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Satoru Iwata confirms port strike is reason for shipment woes in US

Posted on February 19, 2015 by (@LyonHart_) in 3DS, General Nintendo, News

A translation coming from Nintendo’s recent investor Q&A meeting shows the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, admitting that the port strike on the west coast of America has had an impact on shipments regarding amiibo and the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

This would explain the amount of delays, shortages and vague dates we’ve been getting since amiibo first launched alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U back on November 21st, 2014, which is the only time there’s been a solid date on an amiibo release in the US. Video games, on the other hand, haven’t been impacted in this strike, as “games are light and can be flown to America”, Iwata says.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t go on for much longer so both the consumers and Nintendo can go about amiibo and any future products stress free.

The Q&A meeting is currently available in Japanese here

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  • Mr.Johnson

    So once again people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, have been blaming and cursing Nintendo’s name over something that wasn’t even their fault. What else is new? SMH Anyway, let’s hope this doesn’t go on for long.

    • lily weeks

      Yeah, well this could have been explained MUCH earlier. That would have stopped any kind of confusion,.

      • Mr.Johnson

        True, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes manufacturing & shipping or other issues like this one into consideration before flying off the handle and put it all on Nintendo.

    • Operative

      Who can blame us? NIntendo could have said this when Amiibos launched. And then they go and make things worse by being vague. “Some amiibo might return” “some might not” “If there’s enough demand”. No, they saw the frenzy and just let things stir so they could make more money. Can’t say it’s not smart, but we had every right to blame them. And I doubt once this strike is over that we’ll suddenly see huge stacks of wii fit trainers and Marths. Retailers will still have to juggle shelf space and scalpers will still be there

      • Mr.Johnson

        Like I said to the person above, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can take things like manufacturing & shipping or other issues like this one into consideration before flying off the handle and put it all 100% on Nintendo without knowing the full details. Why Nintendo didn’t just tell everyone that was the problem? Again, I really don’t know why or know the full the details to just call them stupid or a bunch of scammers. I don’t know why any company just don’t explain about what’s really behind their current situation problems.

        “No, they saw the frenzy and just let things stir so they could make more money.”

        I’m not sure what you mean. How can they just let things stir to make more money if they can’t get any amiibo over here to sell?

        • Operative

          Pre orders. that’s how they get these things over here to sell. Once people realized that not buying a certain character could mean missing out permanently, people started pre ordering every single one. If we had known that shipping issues were there or that there would be more, people might not have been pre ordering instantly like they have been. So Nintendo probably saw that as an opportunity and decided to let it happen.

          And unless there’s suddenly a mountain of every single amiibo when these shipping delays are fixed, we can still blame Nintendo for not making enough. Yes, it might not be within their power to make sure everything goes smoothly, and even I have been an advocate of differing reasons why amiibo are so rare.

          I said that there are probably contracts with the manufacturer that most likely prevent reprints, because they might be on a strict schedule to start producing the next wave of amiibo.

          With all that said, Nintendo is still partially to blame because they are just so vague about everything so far. They realize scalpers are a problem yet still do store exclusives in North America, and are even doing the single run gold mario Amiibo. To say they don’t know how to handle these things is apt. At least for Nintendo of America.

        • Bobby

          “I’m not sure what you mean. How can they just let things stir to make more money if they can’t get any amiibo over here to sell?”

          Because by Ninetndo’s neglagence to supply Amiibos that people wanted to buy (Villager, Marth, Wii Fit Trainer) word of mouth caught on and scalpers dove into the Amiibo scene. Stores in my area had people making trips from state to state for Captain Falcons and Little Macs because they knew that Nintendo was only going to supply limited amounts due to the notion that characters like these won’t sell as well compared to Mario and Peaches.

          There is NOT a shortage of Amiibos. (NOTE EDIT) What there is a shortage of, is a shortage of Amiibos that consumers want, which Nintendo misread the market on. Nintendo is back peddling now on their views that select Amiibos would not sell as well as they did. I even debated this very matter with a Nintendo rep who told me that if Nintendo stocked Villagers and Marths that they would not sell well; that Moms and kids only want Mario and Pikachu Amiibos.

          • horrido

            A very big reason people want the rare Amiibos is because they are RARE.

          • Bobby

            They are rare due to Nintendo’s inability to make a proper amount of figures that reflect its market’s interest. They went into this product with the theory that the majority of its consumers would be moms and kids that would only buy Mario and Pikachu; yet now they realize that those same moms and kids also want Captain Falcon and Little Mac Amiibos alongside the core gamers. Lets not damage control for Nintendo, but instead start demanding better.

    • Leo Ryan

      well to be fair here nintendo never said anything about it and all this strike has been doing is making them money

    • D2K

      While it is not their fault, this should show the powers that be in Japan that Nintendo Of America needs to be more self-contained so that even if there is such a situation in the future Nintendo product is not confined to just one source.

  • SquareSide
    • JustSomeRandomNintendoFan.

      Yup thats what going on XD

  • Bobby

    I don’t believe it. Nintendo said BEFORE the launch of Amiibos that, due to shelf constraints, that only select Amiibo figures would be available for a small period of time. When I pressed my Nintendo rep about this at work, he defended the ideals that if Nintendo stocked the shelves will Villagers and Marth Amiibo figures, that no one would but them. Now here we have a very convenient excuse to share holders as to why Moms & childeren have not been able to find their favorite Smash Bros fighter on the store shelves….its the ports fault!

    • ronin4life

      Those are two different things. Just because shipments are having issues doesn’t mean Shelf space must also not be limited.

  • ronin4life

    To those thinking Nintendo made a killing off this mess somehow(9_9):

    -Word of mouth has been EXTREMELY NEGATIVE.
    -They have never sold a single product higher than their RP
    -Product NOT SELLING = Nintendo actually losing money. Shipment costs, Storage at these warehouses, word of mouth about sell-outs, less product on shelves, and angry customers all mean Nintendo sells fewer, spends more and hurts business with prospective buyers.

    Your assertions make no sense and are straight up nonsense. This isn’t any more pleasant for them than anyone else, and if there is anything Companies don’t like to talk about it is unpleasant things.

    • Mr.Johnson

      Thank you. It seems I’ve stirred a hornet’s nest with a few others here with my comment above. I was trying to show that here is another story unwrapped where everyone blamed and bash Nintendo for something that’s happening and they don’t take other possible issues into consideration. Now it turns out it wasn’t all on Nintendo. I probably should’ve just explained it in a lighter tone though 🙂

  • JustSomeRandomNintendoFan.

    I think the reason is because they dont want to put so MANY in the states.Because it could be so over whelming that the shelves might have to fit ALOT and that might raise the price on amiibos and New 3ds XL. This could be the reason they didnt put the smaller one out in the states.