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Suda51 is finally back on Nintendo consoles. Next year, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will launch on Switch.

Travis Strikes Again was originally announced during the latest Nindies Showcase, and for good reason. The game will have partnerships with a ton of different indie titles. Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, and others will be featured as t-shirts in the game. The collaborations could extend further beyond that as well.

Many outlets have had a chance to speak with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes director Suda51. Famitsu was included, and was given an opportunity to learn more about the Switch game. In one of its issues, the Japanese magazine published a two-page interview with Suda51.

During the interview, Suda51 provided a status update on development progress, some of the staffers working on the team, and background information for things like the Death Drive Mk-II. We have a full translation below.

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Goichi “Suda51” Suda discusses the game designer’s “strange approach” to development. While talking about developer Grasshopper Manufacture’s other remakes, Suda51 also considers the possibility of revisiting Killer7:

The thing about Killer7 is that, right now, it’s not easy to play that game anymore right now. That’s definitely something I’d like to maybe revisit and update.

This is not the first time Suda51 has explored the idea of remaking or remastering the game. Released in 2005, Killer7 was originally planned to be a GameCube exclusive. With the upcoming Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes scheduled to be released on the Switch in 2018, might we see older Grasshopper Manufacture games see remakes on the Nintendo console in the future?


GamesRadar recently caught up for an interview with Suda51 for all things Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Although there was talk about the upcoming Switch game, Suda51 took some time to reflect on the series as a whole.

One noteworthy part of the discussion came about while Suda51 commented on No More Heroes being accepted in the west compared to Japan. He said that there has “definitely” been a “much more positive reaction” in North America and Europe. Although the reaction in Japan hasn’t been particularly bad, it perhaps hasn’t been as warmly received due to its violent nature and blood.

Suda51 said:

The interviews with Suda51 continue to roll in. Kotaku spoke with the Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes director at PAX West.

Other than talking about the Switch game, Suda51 had some words about the hardware itself. He described it as a “punk console” and was “shocked” when he first saw it.

Here’s Suda51 talking about Switch in his usually zany way:

In an interview with Destructoid talking about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, director Suda51 had many positive things to say about Switch. Translator James Mountain relayed the following:

“He feels that the Switch has a lot of possibilities as a console. There’s a lot of new things it’s trying out as a piece of hardware. There’s a lot of things he’d be able to do by putting the game on the Switch that he wouldn’t be able to do putting it on another console. So far, everyone’s been really supportive for him. The console itself is fun and easy to develop for. And as far as the type of game this is and the way controls are going to work out, it’s a perfect fit.”

Suda51 will be using the Switch Joy-Con in a number of ways in Travis Strikes Again. The method of charging the beam katana from the original No More Heroes games will be returning, and you’ll be able to play with a single controller. Suda51 intends to bring back features from the old games and potentially implement some new ones.


After many years, No More Heroes finally has a new entry in the series with Travis Strikes Again. It may not be No More Heroes 3, but it’s a entirely substantial addition to the franchise that fans have been craving for many years.

During an interview with VideoGameChooChoo, director Suda51 clarified what sort of game Travis Strikes Again is, noting:

“Well again, it’s not a direct sequel to No More Heroes 2, though they are directly related and take place in the same universe. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes takes place seven years after the events of No More Heroes 2. As you’ve probably noticed it’s ‘Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes’, so ‘No More Heroes’ is more a subtitle, there’s not a number on it. This isn’t a direct sequel and it’s not No More Heroes 3, but it does address some of the things that happened in No More Heroes 1 and 2. While it is sort of a continuation of that stuff, it is not a direct sequel partially because No More Heroes is about one assassin against other assassins, and this isn’t like that. This isn’t exactly a spin-off, or something like that, and while it’s not a direct sequel it is something of a stepping stone on the road to No More Heroes 3. So the way I’d like people to think of this game is like the beginning of a new battle for Travis, a new series within the series.”

Suda51 was further asked if he intends to follow up in the future with a numbered sequel. He said this was a case, before adding: “If this succeeds I definitely want to put out a 3 someday.”


Like we heard towards the end of last week, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will allow users to play with just a single Joy-Con. Director Suda51 isn’t forgetting about that other controller though. And in an interview with Polygon, it was strongly suggested that the game will feature multiplayer.

Suda51 teased:

“As far as what’s going to happen with the other Joy-Con, at this point technically it’s still a secret. [We’re] going to be releasing information at some point in the future, [but] as you can see, there are … two main characters, so draw your own conclusions, if you want.”

Assuming Travis Strikes Again includes multiplayer, this would be the first entry in the series with the functionality.


Game Informer was able to speak with Suda51 about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes at PAX this weekend. The developer talked about why the game was initially introduced in January without the No More Heroes name and being a part of Switch’s unveiling. He also commented further on what to expect from Travis Strikes Again’s gameplay.

Read up on these comments from Suda51 below. Game Informer has even more here.

The Silver Case is being revitalized on new platforms. However, some of you may remember that a DS port was planned many years ago. Sadly, it never came to fruition.

Game Informer caught up with Suda51 recently and asked about why the plug was pulled on The Silver Case for DS. He explained to the site:

“One reason was the issue of an English localization. We wondered if a game with this much text could be localized correctly to be able to bring it to the West.

Another reason was the quality of the port. We actually had a full, working version, but we just couldn’t figure out a way to make use of the DS’s main feature, the dual screens. Since we were working on several other games on the time we just didn’t have the energy to figure it out. We actually thought about just handing the DS version out at Tokyo Game Show for free, but even that would have cost a lot of money, so we couldn’t even do that either! Unfortunately, we then had to cancel to the project.”


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