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Suda51 on No More Heroes being accepted more in the west vs. Japan, news on Sylvia coming for Travis Strikes Again

Posted on September 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

GamesRadar recently caught up for an interview with Suda51 for all things Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Although there was talk about the upcoming Switch game, Suda51 took some time to reflect on the series as a whole.

One noteworthy part of the discussion came about while Suda51 commented on No More Heroes being accepted in the west compared to Japan. He said that there has “definitely” been a “much more positive reaction” in North America and Europe. Although the reaction in Japan hasn’t been particularly bad, it perhaps hasn’t been as warmly received due to its violent nature and blood.

Suda51 said:

One thing that I can say is that America and Europe definitely had a much more positive reaction to [No More Heroes]. It’s not that the reaction was bad in Japan, necessarily. But one thing that happened with No More Heroes – that happens with many of Grasshopper’s games – is that they tend to do a lot better overseas. In Japan, games like No More Heroes, they’ve got a bit of a dirty, naughty side to them, you know? At the same time, they tend to be really bloody. A lot of Japanese gamers don’t really accept that kind of game as much as Western gamers do. In North America and Europe, people tend to not only be able to accept that, but they laugh at that kind of thing. Whereas in Japan, a lot of people are kind of like, ‘Oh, I can’t really deal with that.’

Suda51 did also have plenty to say about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. It’s largely what we’ve heard before over the past couple of weeks, but he did share something interesting. When we hear about the game next, we’ll apparently get some information about Sylvia.

Suda51 teased:

Of all the information we’ve put out so far, there’s hasn’t been anything about Sylvia released yet. I can’t say anything right now, but when we release the next batch of information, there should be more pertaining to Sylvia there, so look forward to that.


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  • Princess_Eevee9

    YES SEXY SYLVIA HYPE (Lawl), GAME LOOKS GREAT! Also that explains why in Japan their version has the blood censored, although so does European version too though hmm… Weird didn’t know that Japan Durant like violent or ultra violent things in games. And of course Americans do that’s what known for!

    • jimmy

      Wasn’t there more blood in the japanese version? I could have sworn

      • Princess_Eevee9

        If by more blood you mean Purple Sludge and Mist then yeah more blood.

      • R.Z.

        No, there were black pixels and coins instead of blood.
        Plus the cutscenes looked completely ridiculous with blackened wounds so that some were barely understandable.

        • jimmy

          Its been while so couldn’t remember but was there more slatter of the fake blood? I remember wondering how can people see with all that “blood” on screen

    • R.Z.

      At the time Rising Star games made a statement that the European version was censored to be the closest possible to the Japanese release.
      Big wad of B.S. seeing how the game was, for once, actually butchered by this.
      The little coins coming out of enemies were pretty fun though.

    • Shadowknight1

      Should Sylvia be in Travis Strikes Again? I mean, it’s supposed to take place between the first and second games and Sylvia disappeared in between games before showing back up in Travis’s life in No More Heroes 2.

      • I think Suda is trying to soft reboot the games, so that wouldn’t be implausible. But he may be teasing us, and she only “shows up” via a phone call or as some kind kind of in-the-game’s-games reference or fantasy.

  • Hime☆Sama★

    Please let Sylvia be playable,just for a level or two please! I love her so much!

  • R.Z.

    It’s funny that japanese gamers are more averse to blood and gore, because other than games I could swear all of the bloodiest entertainment I had the chance to watch/read was from Japan, until fairly recently at least.

    • Lol, right? Maybe it has to do with the level of interaction in the media. People don’t mind violence and gore in their manga, anime and some live action stuff, but when you’re the cause of it, maybe it gives some pause or dissonance.

      I kind of get that too. I can (usually, lol) handle Berserk and other series. And I can play something like DMC fine, but when it’s attacking more realistic human enemies and doing violent acts to them, I start to have a limit.

      • R.Z.

        Yeah, I get that too.
        As a teen it didn’t bother me too much but now I feel bad running people over in GTA and such and am annoyed when a stealth game doesn’t let me do no-kill runs, because does it feel awful killing unsuspecting “people”.

        In more cartoony/over the top games like NMH I don’t really care though.

        • I feel the exact same. And yes, there is definitely the fact that it’s becoming more persistent in Western games that they have these reactions and expressions.

          Yup. NMH was much easier to handle. With how silly it is, and how the cannon fodder talks to you (and tries to hold their own at least), I don’t feel bad.

    • Fandangle

      The Manga scene specifically had a huge free speech battle early on in it’s life with a lot of violent or pornographic or general just extreme taboos coming out. It sort of set the stage for the general industry. Other forms of media in japan haven’t had similar activists to help get their content on the same standard, so violent video games and violent movies aren’t as appreciated over there.

      A majority of this “People don’t like Violence or sex!” isn’t actually propagated from consumer research or bias, it’s mostly just companies pushing agendas or one person’s personal understanding of things on the company or industry as a whole. The only people that enforce taboos are the media producers, not the consumers as a whole.

      • R.Z.

        Thanks for the little history lesson !

  • Man. I honestly don’t care about Sylvia. (I appreciated her the first game though.)

    Just tell me about Shinobu, already!