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Square Enix happy for Switch’s success, system could get sequels to older IPs, multiplatform approach

Posted on December 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, has spoken quite a bit about Switch as of late. Matsuda recently said that the company is interested in bringing past titles to the system, and noted how it’s “a very attractive and important platform”.

Matsuda had even more to say about Switch in an interview with The Telegraph. First, when asked how Switch has changed how Square Enix looks at developing and designing games, he said:

“(Laughs) We announced this in our yearly results as well, but certainly the really great thing for us is to see how the Switch is selling so well, it’s doing incredibly well, which is nothing but a good thing for us. As a publisher and developer of games, we obviously want to get our games onto as many different platforms as possible, and so obviously having a broad range to choose from can only be a good thing for us, so certainly seeing Nintendo’s hardware selling so well and doing so well, getting our games on that can only be an advantage for the company, so we’re very happy about it. Like I said, it makes our portfolio even more broad and even more bountiful.”

Later in the interview, Matsuda was asked about balancing existing IPs and new franchises. That led him to eventually again mention how Square Enix wants to revisit its past, and perhaps consider “doing some of those kinds of sequels to older IPs on the Switch in the future”.

He said:

“We really want to do both of those in equal balance. Obviously we’re going to continue making new games, and for the older IPs as well, not just the remake/remasters we’ve been doing, we want to create sequels and new games in those series as well.

Certainly the Switch, as well, because it has sold so well and is doing really well at the moment, there’s a number of previous game IPs that we’ve got that we didn’t make continuations of those series sequels for in the past, and I think maybe looking into doing some of those kinds of sequels to older IPs on the Switch in the future is something we’d like to look at.”

The other noteworthy tidbit from Matsuda: he said that the plan going forward is trying to make all of Square Enix’s games available on all platforms, which includes Switch.


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  • Drybonekoopa85

    Umm YES! Give me a sequel or remastering of Actraiser!!!
    Port over ALL the Final Fantasy games.
    Port over ALL Kingdom Hearts games.
    Give me another sequel to Chrono Trigger.
    Do a Super Mario RPG 2.
    Bring over the Tomb Raider games.

    I could go on forever. Goes to show how amazing Square legacy truly is.

    • roninalchemist

      Hell yes, A remaster of Actraiser would be AMAZING!

      • Eddie

        A sequel to Chono Trigger and Chono Cross would be AMAZING!!! I’ve been wishing for it since I played Chono Chrono Cross for the first time!!! It’s the absolute BEST RPG series ever made!!! If they actually announce it, I’m sure I’ll die because of the hype!

        • Ragnell

          I wouldn’t want the current square to make a chrono entry honestly

          • nekoknight

            They COULD pull it off, but only if they brought back Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuji Horii, and Akira Toriyama.

          • Eddie

            I would. I’m crossing my fingers!

        • I’d only be okay with it if they brought back the key creative staff: Masato Kato, Yasunori Mitsuda, Yasuyuki Honne.

  • LordNica

    Vagrant story c’mon do it

  • Vladizard

    After reading this, I’m more optimistic about the leak of TWEWY 2. 😀

  • Blueleroux

    Final Fantasy tactics remake or sequel
    Tactic ogre sequel

    • Ailan Hidaz

      Yes please

    • Ragnell

      Nv got into ps tactics cuz it took too long to load

  • Project Octopath Traveler and Dragon Quest XI western localization are very good starts but we need more. Give us everything you got…….you won’t be disappointed

    • And they better be in quallity, too.

    • MajoraMan28

      Final Fantasy VII Remake
      That is their most important title in decades
      And one that should’ve been at Nintendo since the N64

      • Jon Turner

        In before some armchair expert claims that it can’t be done on Switch or that the game is exclusive to Sony (never mind it’s only timed exclusive and in no way a console one).

  • JJ

    Please, PLEASE bring a sequel to Chrono Trigger/Cross on Switch!

  • FutureFox

    Will we ever see another Bushido Blade?

  • Andy J Holland

    I’d be thrilled with a Chrono Trigger port. If they remaster it, offer the original rom somewhere in the main menu. Chrono Cross was… there. But a true Chrono sequel would be welcome. The fanmade Flames of Eternity was a great example of how to pick that story back up.

  • Gilmar Venancio

    Well, they realized that in Japan the Switch sold half of PS4 sales in less than a year, so they need to jump asap or they can be outshined by others JRPGs developers on Switch.

    • In Japan 3DS sold more units than PS2 yet their support was mediocre at best, with the exception of Dragon Quest, their entire support is limited to indies type of production, emulated ROM images and modified ROM images, nothing much else.

      • Mark

        Seriously? So it’s like a Kingdom Hearts game, two Theatrhythm games, and two Bravely Default games just never happened?

        • Mediocre support nothing more, nothing less, certainly for best selling platform in Japan. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are quite laughable, since most of the original content isn’t even available on Nintendo platforms, for example games like FFVII – XIII and more. In case of Theatrhythm games they’re basically ios/android type of experience.
          The differences are in our expectations, I demand high quality content, you will be probably satisfied with Switch port of FFVI originally demastered for ios/android and similar type of support.

          • Mark

            You’re not going to and provoke an emotional response by insulting my taste. Besides, you conveniently ignored both Bravely Default games when painting SE’s support of the system as mediocre. Both were critically acclaimed 80 hour RPGs with an amazing soundtracks.

            Look, you started out by saying that SE did nothing but Dragon Quest, games with indie-level production values, and ports of the same quality as a ROM. I gave several examples to contrast. So if you consider the DQVII remake, DQVIII port (which is pretty impressive from PS2 – 3DS), Kingdom Hearts, and two Bravely Default games ‘mediocre support’, then that’s just your opinion, and I don’t agree. But personally, I wish that most companies would give Nintendo as mediocre of support as what Square Enix gave the 3DS.

  • Peace Boy

    Super Mario RPG 2 and Chrono Trigger 2 please. 🙂

    • JJ

      That would be CT 3.

      • Peace Boy

        I was not aware of a Chrono Trigger 2 already…
        And before you mention Chrono Cross, I want a more direct sequel.
        It’s not even the same title.

        • Mark

          I actually really liked Chrono Cross. Granted, it’s probably because I played Chrono Cross when it came out, and didn’t get to Chrono Trigger until it came out on the Final Fantasy Chronicles collection. As a sequel it’s disappointing, but as a stand-alone game it’s really enjoyable.

          • Peace Boy

            I still need to play it myself. I will probably respect it as a good game, but as I said, a direct sequel would be preferred. CC was an indirect sequel.

        • JJ

          It’s still considered a sequel. They’re not going to set that aside.

          • Peace Boy

            And as I’ve already said, it’s specifically an indirect sequel, I want a direct sequel, meaning one with the same world and characters.

          • JJ

            Maybe, but they wouldn’t call it Chrono Trigger 2 in light of CC.

          • JJ

            That would be fine but SE isn’t just going to ignore Cross and call it “Chrono Trigger 2”.

  • Force

    Time will tell. Hopefully some titles that were otherwise handheld only, so we can have some validity for that neglected docked mode.

  • Aline Piroutek

    People lately are talking too much good things about Switch. Does the company really thinks that way? Or they’re all lies? Tomorrow even EA Games can speak good things.

    • GadgetXJ9

      If there’s one thing the internet can collectively agree on its that you should never trust anything EA says. Ever.

  • Aline Piroutek

    I remember when SE made a pool about Kingdom Hearts Collection : “Why aren’t you interested in getting KH Collection?”
    “Because there isn’t a WiiU release”

  • Tlink7

    Okay Squeenix, how about you stop could/would-ing and actually do or announce something now 😛

  • Ezereal

    Give me an HD version of Chrono Cross and a remake of Chrono Trigger and that’ll be perfect 🙂

    Playing most Square-Enix games everywhere with the Switch would be amazing!

  • Roto Prime

    Final Fantasy XII please Square Enix!!

  • Jeremy Powell

    Parasite Eve please

  • Exy

    It must be nice to want things.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    So much wanting going on, can’t ya just you know do it? Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced series remaster collection /sequels and Final Fantasy: Zodiac Age and that recent Final Fantasy IX, ooo and World of Final Fantasy too please. Can’t really think of anything else besides wanting more RPGs and please keep that Secret of Mana trash remake.

  • nekoknight

    I would like a sequel to the “Soul Blader” series. I loved “Illusion of Gaia” and “Terranigma.”

  • Luis Coro

    A true sequel to Crystal Chronicles please!! with local and Online multiplayer! Remake of FF9 would be so much appreciated! 🙂

  • TrumpOwnsYou

    you wont be seeing modern aaa square enix games ported to the switch. Square enix already has experience with the switches hardware since they’ve released games on the nvidia shield tv. The switch will most likely get old ports that square has already ported over to android. The only way the switch will get any exclusives from square is if nintendo pays up, reason being, the switch isnt powerful enough to warrant exclusives, any game on the switch can be ported to android, or ps4 xbox1 or pc and require minimum hardware.

    • Jon Turner

      I don’t think you know much else about the Switch than SE does. If it can run UE4, it can get KH3 and FFVII. Sure, there might be some downgrades, but to say it can’t handle those games and we won’t see them? I don’t see how that’s true at all. A PS4 Switch may not be, but it’s no slouch.

      • Force

        Just looking a lot worse in the process, like every other comparison with other system has proven us. Probably also runs worse, but it’s PORTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so it’s excused of everything wrong with it, right?

    • Okami

      did you help create the switch? armchair fanboys i ell you

    • Giro

      They already hinted at FFXV. TWEWY 2 seems very likely, KH3 and FF7 remake are big possibilities as well considering he said they plan on making games for all platforms.

      They will most likely not be as visually appealing as the ps4 and xbox one but they’ll most likely play and look similar enough

  • YGOPro Lara

    Final fantasy 13, 13-2 and lightning returns please!

  • fbnaulin

    Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Parasite Eve are in my list.

  • new FF Tactics/Tactics Ogre or bust