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Soraya Saga retweets today’s Nintendo Direct news

Posted on February 12, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Wii U

Update 3: Masahiro Sakurai has now retweeted the announcement. Make of that what you will!

Update 2: Davis has now clarified that his tweet was posted without any knowledge of tomorrow’s proceedings. At least that’s one “mystery” solved!

Update: I’ll also mention in passing that the Nintendo Direct news has been retweeted by a couple of folks at PlatinumGames, and Next Level Games’ Brian Davis has also posted about the presentation. I’m not too sure how much we should read into Davis’ tweet, but it’s interesting to see that two prominent Platinum staffers have retweeted the Nintendo Direct announcement.

Original: Does the title above seem similar? It should. When Soraya Saga (Tetsuya Takahashi’s wife) last retweeted news regarding Nintendo Direct, it was for Nintendo’s E3 2013 presentation – and when we last saw “X”.

Saga has once again retweeted news about Nintendo Direct, this time for tomorrow’s broadcast. It’s sparking speculation that X will be making an appearance during the upcoming presentation.

Nintendo did say earlier that tomorrow’s event will focus on games releasing before the end of spring. But perhaps they’ll take the time to show a new trailer for X as well? Maybe, maybe not. Keep those expectations in check, as Nintendo hasn’t specifically mentioned which titles will be shown.


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