valeu! =D